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This page will stay locked until the votes for the next year's edition begin, which will happen soon.

On this page, you can vote for the featured article of the year, which will be shown on the main page of Among Us Wiki. You can see the previous votes here.


  • You must be logged in to vote or nominate an article.
  • When voting, you must at least give some reason as to why you voted or nominated the article.
  • Nominating something as a joke, ironically, or trash-posting is not allowed.
  • Articles with the same amount of votes will be considered a tie.
  • It is not allowed to remove your vote, and you can't vote at the same article twice.
  • Articles with the Stub template cannot be nominated.
  • The winning page will get a special template added at the top of it and will appear on the Featured Article template on the Among Us Wiki's main page for the entire year.
  • When you are nominating an article you must put your username or we will delete it.
  • Use Tab to indent your reason and Shift + Tab to go back to the first level to put your username.
  • Previous Featured Article winners cannot be voted at future votes.

Nominated Articles