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Manual of Style

The Among Us Wiki has its own Discord server. Here you can check out all the roles and all the rules before joining our server. You can join it using the invite code prsQ77cBPs.


To keep the server nice, we have a few rules you must follow:

Behavior & Engagement

  • No harassment, be respectful to all members
  • Take arguments to the DMs
  • This community is English-only
  • Don't make discriminatory jokes or hate speech based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities
  • Do not post verbal abuse, insults, threats towards others, or content displaying offensive, derogatory, or explicit material
  • If you spot any issues with the wiki or Discord Server, create a support ticket using -ticket open <reason>
  • If you need to report a user on Discord, use -report <@user> <reason> in the same channel they broke the rules in
  • Do not DM staff about issues
  • Refrain from discussing topics relating to depression or suicide. This server is not equipped for therapy and it may make others feel uncomfortable. If a staff member asks you to change the subject or to take it somewhere else, please understand these are the reasons why.
  • Follow the Discord ToS

Text Chat

  • Only discuss Among Us related content in #general
  • Only discuss Among Us Wiki related content in #wiki-general
  • Only use bot commands in #bot-commands
  • Make sure to follow all guidelines posted in a channel's topic
  • No NSFW content or discussion about NSFW content
  • No illegal content
  • No spamming (either massive strings of characters or multiple messages)
  • No excessive pinging
  • Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum
  • No advertising third-party content, that is content not endorsed by the wiki like other Discord servers (related content you made on platforms like YouTube is allowed in #fan-creations, but no blatant advertising)
  • Advertising game codes is not allowed. You must use the $lfg command to do so.

Voice Chat

  • No ear rape or high pitched noises

Privacy & Safety

  • Don't tell people your personal information, someone else's personal information, or even fake personal information
  • You must be 13 years or older to be on this server
  • No linking to any type of IP grabber, virus, malware, or phishing site

This list is not exhaustive

  • Follow the general guidance of the staff
  • You can be given any punishment at any time for any reason

Most importantly, use your brain and have fun!

If you have any questions, make sure to contact the staff.


To verify your Discord and Fandom accounts to get additional features like color roles and wiki channels, follow the instructions here. It should tell you to run a command in the #verification channel.


If you need help, open a ticket:

-ticket open <reason>

If you need to report a user on Discord:

-report <@user> <reason>

This will also log the last 100 messages in the channel.

Staff will see these and take care of it.

Do not DM staff with questions/problems


Name Given to
Bureaucrat Wiki Bureaucrats
Server Manager People who are crucial to server operations
Administrator Wiki Administrators
Discussions Moderator Discussions Moderators
Content Moderator Content Moderators
Bot Developer People who build the bots for our server
Wiki Representative (Fandom staff) People who work for Fandom and help with this wiki
Rollback Current Rollbackers
Assorted Color Roles Crewmates who choose a color in #info
Detective People who boost the server
Project YouTube Members of Project YouTube
Emoji People who can manage the server emojis
VIP Crewmate People who have helped with the server or wiki, given out at the admins' discretion
Halloween Crewmate People who added the pumpkin hat to their PFP for Halloween in 2020 (no longer obtainable)
Impostor People who vote for the server

(it stays for 13 hours then gets removed until you vote again)

LFG Ping role for #looking-to-play (you get pinged for games)
Crewmate People who verify their Fandom account; they gain access to Among Us Wiki channels and more features
Bot Discord Bots


Name Description
Important Channels 📢
#rules Server rules
#info General server info
#annoucements Important announcements
#innersloth-annoucements Announcements from Innersloth about Among Us
#stats Statistics about the wiki and server
#suggestions Suggestions for the wiki and server
#welcome Where people join
#verification Where you can verify your account if you haven't yet
Discussion 💬
#general General discussion
#impostor-chat Chat for people who vote for the server (Impostor role only)
#memes Memes about Among Us
#fan-creations Fan art, videos, and stories related to Among Us
#gameplay-highlights For funny or interesting game screenshots in Among Us
Off Topic 🙃
#off-topic General discussions not related to Among Us or the wiki
#off-topic-2 For a second off topic chat and playing games
#off-topic-memes Memes not related to Among Us
#off-topic-art Off-topic drawings or fan art
#pets Nice pictures of your IRL pets
Among Us Wiki 📙 (verified only)
#wiki-general General chat about the wiki
#todo Things that need to be done on the wiki
#reports Reporting issues on the wiki with bad pages or users
Other Channels 🎲
#bot-commands Bot commands
#counting-to-100000 Counting to 100,000 (verified only)
Voice Channels 📞
General Voice channel for when someone hits the emergency button
General (High Quality) Higher quality voice (verified only)
Music Non-talking channel for listening to music
Gaming ඞ
#looking-to-play Looking to play with others, you can advertise a game with the $LFG command
#game-room-text Text chats for people who don't have a mic (verified only)
Game Room Voice chats for playing Among Us (verified only)


Name Function
Among Us Wiki A custom bot developed by the Bot Developers which integrates the wiki and Discord server, as well as many other useful moderation and fun features
YAGPDB Roles, tickets, and other fun/useful things
Logger Logging
DSL Displays our server on the Discord Server List and integrates The Impostor role
Countr Keeps track of #counting-to-100000


All of the Among Us Wiki Staff are available on Discord.

Additional Staff Roles

These staff roles are on our Discord Server, but not on the wiki.

Server Manager

Bot Developer

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