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Among Us (formerly known as Among Us 1) is an online sci-fi murder-mystery game created by Innersloth that runs on the Unity Game Engine. It was released on June 15, 2018, on iOS, Android, and was released on Steam on August 18, 2018. The game is set on either a spaceship, above-earth base or planet base which contains a group of crew members where there is, among them, 1-3 impostors who have to sabotage the ship/base/planet and kill everyone. Everyone else (crewmates) has to complete their chosen tasks, report bodies of dead Crewmates, and initiate emergency meetings if they witness an impostor doing something incriminating.

Among Us is set in The Skeld, which is the main and first map of the game set in a spaceship. Starting in 2019, two new maps were launched: Mira HQ and Polus. Starting in 2020, was considered by Innersloth a complete game, and as of June 11, 2020, Mira HQ and Polus, which were previously paid for, were released, both for mobile and PC, for free for players to host. Among Us 2, according to the company, was scheduled to be available by 2021, but is now cancelled and work will proceed on improving the original game instead because of the over-popularity of Among Us 1. In addition, many forms of merchandise, such as T-shirts and toys, have been announced and launched.

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A impostor (White) killing a crewmate (Blue), but another crewmate (Pink) witnesses the death.

Among Us is a murder mystery game that takes place in a spaceship, in a headquarters or on a planetary base, where, among the players, one to three will be chosen to be impostors, while the others will be crewmates. The goal of the crewmates is to do tasks in the form of minigames, such as fix the wiring, emptying garbage, swipe the card, etc., or finding out who the impostor is. Impostors have the ability to sabotage the ship, which ultimately results in a problem that the crew must resolve or ignore (like the lights, which affect the vision of the crew, and the communications, which disables several useful features for the crew and at the same time, stops them from finding their tasks), or even a very serious problem which gives the crewmates a countdown to resolve (like the O2 depletion or reactor meltdown), otherwise the impostor wins, can kill other crewmates, and can hide on vents, being able to navigate other corridors of the map, however, the vents are not connected with each other (except in MIRA HQ). Another way for the impostor to win, in addition to fatal sabotage, is to kill crewmates until there is an equal number of members of both groups.[1]

Players can interact with various useful resources, such as a camera system, a sensor, an administration panel and a vitality machine, which can be useful for crew members to catch an impostor killing a player or entering the vent. When a player finds a dead body, he can report it, which pauses the game and leads to a discussion where people can interact to find out who the impostor is by addressing evidence found in relation to deaths, where they hasvethe ability to vote for a person they think is the imposter. The player with the most votes will be ejected from the map,and will show whether or not he is an imposter (if Confirm Eject is activated). In addition, if they are unsure, players can skip the vote, and if the majority has skipped, no one will be ejected. This also occurs when the number of votes is equal, that is, it is considered a tie.[1]

When a player dies, they will become a ghost, who has the ability to explore the map without colliding with the walls, however, he is not visible to the living crew and can only be seen by other ghosts. Their communication system is limited, as they can only interact with other dead or ejected players, and they cannot resolve sabotage. If he is a crewmats, he can still complete tasks, but if he is an impostor, he still has the ability to sabotage to disrupt the crewmates who are still alive. Before a game starts, players can configure certain game options, such as the number of imposters, speed, map, kill cooldown, among others. They can also customize their character with cosmetics, such as colors, skins, hats, and pets.[1]


Among Us takes place on a space ship in outer space. There are two teams: the Impostors and the Crewmates. There can be a total of ten players in an online game, with up to three Impostors. The Impostors' objective is to eliminate players and sabotage using either aggressive, defensive, or passive tactics before the crewmates complete all of their tasks or discover everyone's true identity. The crewmates' objective is to complete all of their tasks while figuring out who the Impostor is.


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Players can choose from a total of 12 colors. These include Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, and Lime. There are two extra colors (Fortegreen and Tan) that are/were in the game but are currently inaccessible by players. Players may also choose from different skins, hats, and pets to alter cosmetic appearance.


Skins were added in 2019, which includes several clothes like police, white hat, military, captain, and among others. New skins were also added during the MIRA HQ release: one for chemists and one for security, and also for the launch of the Polus map: one in cold clothing and the other in mining. The skins, including hats, require payment on the mobile version. On PC they are available after purchasing the game. When the two maps were released, the exclusive skins for each map were only obtained after purchasing the map. The skins for both maps were still paid for.


