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The Airshipは近日中に公開予定の4番目のAmong Usのマップであり、The Henry Stickmin Collectionに登場する赤い飛行船の内部を再現したものとなる予定である。Currently, the only known details about the map are its large size, the addition of more tasks, the appearance of nine rooms, and the existence of 17. Added with the new map will be multiple Henry Stickmin-related cosmetics.[1]又、Switch版においてプレイが可能だったがこれはバグによるリークである。


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In an interview with Innersloth, when asked if he made any plans for the new map, PuffballsUnited responded "Ah, yeah! I've got four rooms drawn and I've got the layout [of the map] kind of sketched out."[3]

Development and release

The development of The Airship was officially confirmed by Innersloth on September 23, 2020, as one of the new contents that will be added to the original Among Us game after the cancellation of its sequel, Among Us 2.[4] Innersloth, on its Devlog, stated that it will be free to all players.[5] On November 18th, 2020, a room was revealed, which was the cockpit of the Toppat Clan's titular Airship from Infiltrating the Airship.[6] Two Crewmates are featured, who resemble a Center for Chaos Containment employee and the Right Hand Man Reborn respectively.

On December 2, 2020, George Keighley announced that, at The Game Awards live on December 10, will be shown the map's first look.[7]


If you want to see the gallery of The Airship, click here.


  • The Airship's map icon shows as a single question mark. It was revealed in a video about the new Among Us GUI, as a fourth map had a question mark as a placeholder for the map icon.
  • If one looks closely at the teaser screenshot, they can see what appears to be a map of The Airship. This may be the map's Admin Map if it even has one.
  • If one looks closely at The Airship announcement trailer, they can see three different picture frames in Kitchen, each having a different colored character. 同じような部屋をPBTでも見れる事からこのキャラクターはAmong us仕様のかつてのToppatsのリーダーと思われる。
    • cyan character with a mustacheがBilly_G.、light army green ogre-like characterがT.R.N.K.、トレーラーに写っていないのがSir Wilford IV、light blue character with a golden gunがTerrence Suaveと思われる。 The first two are more clearly seen when the on-screen Crewmate is killed and becomes a Ghost.
  • The Airship has the longest name of any Among Us map, having 12 characters, including the space. The Skeld's name only has nine characters, including the space. MIRA HQ's name only has seven characters, including the space, and Polus's name only has five.
  • On December 11, 2020, Marcus Bromander stated on his Twitter account that he posted the trailer's official theme for download on Newgrounds.[8]
  • The Airship had several modifications in comparison with the previous maps:
    • MedBay has been replaced with Medical on The Airship, similar to how Greenhouse replaces O2 on MIRA HQ.
    • There are multiple new tasks and a new kill animation introduced within The Airship's reveal trailer. The kill animation is the cyborg laser beam, based on the Right Hand Man's laser.
    • The alarm for a Sabotage is different on The Airship than the other three maps.
    • このマップはスポーン地点を3か所から任意で選ぶようになっている。
    • The Airship contains new mechanics, including ladders and moving platforms, both of which can be seen in Gap Room.



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