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Among Us Wiki

This is a list of Among Us Wiki announcements meant to compile important changes to the wiki, sorted by date in descending order.

Name Date Sender
Featured article votes are happening again! Choose the article you think deserves it the most. 12/25/2021 Caburum
Our policy on mods 7/8/2021 Caburum
No more "___ looks like a character from Among Us" posts, and please follow the rules! 4/18/2021 Caburum
Regarding the recent release of The Airship map 3/31/2021 Et18
Should we disable article comments? 3/29/2021 Mattbernss
Major rule changes 3/24/2021 Shosoul
Regarding recent discussion of hackers 2/17/2021 Chikorita Lover
⚠️ Quick announcement about posts 2/3/2021 Caburum
⚠️ ROLEPLAYS ARE NOW BLOCKED (temporarily)- read for more details 1/5/2021 Caburum
YOU. MUST. FOLLOW. THE. RULES. 1/3/2021 Caburum
Reminder about the custom-role posts 12/31/2020 IIStarrdusttII
New Staff and Discussion Moderator Applications are now open! 12/21/2020 Shosoul
Reminder on Discussions Behavior and Rules 12/18/2020 Shosoul
Quick announcement about The Airship leak 12/15/2020 Caburum
Quick Announcement About Fanart (Discussions only) 12/11/2020 Caburum
Mod applications are open again! Read the full post for more info. 12/6/2020 Caburum
Before you use Discussions, read our rules! We also have some new ones and stop the spam. 12/1/2020 Caburum
New Rule: No more low effort posts. 11/27/2020 Mattbernss
Quick announcement about roleplay here. 11/26/2020 Caburum
We've made it to the Fandom app! You can use it to read articles, talk in discussions, and more! 📱 11/26/2020 Caburum
Just a quick reminder that all edits on the wiki MUST follow the Manual of Style. Click for info. 11/22/2020 Caburum
We're making a project on YouTube that has tutorials on how to do tasks. Check it out! 11/17/2020 Mattbernss
We updated the Discussions rules, mainly no unrelated posts. Read the full post for more info 11/8/2020 Caburum
We have updated our rules! Make sure to read them, as they have really important information! 10/31/2020 Caburum
Make sure to read the Manual of Style! It has important info about spelling and formatting of pages! 10/29/2020 Caburum
We enabled achievements here so have some fun with a bit of friendly competition! (read more) 10/27/2020 Caburum
Among Us Wiki UCP Migration 10/22/2020 Bendybao
Our new staff has been chosen! 10/22/2020 Shosoul
We now have a Twitter account! Follow for Wiki updates and interesting things about Among Us! 10/18/2020 Caburum
MAKE SURE TO READ OUR MEDIA POLICIES (No personal/meme/fanart images or duplicated files on wiki) 10/16/2020 Caburum
QUICK PSA: People are not targeting you, it is a template which displays your username (More Info) 10/14/2020 Caburum
DISCUSSION AND CONTENT MODERATOR APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Click the link for how to apply! 10/9/2020 Caburum
People still not following new Discussions rules! Read the announcement or administrative action! 10/5/2020 Caburum
Among Us Wiki Official Discord Server 10/1/2020 Bendybao
We have reorganized the Discussions page. Make sure to read the post for this and more info! 9/30/2020 Caburum
We have changed our URL from to! 9/18/2020 Mattbernss