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If you need any help in the Among Us Wiki, you can contact any of the staff and they will assist you. All staff must follow the staff rules. If you would like to apply to become a staff member, you can read the staff application process.

Bureaucrat.svg Bureaucrat Bureaucrat.svg

Bureaucrats are the heads of the wiki. They can grant and remove all rights, except other bureaucrats' rights. They also have full admin permissions.

Admin.svg Admin Admin.svg

Admins (also know as sysops) are community leaders with full range of control over the wiki. They are able to:

ContentMod.svg Content Moderator ContentMod.svg

Content Mods manage pages on the wiki. They are able to:

DiscussionsMod.svg Discussions Moderator DiscussionsMod.svg

Discussion Mods are trusted users who manage the wiki's Discussions. They are able to:

Rollback.svg Rollback Rollback.svg

Rollbacks are trusted editors who have the extra ability to quickly rollback bad edits.

You can find the current rollbacks here.

30#.png Wiki Representative (Fandom staff) 30#.png

Wiki Representatives are Fandom staff who can manage the wiki. They have all permissions on the wiki, more than Admins and Bureaucrats. They are here to help keep everything in line. They can also enable extra extensions and manage more MediaWiki configuration. They mainly provide support for issues or questions related to the wiki, including CSS, extensions, templates, moderation, applying best practices, and sending bug reports. You can find out more about them on the help page.

Bot.svg Bot Bot.svg

Bots are automated accounts that can fix grammar and do other bulk tasks. These are the only bots allowed on the wiki. Their edits are automatically hidden from recent changes as to not clog up the feed.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.