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This article is for the ability.

Admin is an ability in Among Us, which any player, including ghosts, can use to get information about other players' locations.


When in Admin (The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus), Cockpit, or Records (The Airship), clicking the button next to the map will show what room everyone is in, anonymizing the players in gray. The map updates when someone changes rooms but does not show exact positions. It also does not reveal location info for the corridors or Outside on Polus. Players that are inside a vent are also shown on the map, but when a Crewmate is killed, they disappear from the map entirely. It is mainly used to verify the location of a Crewmate or Impostor.

Hide n Seek[]

In Hide n Seek, the Seeker is given the Seek ability, which is a portable Admin map that can be used to locate remaining Crewmates.


  • In an older version of Among Us, The Admin map was a neon-ish color.
  • Admin is the only ability where the icon changes with the map.
  • Before version 2022.6.21, players in Boiler Room, Ventilation, and Hall of Portraits were not visible on Admin.
  • On The Airship, there is no Admin room, but the Admin feature exists in both Cockpit and Records.
  • Version 2021.6.30 introduced two bugs that were fixed in version 2021.11.9:
    • The Admin button on The Skeld would show the button for MIRA HQ and vice versa on MIRA HQ.
    • The Admin button on The Airship no longer appeared when approaching the panel. The hitbox on where the button should be was still active, however, which allowed the player to view the Admin map as normal.