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Reset Seismic Stabilizers is a sabotage in Among Us, occuring on Polus.


Reset Seismic Stabilizers is caused by An インポスター when selecting the biohazard icon on the sabotage screen. When this sabotage is chosen, players have 60 seconds to repair it. The resolution to the sabotage is identical to the Reactor Meltdown. Two players must go to the different Seismic Stabilizers located on opposite sides of Dropship. At least one player must click and hold on the fingerprint scanner for both Seismic Stabilizers, meaning this sabotage requires at least two players. As with all other sabotages, both live クルーs and Impostors can resolve Reset Seismic Stabilizers, and the Emergency Button cannot be used.

If players fail to resolve the sabotage in time, then The Impostors remain victorious. The only way to resolve this sabotage without using the fingerprint scanners is for a body to be reported, which will end the sabotage and start an Emergency Meeting as usual.


  • Reset Seismic Stabilizers is the only sabotage to allow players 60 seconds to resolve.
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通信妨害 · 照明破壊 · 酸素減少 · 原子炉故障
通信妨害 · ドア閉鎖 · 照明破壊 · 耐震安定装置リセット
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