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April Fools was celebrated by Among Us on April 1, 2020 and April 1, 2021. During April Fools, the textures and layout on The Skeld were reversed, and the map's name was changed to "ehT dlekS."


During April Fools, The Skeld's textures and layout became reversed. This caused the rooms that would normally appear on the left of the map to appear on the right and vice versa. The Skeld's textures' reversal also made it look like the ship was flying backward, confusing many players.

According to Innersloth, April Fools "ehT dlekS" will be annual for 24 hours only on April 1 GMT in the future.[1]


  • The code that changes the appearance of The Skeld during April Fools is still within the data of Among Us. If the host's device's date is set to April 1, The Skeld will appear flipped for all players in the host's game, even if their devices' dates are not set to April 1.
  • On ehT dlekS, Align Engine Output begins at in Lower Engine and ends in Upper Engine.
    • The task list in the top-left of the screen does not reflect this, instead showing that the task begins in Upper Engine.
    • Opening the map correctly shows the location to do the task.
  • On Nintendo Switch edition, the map icon of The Skeld is not reversed, though ehT dlekS will still be properly hosted in a lobby or loaded in Freeplay.
  • All other maps are unaffected by April Fools.


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