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Align Engine Output is a long task in Among Us, featured on The Skeld.


Align Engine Output begins with an engine facing either upwards or downwards with a horizontal line in the screen's center. Crewmates must move the engine close enough to align with the middle line of the object. It can be completed by finishing the first stage in Upper Engine followed by the second stage in Lower Engine. The engines can be moved using the slider on the right side of the panel that pops up when the player starts the task.


  • In an older version of Among Us, Crewmates could go to whichever stage's location they wanted, starting and ending with either of the engines. This was one of the only two tasks where doing so was possible, the other being Open Waterways.
    • If Lower Engine was aligned before Upper Engine, the yellow task arrow would still point towards the task in Lower Engine. This was a bug.
    • On ehT dlekS, Lower Engine must be aligned before Upper Engine.
      • The task list does not reflect this and instead says that Upper Engine must be aligned first.
  • Crewmates were once able to make this a one-step task by tapping the knob three times before the menu closes. However, this has since been fixed.
  • This is the only task that is exclusive to The Skeld. All other tasks on The Skeld can also be done on at least one other map.