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The Airship Bundle includes three skins, twelve hats, and two visor cosmetics that are The Airship-themed. It was released on March 31, 2021, alongside The Airship.[1] The price of the bundle is 20 Stars.


Name Image Description
Right Hand Man: Reborn Right Hand Man - Reborn.png It's the Right Hand Man, but born again. Left hand not included.
Chaos Containment Crewmate Chaos Containment Crewmate.png Chaos levels are over 9 and it's up to you to fix it!
Inmate 2112 Inmate 2112.png The perfect outfit to wear when you've successfully escaped prison with a rocket launcher.


Name Image
Museum Security Museum Security.png
Red-headed Outlaw Red-headed Outlaw.png
Sven Svensson Sven Svensson.png
I'm Burt I'm Burt.png
Funky Fusion Funky Fusion.png
A Real Wiz A Real Wiz.png
Muenster Muenster.png
Mr. Macbeth Mr. Macbeth.png
Recruited Henry Recruited Henry.png
Recruited Ellie Recruited Ellie.png
Bighead Bighead.png
Right Hand Hat Right Hand Hat.png

Visor cosmetics

Name Image
Double Monocles Double Monocles.png
Right Hand Stache Right Hand Stache.png



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