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About Us
Manual of Style

These are the Among Us Wiki's rules that set limits for all users to keep the wiki clean and safe. As long as everyone follows these rules, they can have a great experience while they edit and interact with each other.

All users must read and follow these rules, regardless of the situation. Any user showing unacceptable conduct will be warned and if they persist, they'll be blocked from interacting with the wiki depending on the severity of the situation and their past violations.

If you see someone breaking one of these rules, report it immediately to an admin on their message wall or with our Discord ticketing system.

We may change our rules in the future depending on the current circumstances, so if you want to suggest a new rule or a change to the existing ones, do so here.


  • Everyone must show respect for each other, regardless of the circumstances. Be civil if you disagree with someone. Harassing or attacking other users is not tolerated.
    • If a user asks you to stop doing something related to them, then you must stop.
  • Content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct is not tolerated, per Fandom's Terms of Use.
  • Refrain from discussing political topics or social justice.
  • Impersonation of other people is not tolerated.
  • Avoid discussing your issues from other wikis on this wiki, as we are not related to them.
  • You may not distribute knowledge on Among Us hacks, cheats, or game modifications (third-party tools used to gain an advantage or edit game files), or where to obtain a modified version of the game where paid features (ex. skins, pets) are available for free.
    • Do not tell users to edit game files.
  • Do not post spam anywhere (Either repetitive messages or large sums of characters).
  • Advertising is not allowed. This includes Discord servers, YouTube channels, social media accounts, or any other third party content.
    • Linking to a related wiki like the Henry Stickmin Wiki in articles is allowed if it is useful.
    • Linking to other wikis you participate in on your user page is allowed.
    • Advertising other sites are only allowed in the global Fandom profile, not in anything on this wiki.
  • Do not discuss or share any leaked content that was not intended to be released.
  • You must be at least 13 years old to create an account and edit, per Fandom's Terms of Use.
    • If you discover that a user is underage, report to an admin with evidence.
    • Underage users will be reported to Fandom staff immediately.
  • If your username, bio, links, or profile picture are sexual or offensive, your account will be blocked until they are removed.
  • Using an alternate account is allowed within reason, as long as it is not used to evade a block or as a sockpuppet.
  • When socializing with other users on the wiki, never share any personal information about yourself or anyone you know, such as passwords, school, address, email, etc.
    • Never request personal information from other users.
  • Any user that behaves badly or in an unruly way will be punished however staff see fit. This can range from a warning to a permanent block.
  • If staff leave a warning on your Message Wall, you are not allowed to delete it. Doing so will result in another warning or block.
  • If you notice any staff behaving badly, message a bureaucrat on their Message Wall or the Discord server.


  • You must select the right category for your post (like memes, wiki, art).
  • Do not post duplicate posts or polls.
    • Do not repost a deleted or locked post.
  • Only talk about Among Us/wiki-related topics.
    • Unrelated topics are not allowed, but you can talk about them on our Discord server.
    • Henry Stickmin has its own wiki, so it doesn't belong here.
  • No spam or NSFW/inappropriate posts or comments.
  • Profanity is allowed, but keep it to a minimum.
  • Videos are allowed in Discussions as long as they are not blatant advertising, and they are embedded (not making users leave the wiki to watch).
  • Don't falsely report posts or comments.
  • Posts that solicit likes will be deleted.
  • Do not mention people unless you believe they would have a significant interest in seeing the post.
  • Your posts or comments may be deleted at any time if a moderator does not feel it adequately contributes to the community.
  • Roleplay is only allowed in the Roleplay (RP) category.
    • You may create one post with a start time. People can sign up, and at the start time, the roleplay will start in that post. You cannot create a separate sign up post.
    • All ropleplay must be related to Among Us, related characters/locations/acting, and have no sort of dating/shipping.
  • Do not necropost. This means commenting on posts where the last reply was more than a month ago.
    • If a conversation is ongoing, it is okay.
  • No low effort posts.
    • This means a very short post (less than 10 words) and is made as a statement.
      • Example: "Among us is fun."
    • No posts to the effect of "Hi, I'm new here."
      • We're glad that people are excited to be here, but please don't make a post about it.
    • No low effort memes or art.
      • Please only post images that are somewhere within the realm of quality.
    • No polls like "What color is sus," "What color do you play as," "What map do you prefer," "Should I make/do ___," "Petition to ___," etc.
      • Official polls can be found here.
  • Staff will lock out of control posts. If you think a post should be locked, mention a staff member.
  • You must also follow all other wiki rules.

