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This article is about a canceled project for Among Us and therefore may be out of date.

Among Us 2 was the planned sequel to Among Us by Innersloth announced in August 2020. However, on September 23, 2020, only a little more than a month after the original announcement, Innersloth officially announced the cancellation of Among Us 2 due to the already existing attention and love of Among Us.[1] However, the content planned for Among Us 2 will still be added in some capacity in an update to Among Us at some point in the upcoming future.


Among Us 2's gameplay was going to be very similar to the original Among Us, but with upgraded features. Innersloth had planned for the servers to be much larger and with more players in a match than the 10 player limit in Among Us at the time, with the sequel reaching for a 12 to 15 player limit with multiple Impostors. Multiple modes and roles were also planned as well.


No maps were ever confirmed; however, Innersloth had stated not to expect them to copy the first three maps (The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus) directly over from Among Us.



  • Unlike Among Us, Among Us 2 would have first released on PC due to taking less time to launch, then later on mobile as the game would have had to go through an approval that could have taken hours or even days.


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