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Among Us Wiki

This page serves as the Among Us Wiki's Manual of Style, which presents guidelines about how pages should be edited and formatted.

If you'd like to provide feedback or suggest changes to the policy, please leave a message on the talk page.


  • Use American English across all pages, including wikitext (such as "center" instead of "centre" to center an image).
  • All information must be addressed from a neutral perspective.
  • Articles should be written in third-person, using terms such as "player" or "Crewmate".
    • For example, "You must kill the Crewmates and perform Sabotages to win" would not be correct.
    • A fix for the example above may be, "The Impostor must kill the Crewmates and perform Sabotages to win."
    • Use gender-neutral pronouns (like they/them instead of he/him or she/her).
  • Guide pages should be written in second-person, using terms such as "you".
    • Guide pages should be written as a tutorial.
  • Present tense should be used whenever possible.
  • All grammar should be decent.
    • This means one should not misspell words or write incomplete sentences.
    • Sentences should sound normal if read aloud.
  • Numbers between zero and ten should be written in word form, numbers greater than ten should be written as numerals.


  • "Impostor" is spelled with an O, not an E.
  • When referring to something on a map, such as a location or task, use "on" instead of "in". For example, "on The Skeld" rather than "in The Skeld".
  • When referring to a location within a map, do not put the article "the" before the location name. For example, "in Reactor" instead of "in the Reactor".
  • Communications, the location, should not be abbreviated as "comms".
  • Slang terms typically used in-game should not be used in articles. The official/proper names should be used instead.
    • The slang term "sus" should not be used, use "suspicious" instead.
  • The following terminology should be used when referring to specific groups:
    • Character for a 'protagonist' of the game- the in-game creature the player controls. It can refer to those falling under this definition regardless of role, or talking about Crewmates and Impostors collectively.
    • Crewmate for a character that can complete tasks, or a group consisting entirely of these.
    • Impostor for a character that can Sabotage and Kill, or a group consisting entirely of these.
    • Player for the person playing the game and controlling the character.


  • Commas, periods, and other punctuation marks should go inside the quotation marks if and only if they are part of the quote, meaning before the closing quotation mark. Otherwise, place them outside the quotation marks.
  • Use the serial comma when punctuating lists containing three or more terms. For example, "A, B, and C" instead of "A, B and C".
  • The page name should always be bolded the first time it appears within the article body.
  • The page name should be written out fully the first time.
    • One should not abbreviate it.
  • You should never use magic words such as {{PAGENAME}} to show the page's title.
  • Use {{C}} to link to a category. For example, {{C|<Category>}} instead of [[:Category:Category name|Category name]].
  • Each article should only be linked to at most once in each page section on other articles. Any instances of the article later in the section should not contain a link.
  • Line breaks added with the enter or return key should be used over <br/> and <br>. In infoboxes, bulleted lists should be used instead.
  • Always use "Overview" over "Gameplay" for the name of the description section of a page.
  • Among Us versions should be referred to as "version XXXX". They should not be abbreviated with a "v" like "v.XXXX", and not called an "update" like "update XXXX" or "the XXXX update".
    • Unless a version was platform-specific, the platform code (a lowercase letter after the version number) should be left out.



Upper and lower case letters must always be placed correctly:

  • Uppercase letters should be placed only as the initial letter of a paragraph, an article title, a map, a person, etc.
  • Lowercase letters need to be put in the rest of the paragraphs.


=== sub-heading ===
introductory text.
== Heading ==
=== Sub-Heading ===
Introductory text.
  • The beginning of template, category, and namespace links should be capitalized.


