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The glossary is a list of terms used as slang by players in Among Us gameplay. These terms should not be used in articles, as per the Manual of Style. While some entries in this list link to mainspace subjects, not all of the terms have full pages.

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2nd/3rd/4th Impostor
A term for a Crewmate who is supporting Impostors, used in games with 1, 2, and 3 Impostors respectively.



A term used by players to refer to the Mini Crewmate pet.
A term that, when not referring to in-game currency, is a generic slang term for characters.
A term used by Impostors to refer to the other Impostors. Engineers and Scientists may also use this term to refer to others with the same role.
Buddy system
A strategy that involves everyone being in a pair or group. The aim is so that there are always witnesses to kills, lest the dead player's buddy is likely An Impostor. Some people consider this unfair, especially early in the game.


When a player or a group of players spends most of the game in one area, usually near a monitoring ability.
Used in place of Security, and could refer to the location or the ability.
An abbreviation for 'cooldown', especially An Impostor's kill cooldown.
Similar in meaning to 'Safe', it means they are almost certain that the player being talked about is not An Impostor.
A term for An Impostor experiencing a bug in which they have the abilities of a Crewmate. Sometimes used to refer to An Impostor playing as though they are a Crewmate, or vice versa.


Discord cheater
A slang term for a living player that uses external programs, usually but not always Discord, to communicate with ghosts, or vice versa. This behaviour is frowned upon and is against the Innersloth Code of Conduct.
Double/Triple kill
A term for when 2 and 3 Crewmates, respectively, are killed in the same place at the same time by a group of Impostors.




Short for 'Good game', usually said in the lobby after a game.



If not X then me next
A phrase which means 'I am so sure that X is An Impostor that if they are revealed as a Crewmate when you eject them, you can eject me next.'


A slang term for a Crewmate who deliberately acts suspiciously in an attempt to be ejected by any means necessary. The name is a reference to other social deduction games where the Jester is an official role.



Light Blue/Brown/Green/Pink/Red/Yellow
A term used to refer to Cyan, Tan, Lime, Rose, Coral, and Banana respectively.


A term used to describe An Impostor attempting to convince the Crewmates that they are one of them, usually to deflect suspicion off themselves or their partner(s) and gain the Crewmates' trust. An Impostor can marinate a Crewmate by not killing them when the opportunity arises, defending them when suspicion is placed on them, or convincing them to eject an innocent Crewmate.
A slang term for the Shapeshifter. The name is a reference to a similar role in several Among Us mods before it was implemented.



Old kill
A quick way to say that the player knows that the dead Crewmate was killed a while ago, most commonly used by Scientists and where Vitals are available.


An interactive element that appears over the main game.
Perfect wires
A Fix Wiring panel where the randomized colors on the left side each horizontally match the colors on the right side.



Refers to a space of time between emergency meetings in which main gameplay occurs.


Often used to say another player is not An Impostor. If followed by something like 'for this kill', the player referred to did not kill the reported dead body but is not necessarily a Crewmate.
Self (report)
A term used to describe an incident where An Impostor reports the body of a Crewmate they just killed.
Simon Says
Used by players as another name for Start Reactor.
Spawn kill
A form of kill which involves An Impostor spawning on The Airship as soon as possible and then killing a Crewmate right after they spawn.
Stack kill
A form of kill where The Impostor has killed in a large group of players so it is difficult to tell who did it.
A slang term which, as an adjective, is short for "suspicious". Can also be used as a verb or noun, and typically refers to the verb and noun form of 'suspect' respectively.


When a Crewmate is aware of An Impostor's status as one and keeps it a secret or defends them. This is generally frowned upon by the other players.
Being in a group of players for a long time, especially when players do not appreciate this behavior.



Vote out/off
A term used in place of 'eject'.


A short and quick to type term used to ask for the location of the dead body when a dead body is reported.



A term for the hallway on MIRA HQ containing Doorlog sensors.