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Unlicensed Files


Excluding {{JPG}} template

{{JPG}}} template

  1. File:0 days since last kill mug.jpg (0 links)
  2. File:Among Us WCHDT backpack.jpg (0 links)
  3. File:Brown 10oz Tumbler.jpg (0 links)
  4. File:Brown 10oz Tumbler Back.jpg (0 links)
  5. File:Come On Up To MIRA HQ Notebook.jpg (0 links)
  6. File:Come On Up to MIRA HQ Tote.jpg (0 links)
  7. File:Come Up On To MIRA HQ Samsung Phone Case.jpg (0 links)
  8. File:Come Up On To MIRA HQ iPhone Case.jpg (0 links)
  9. File:Community-Page-Header.jpg (0 links)
  10. File:Crewmate Socks (Shhh!).jpg (0 links)
  11. File:Crewmate in Northern Hemisphere Holidays Sweatshirt.jpeg (0 links)
  12. File:Ejected Duffel Bag.jpg (0 links)
  13. File:Ejected Fanny Pack.jpg (0 links)
  14. File:Ejected Tote.jpg (0 links)
  15. File:Ejected Tote (Small Print).jpg (0 links)
  16. File:Lol mug.jpg (0 links)
  17. File:New Years 2021.jpg (0 links)
  18. File:Pink Egg Cell Samsung Case.jpg (0 links)
  19. File:Pink Egg Cell iPhone Case.jpg (0 links)
  20. File:PuffballsUnited.jpeg (0 links)
  21. File:Red shhh 10oz tumbler.jpg (0 links)
  22. File:Red shhh 10oz tumbler (back).jpg (0 links)
  23. File:Red shhh unruled journal.jpg (0 links)
  24. File:Red shhh unruled journal (back).jpg (0 links)
  25. File:Shhh! Samsung Case.jpg (0 links)
  26. File:Shhh! iPhone Case.jpg (0 links)
  27. File:Shhh! iPhone Case 7-8-8+.jpg (0 links)
  28. File:Shhh Accessory Pouch.jpg (0 links)
  29. File:Shhh Laptop Sleeve.jpg (0 links)
  30. File:Shhh Tote Bag.jpg (0 links)
  31. File:Shhh Unruled Journal.jpg (0 links)
  32. File:Space Party Mug.jpg (0 links)
  33. File:Space Party Tote.jpg (0 links)
  34. File:Space Party duffel bag.jpg (0 links)
  35. File:Stay Safe On Polus Samsung Case.jpg (0 links)
  36. File:Stay Safe On Polus Tote.jpg (0 links)
  37. File:Stay Safe On Polus iPhone Case.jpg (0 links)
  38. File:Tasks Parade Tumbler.jpg (0 links)
  39. File:WCHDT Mug.jpg (0 links)
  40. File:Welcome To The Skeld Samsung Case.jpg (0 links)
  41. File:Welcome To The Skeld iPhone Case.jpg (0 links)
  42. File:Welcome to The Skeld Tote.jpg (0 links)
  43. File:Yellow Crewmate backpack.jpg (0 links)

Files missing {{File}} template
Files missing a description
Files with an invalid license
Files with an invalid type
Low quality files
File Reason
File:Switch Balcony.png (links) Task list visible.
File:Switch Launchpad.png (links) Task list visible.
File:Switch Shields.png (links) Task list visible, player is The Impostor
File:Switch Reactor.png (links) Task list visible.
File:Red Player.png (links) Bad crop
File:Brown Crewmate hat.png (links) Large size of image
File:MIRA Comms Active Example.png (links) Player is The Impostor
File:Defeat.png (links) Blurry
File:The Airship Lounge stalls.png (links) Artifacts
File:The Airship Lounge pool tables.png (links) Artifacts
File:The Airship Kitchen.png (links) Artifacts
File:The Airship Engine Room.png (links) Artifacts
File:The Airship Cargo Bay.png (links) Artifacts
File:The Airship Electrical.png (links) Artifacts
File:You were banned for hacking.png (links) Outdated
File:The Airship Showers.png (links) Artifacts
File:The Airship Medical.png (links) Artifacts
File:The Airship Ventilation.png (links) Artifacts, outdated
File:Cyan player icon.png (links) white border and overlay, bad crop
File:MIRA logo.png (links) Poorly cut out, should be extracted from game files if possible
File:Voting screen.png (links) Outdated text
File:Full task bar.png (links) Outdated text
File:Shop Polus skin bundle.png (links) Should be extracted from game files
File:Shop MIRA HQ skin bundle.png (links) Should be extracted from game files
File:Red dead body.png (links) White outline; should be extracted from game assets
File:Fortegreen dead body.png (links) White outline and should be extracted from game assets.
File:Ratchet skin.png (links) Should be extracted from the game files whenever possible
File:Ratchet ears.png (links) Should be extracted from game files whenever possible
File:Clank pet.png (links) Should be extracted from game files whenever possible
File:Brain Slug (dead).png (links) Old game asset
File:Flamingo hat (dead).png (links) Old game asset
File:Candy canes hat (dead).png (links) Old game asset
File:The Airship Records.png (links) Artifacts, outdated
File:MIRA HQ Locker Room.png (links) Poor cropping
File:Among Us - Twitch Mobile Integration (links) Innersloth removed the video from their channel, a new version must be created

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