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Achievements are goals in Among Us that are completed whenever the player performs a certain action.

List of achievements

Image Name Achievement

Map Victory

Ship adrift.png A SHIP ADRIFT Win 3 games on Skeld
Corporate lockdown.png CORPORATE LOCKDOWN Win 3 games on MIRA
Unearthed.png UNEARTHED Win 3 games on Polus
Toppat crewmates.png TOPPAT CREWMATES Win 3 games on The Airship

Role/Objective Victory

Survivor.png SURVIVOR Survive and win a game as a crewmate
Well oiled.png A WELL-OILED MACHINE Win a game by completing all tasks as a Crewmate
Sherlock.png SHERLOCK Win a game as crew with your only votes being for the Impostor
Slasher.png SLASHER Win a game by killing all crewmates as Impostor.
Smooth talker.png SMOOTH TALKER Win a game by vote as Impostor
Saboteur.png SABOTEUR Win a game by sabotaging a critical system as Impostor.
Circumventer.png CIRCUMVENTER Win a game without using vents as Impostor.
Never suspect.png NEVER SUSPECT A THING Win a 2 Impostor game with both Impostors alive at the end of the game.


Intern.png INTERN Complete 10 total tasks
Manager.png MANAGER Complete 100 total tasks
Taskmaster.png TASKMASTER Complete 500 total tasks
Impossible task.png IMPOSSIBLE TASK Complete the card swipe task on your first try
Watch me scan.png WATCH ME SCAN Get killed during a medbay scan
Well oiled.png A WELL-OILED MACHINE Win a game by completing all tasks as a Crewmate


Taste for it.png A TASTE FOR IT Get your first kill
Killer.png KILLER Get 5 total kills
Assassin.png ASSASSIN Get 50 total kills
Scourge.png SCOURGE Get 150 total kills
H u n g e r.png H U N G E R Get 3 kills before a meeting is called


Crewpostor.png CREWPOSTOR Fix a Sabotage that you called
Lights out.png LIGHTS OUT Get a kill during a lights Sabotage


  • In the PlayStation edition, achievements may be replaced with trophies.[citation needed]
  • On Steam, Epic Games, and iOS's Game Center, the "H U N G E R", "CIRCUMVENTER", "WATCH ME SCAN", "SCOURGE", "TASKMASTER", and "CREWPOSTOR" achievements are hidden.
  • Achievements are unavailable in the Nintendo Switch edition.