General rules still apply (like the beginning of a sentence)

  • Impostor and Crewmate are proper nouns and should be capitalized.
  • When referring to The Impostor or An Impostor, always capitalize the article determiner before "Impostor" if present.
    • For example, "A dead body is the result of An Impostor."
  • The "s" in Innersloth should not be capitalized.
  • MIRA and MIRA HQ's names are written with all capital letters and should not be written as "Mira".[1]
  • The word "mobile" is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized.
  • Ghost, the role, should be treated as a common noun and should not be capitalized.
  • "Sabotage" should always be capitalized unless part of a quote.
  • In the first sentence of cosmetic pages, the name of the item should not be capitalized unless it is the name of a person or group.
  • "Fandom" should not be written in all caps as "FANDOM".
  • The word "wiki" is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized.
  • The first letter of "" should not be capitalized.[2]

Text Styling


You must use the bold styling in the page title on the article introduction. To insert it in source mode, put three apostrophes before and after the text. Examples:

Correct Incorrect
Crewmates, also known as crew members or The Crew, are one of the two possible randomly assigned roles in Among Us. Crewmates, also known as crew members or The Crew, are one of the two possible randomly assigned roles in Among Us.
The Impostor is one of the two possible randomly assigned roles in Among Us. Their goal is to kill the majority of the Crewmates to win. The Impostor is one of the two possible randomly assigned roles in Among Us. Their goal is to kill the majority of the Crewmates to win.


You must use the italic styling in the name of a game, a TV show, a franchise, a comic book, etc. To insert it in source mode, put two apostrophes before and after the text. Examples:

Correct Incorrect
Among Us Among Us
The Henry Stickmin Collection The Henry Stickmin Collection

Article References

See also: Wikipedia:Citing sources

References are sources to make sure your information is true and reliable.

You must identify the information that requires a reference. This task may seem daunting, but it is an application of common sense. Any information that may be disputable should have a reference for it from a reliable source. See the wiki content rules.

  • References should use the {{Cite web}} or {{Cite interwiki}} template.
  • The references list should be added to the bottom of articles just above the navbox if there are any included.
    • {{Reflist}} should be used over <references/>.

Inserting References

Click the button on the formatting bar called "Reference" that looks like a book, then click "Basic". You will be brought to an empty box with "Reference" as the title. Here, type a properly formatted reference. You should use a citation template like {{Cite web}} to create a citation easily and properly formatted. It should look something like Linked Title. Site, Publisher. MONTH DD, YYYY. Retrieved MONTH DD, YYYY.

Reference Lists

You must make list of references if one does not already exist, and there are references on the page. At the very end of the article (before navboxes or categories), place the heading "References". While under this heading, insert the {{Reflist}} template. It should automatically show all of the references on the page.


{{Stub}}{{Template|parameter=value|parameter= string <br/> string2}}Introductory text...


|parameter = value
|parameter2 =
* string
* string2
Introductory text...

== Heading ==
=== Sub-Heading ===

* Bullet
** Sub-bullet


  • All files must be named appropriately. Do not use generic names like "screenshot" or numbers. For example, use Kill button.png instead of Screenshot-2020-09-04.png. Also, make sure to use spaces in file names.
  • Do not upload unrelated or personal files. If you want to have an unrelated or personal image on your user page, you can follow this guide.
  • Do not upload duplicate files. If you have a higher quality version of an existing file, replace the original file. This also means that you should not upload an image that does not contribute any new information compared to another image.
  • Use the {{File}} template when uploading files. The template is automatically preloaded onto the edit summary box in the upload form. For information on how to use this template, see the template documentation.
  • Media must properly attribute to its rightful owner. To add a license to a file page, use the license parameter of the {{File}} template.
  • Do not upload media that is too low-quality to recognize. Media must be recognizable, otherwise it is not useful. Mark quality issues with the quality parameter of the {{File}} template.
  • Files should only be in the wiki's preferred formats:
    • PNG for static images (GIF for animated images)
    • Ogg for audio
    • YouTube for videos


  • Do not upload an image where the only difference is cosmetics. A page that covers a pet only needs one image with a player and the pet in it; cosmetic differences are irrelevant and do not require any additional images.
  • Images should not have annotations or overlays. They should only show in-game content.
  • Images should be official. This includes promotional art, images that are considered official art by Innersloth and others involved in the development of the game, screenshots of the game (from any platform), or game assets.