Hats were added in the 2018.10.10 version of the game, which included several hats for players to customize the character, such as caps, masks, among others. In the Halloween updates, Among Us received new hats, such as Jason's mask, demon horns, a knife, etc. In addition, in the special Christmas updates, it also received new hats, such as a Santa Claus hat, antlers, among other different hats.

In version 2019.5.28, new hats were added, including 5 hats for free and a paid pack of 8 hats on mobile and free on computer. On 2020.6.11, new hats were added, such as balloons, masks, and tufts, among others.


Added in update 2019.6.12, pets are small creatures that will follow the player around. Each pet also has unique animations and reactions to their "owner" dying. As of now, there are a total of 10 different pets to choose from.


The Skeld

The Skeld is the first map of Among Us, being the only free map in the game prior to June 2020. It is set in a spaceship, where the crew makes their journey through space, and they must find out who the impostor is among them.


Mira HQ is the second map in the game. Unlike the others, the map was released as paid content and is set on a sky base.[2] It was officially announced on August 3, 2019, and was released on August 8, 2019.[3][4]


Polus is the third map of the game, announced on November 1, 2019, and released on November 12, 2019. It takes place in a research base on the rocky, purple planet of Polus. This map does not contain ventilation systems for the Impostors, but holes that connect the different buildings.



Language Interface Dub Sub
Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain)


Button Function
WASD, Arrow keys, Mouse Movement
Mouse Perform Action
Tab key Map
Space key, E key Interact/Doorlog/Security/Admin/Vitals
R key Report
Q key Kill


On January 6, 2020, developers said that "We thought it was a completed game twice in the past as we came back to add online multiplayer and two new maps. But as of the Polus release, we're sure that Among Us is a complete game. There are always things that people want and things we could potentially add, but Among Us was always intended to be a small game and we are just a team of three people with one programmer. We've already added a lot to a small game, the difficulty of adding new features and content is now very high. You all can see this difficulty in terms of bugs that seemingly never get fixed. Adding more things would undoubtedly add more bugs. So from now on, we are not adding more to Among Us. There will be a few bug-fix-only updates and a plan of price changes, then we will let Among Us take its natural course." Then, they intended that Among Us servers would run until "at least 2021. Probably longer." They also said "We will announce if we are stopping the servers and provide some alternative," If this is the case, the game will probably be able to be self-hosted.[5]


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On August 18, 2020, Innersloth officially announced that a sequel to Among Us, titled Among Us 2, was in development. They pointed out that "Among Us servers would stay alive for as long as it had enough players to start games."[6] However, after several long discussions between the developers, they announced the sequel would be canceled, with all new features of the sequel to be implemented in the original game.[7]

New Content

The developers have announced that the content planned for Among Us 2 will instead be brought to Among Us 1. This includes:

  • A new map announced to be Henry Stickmin themed
  • In-game currency
  • Reporting and moderators
  • Accounts and friend requests
  • Custom matchmaking for Hide and Seek etc.
  • 15 player servers to make rounds with multiple Impostors more balanced


Description Audio
The main theme song of the game on main menu.




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  • Among Us was inspired by the real-life group social deduction game called Mafia.[13]
  • The team was also planning to launch the game for consoles, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but found a problem in implementing player communication, as text or voice chat seemed to be useless.[14]
  • Mira HQ and Polus originally served as additional paid content for the game, until its update on June 11, 2020, when the two maps were made permanently free for everyone.
    • During this period, these two maps had free weeks for all players to host temporarily.
    • Currently, the exclusive skins from these maps are paid additional content to the game.
  • The game may have been internally named "Space Mafia" during development as the app package name on the Play Store is com.innersloth.spacemafia.
  • During its history, the game faced, and is facing, several bugs:
    • Several persons are automatically disconnected due to error.
    • Some people who become impostors have the skills of a crewmate and not those of an impostor.
  • According to Innersloth, Among Us took six months to enter open beta and more six months to exit from open beta.
  • The characters' design is similar to the Morolians from Space Channel 5.
  • The Henry Stickmin franchise, which is also developed by Innersloth, is referenced many times in the game, for big motives:
    • On The Skeld, the Empty Garbage task sometimes shows the diamond from the game Stealing the Diamond, as well as the Teleporter that appears in all the games.
    • On Mira HQ, a poster of the franchise is seen in the office, on the right side near to the computer which has the data upload task.
    • On Polus, there is a picture on the a board from Henry Stickmin in the Office.


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