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使用(Use)Among Usクルー および インポスターが使えるアビリティーです。





These are all the abilities used when interacting with certain objects.


Security is found in Security, where players can access the security cameras, which are spread over various parts of the map. Thus, it is very useful to catch タスクs in the act. Security can be used on The Skeld and Polus.


Admin is found in Admin and shows what room everyone is in, using Yellow to anonymize players. The map does not show exact positions and updates when someone changes rooms. It also does not show when people are in the corridors. タスクs that are in a vent are shown on the map. Dead bodies are also shown on the map. It is used mainly to verify a クルー or Impostor being in a room at a certain time.


Doorlog is found in Communications and is exclusive to MIRA HQ. It logs players who pass through the three sensors surrounding Hallway. These logs are cleared when Communications is sabotaged.


Vitals is found in Office on Polus. This ability is used to check players' vital signs to see who is alive, dead, or disconnected. The players appear in the order that they joined the game. Vitals is a great way to know whose bodies are to be reported, and someone who reports a クルー's dead body immediately after they are killed are most likely An タスク who killed the Crewmate, unless they were seen by someone who reported it after seeing The Impostor kill - in which there will probably be accusations between two or more players.

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