Category Meanings

Poll Guidelines.png


  • When editing, use good faith. Add only information that is true and relevant to the article.
  • Do not vandalize any pages (maliciously editing articles to be annoying).
  • Do not write fan fiction on articles.
  • Use appropriate grammar, use the American version of spelling, and follow the Manual of Style.
  • "Farming" edits or making lots of small edits to increase your edit count is not allowed.
    • Botting (running code that automates edits on your account) is not allowed as we have our own Among Us Wiki Bot run by the wiki staff.
  • Manually adding categories like Stubs or Clean-Up Pages is not allowed.
    • These pages must be marked using their corresponding template.

The Manual of Style has more information about how pages should be edited and formatted. All edits must follow it.


  • When creating a template, check the need for it and consider how it will be used within an article.
    • Templates that will be used only once should not be created.
    • Personal templates are not allowed.
  • Avoid placing templates in articles unnecessarily.
  • Do not use the {{Delete}} template to troll pages.
    • It is only used in articles that are candidates to be deleted from the wiki.
    • Do not remove the template from an article.
    • If you misuse the template, you might get blocked.


  • Vandalism is editing an article in a malicious manner that is intentionally disruptive.
    • Vandalism includes any modification that is humorous, nonsensical, a hoax, or otherwise degrading.
  • Large scale acts of vandalism will result in pages being protected temporarily.


Below, include examples of vandalism:

Among us is an onwine sci-fi muwwdew-mystewy game by innewswoth, and was weweased on juwne 15, 2018, on ios, andwoid, and steam on auwguwst 18, 2018. The game is set in a spaceship, which contains a gwouwp of cwew membews whewe thewe is, among them, 1-3 impostows who have to sabotage the ship and kiww evewyone, whewe they muwst do the tasks and find ouwt who the impostow is.


Comments & Blog Posts

Blog Posts

  • Blog posts must be related to Among Us or other allowed topics in discussions.
  • Discussions should be used over blog posts for sharing fan art or other things.
    • A good use of blog posts is long stories.
  • Blog posts are not allowed to be put in categories, except the default Blog posts category.
  • Blog posts must follow out Media Policies.
  • Blog posts are not allowed to contain advertising.
  • Blog posts should not be spammy. If you don't have anything of value to contribute, don't post.
    • Do not create a blog post just to get the achievement.
  • Blog posts must not be low effort.
    • This means they should have more than six sentences.


  • Comments must be useful and not spamming or annoying.
    • Comments like "first" and "second" are spam.
  • Advertising is not allowed.


  • We have a Guide namespace where you may write guides - all guides must go there.
  • Do not write duplicate guides.
  • Guides must follow other general rules.
    • This means no advertising or promoting hacks/cheats.
  • Videos with tips and strategies are only allowed on guide pages.
  • If a guide is a strategy section about an article (like kill or Impostor), you must:
    • Put the {{Strategybox}} notice on the top of the guide page
  • All guides should be in the Guides category.
    • Guides should never have the {{Newcomers}} template or the Newcomers category.
    • The guide category is listed under newcomers.

Fake Information

If a reference is needed for information, instead of removing it, use the {{Cite}} template to let others know that a citation is needed.

Fan Fiction

Information invented by fans that has not been officially confirmed by Innersloth is not allowed. This includes stories, characters, and game/map ideas. These are allowed in blog posts and discussions.


Main article: Among Us Wiki:Rules/Staff


All punishments are given at the staff's discretion and may not follow this exact list.

  1. Warning on your Message Wall
  2. 2nd warning on your Message Wall
  3. 3rd warning on your Message Wall
  4. 4th warning on your Message Wall
  5. Short temporary block
  6. Medium temporary block
  7. Long temporary block
  8. Longest temporary block
  9. Indefinite block

General Block Lengths

These may change at any time, and are just general guidelines.

Reason Block Length (Days)
Short Medium Long Longest
Vandalism 3 14 30 90
Off topic post 1-2 7 14 30
Low effort post 12 hours 2 7 14
Manual of Style violation 3 7 14 30
Bad images 2 7 14 30
General Discussions 1-2 7 14 30
Intimidating behavior/harassment 7 14 30 90
Spamming 7 14 30 90
Illegal activity Indefinite
Inserting false information 7 14 30 90

More are TBD, but these are the most common ones.

Block Appeals

To appeal your block, please contact the blocking admin on their message wall at Community Central. To find who blocked you, check the message at the top of your user contributions. This will also show the reason that was given. Please make sure to include this in the message. You can also see all blocks here.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.