Game Screenshots

  • Do not upload screenshots from the game with an overlay/notification covering any part of the screen.
  • Use Freeplay whenever possible to ensure control, reproducibility, consistency, and professionalism.
  • If you are taking a screenshot of an object or room, try to keep your character out of the way of any important areas. Ensure that the labeled action is use.
  • When taking pictures of tasks or Sabotages, take the screenshot as it would be when the UI is initially opened, and no progress has been made.
  • If demonstrating a task, set that task to be your only task.
  • If not demonstrating a task, make sure any tasks you have will not be highlighted in the picture, and collapse the task list.
  • Play as a Crewmate. Only become The Impostor if what you are demonstrating requires being The Impostor, such as the Sabotage menu.
  • Crop the image to show only the subject and/or remove any backgrounds from the image if they aren't a part of the subject.


  • Just an Among Us character with cosmetics is not allowed, as there are too many possible combinations. These are counted as personal images.


We only accept videos that are posted on the official Innersloth YouTube channel, or other official sources. Videos with people playing the game are not allowed.

Among Us Wiki YouTube Channel

Main article: Among Us Wiki:Project YouTube

Videos from the Among Us Wiki YouTube channel are allowed in all articles, as the wiki staff controls them. The videos demonstrate exactly one game mechanic (like abilities or tasks). If you need a demonstration to be uploaded which is not on the official Innersloth channel, please contact Caburum.


  • Only upload sounds extracted from the game. Do not upload audio that you record from the game directly because it has background noise and is generally lower quality.


Files should be named starting with the biggest category first.


[map name] [room name] [details].png

For example, MIRA HQ Decontamination top.png or Polus Communications.png


[map name] [task name] [details].png

For example, Polus Reboot Wifi start.png or MIRA HQ Sort Samples.png


  • For all galleries, the File: prefix is not required, so it should not be added.
  • Replace all underscores with spaces, so the code is easier to read.

Normal Gallery

When you are going to create a new gallery, it is recommended that you do this using Source Mode and do it like the example below:

PuffBallsUnited Polus Sketch.png|[[Marcus Bromander]]'s [[Polus]] sketch.
Polus map.png|A map of Polus.

Interlanguage Links

These are used to connect the same page to a different language wiki. For example, we can connect the English Impostor page to the French (Imposteur), Japanese (インポスター), and Russian (Предатель) versions. They should be placed below the page content (including nav boxes), but above page categories, and use the {{Interlanguage}} template. The parameters should be sorted in alphabetical order.


<!-- Interlanguage Links -->
{{Interlanguage|sv = Bedragare|it = Impostore}}

{{Navbox roles}}
{{Navbox roles}}

|fr = Imposteur
|it = Impostore
|ja = インポスター
|ru = Предатель
|sv = Bedragare




If a task is short on The Skeld and Polus, but long on The Airship use:

[[Category:Short tasks]]
[[Category:The Skeld tasks]]
[[Category:Polus tasks]]
[[Category:Long tasks]]
[[Category:The Airship tasks]]

Since tasks is a top level category, it goes first. The second level categories (short and long tasks) go next. The third level categories (the maps) go underneath their respective second level category.

Section Orders

A references section should only be added if there are references. If a navbox exists for the page type, it should be added at the very bottom.

General Example

Only add sections if they are needed. If a topic deserves its own section, it may be added.

  1. General Info/Overview
  2. Trivia
  3. Gallery
  4. Audio
  5. References


All pages should also have an infobox if one exists for the page's type. This should have key information about the subject. If there are multiple image variations of the subject, use a gallery, so the different variations are on different tabs.


If you find any page that is not following the Manual of Style, add the {{Cleanup}} template.

Manual of Style References

These are references to show how Innersloth or other related companies write things to make sure we also have the right spelling and grammar.

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  2. "About". Retrieved April 13, 2021.