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This is a list of Among Us Wiki announcements meant to compile important changes to the wiki, sorted by date in descending order.

Name Date Sender
No more "___ looks like a character from Among Us" posts, and please follow the rules! 4/18/2021 Caburum
Regarding the recent release of The Airship map 3/31/2021 Et18
Should we disable article comments? 3/29/2021 Mattbernss
Major rule changes 3/24/2021 Shosoul
Regarding recent discussion of hackers 2/17/2021 Chikorita Lover
⚠️ Quick announcement about posts 2/3/2021 Caburum
⚠️ ROLEPLAYS ARE NOW BLOCKED (temporarily)- read for more details 1/5/2021 Caburum
YOU. MUST. FOLLOW. THE. RULES. 1/3/2021 Caburum
Reminder about the custom-role posts 12/31/2020 IIStarrdusttII
New Staff and Discussion Moderator Applications are now open! 12/21/2020 Shosoul
Reminder on Discussions Behavior and Rules 12/18/2020 Shosoul
Quick announcement about The Airship leak 12/15/2020 Caburum
Quick Announcement About Fanart (Discussions only) 12/11/2020 Caburum
Mod applications are open again! Read the full post for more info. 12/6/2020 Caburum
Before you use Discussions, read our rules! We also have some new ones and stop the spam. 12/1/2020 Caburum
New Rule: No more low effort posts. 11/27/2020 Mattbernss
Quick announcement about roleplay here. 11/26/2020 Caburum
We've made it to the Fandom app! You can use it to read articles, talk in discussions, and more! 📱 11/26/2020 Caburum
Just a quick reminder that all edits on the wiki MUST follow the Manual of Style. Click for info. 11/22/2020 Caburum
We're making a project on Youtube that has tutorials on how to do tasks. Check it out! 11/17/2020 Mattbernss
We updated the Discussions rules, mainly no unrelated posts. Read the full post for more info 11/8/2020 Caburum
We have updated our rules! Make sure to read them, as they have really important information! 10/31/2020 Caburum
Make sure to read the Manual of Style! It has important info about spelling and formatting of pages! 10/29/2020 Caburum
We enabled achievements here so have some fun with a bit of friendly competition! (read more) 10/27/2020 Caburum
Among Us Wiki UCP Migration 10/22/2020 Bendybao
Our new staff has been chosen! 10/22/2020 Shosoul
We now have a Twitter account! Follow for Wiki updates and interesting things about Among Us! 10/18/2020 Caburum
MAKE SURE TO READ OUR MEDIA POLICIES (No personal/meme/fanart images or duplicated files on wiki) 10/16/2020 Caburum
QUICK PSA: People are not targeting you, it is a template which displays your username (More Info) 10/14/2020 Caburum
DISCUSSION AND CONTENT MODERATOR APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Click the link for how to apply! 10/9/2020 Caburum
People still not following new Discussions rules! Read the announcement or administrative action! 10/5/2020 Caburum
Among Us Wiki Official Discord Server 10/1/2020 Bendybao
We have reorganized the Discussions page. Make sure to read the post for this and more info! 9/30/2020 Caburum
We have changed our URL from to! 9/18/2020 Mattbernss
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