These rules pertain to members of the staff. If you see staff breaking the rules, make sure to contact the bureaucrats.

General Staff Rules

  • Only admins and bureaucrats can make any type of rule on the wiki or Discord server.
  • Bureaucrats have the final say in all matters.
  • Avoid discussing drama, past or present.
  • Don't abuse your powers in any way.
    • Do not abuse staff rights to unjustly punish or blackmail other users.
    • Staff must follow all wiki rules.
      • If there is a rule that hinders a staff member from performing legitimate duties, they may ask a bureaucrat to temporarily be exempt from that rule.
  • If in doubt, contact a bureaucrat.
  • If you revert an edit or delete a post that breaks the rules, you must warn the user of what they have done wrong unless you plan to block the user, where you should provide an adequate reason for that block.
    • Number warnings, like "warning 1" or "warning 2".
    • Tell users what specific content broke the rules. This may be done by linking the rule-breaking content, posting an image of the rule-breaking content, or by providing a clear description of what the content was and when it was posted.
  • If a user is vandalizing or spamming and no admins are available to block them, contact SOAP. They act quickly, can revert edits, and can block vandals.

Discussion Mod Rules

  • Be civil, polite, and try to remain neutral in discussions. What you say impacts the entire staff team's reputation, not just yours.
  • If a user has clearly stated they are underage, or if you believe they are underage, immediately report it to an admin and Fandom staff.
  • Refrain from discussions about suicide or self-harm. If you see the conversation about this, lock it, and bring it to the attention of an admin.

Content Mod Rules

  • Make sure to keep up to date on what types of edits and pages are allowed.
  • If you are not sure if a page should be deleted or an edit reverted, contact an admin.
  • Do not protect pages to be admin only without asking an admin first. Protecting to only allow autoconfirmed users is allowed.

Admin Rules

  • Keep a look over everything that is going on in the wiki.
  • Make sure other staff are behaving properly and following rules.
  • Block users that are causing problems.
    • Make sure to include the proper reason for blocks and evidence if possible.
    • Follow the general block lengths.
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