Avert Crash Course is a critical Sabotage in Among Us, occuring on The Airship. It can be resolved at the two sides of Gap Room.


Avert Crash Course is a critical Sabotage caused by An Impostor when selecting the nuclear hazard symbol on the Sabotage map. When this Sabotage is chosen, players have 90 seconds to resolve it. The resolution of this Sabotage is similar to Comms Sabotaged on MIRA HQ. Players must enter a backup code using the keypads on either side of Gap Room. The code is displayed on a security device to the right of the input and resets every ten seconds. The code must be entered on both sides of Gap Room to resolve Avert Crash Course, without the code resetting in between. If one of the two has the code entered, the time left to enter the code on the other side will become 10 seconds again. The amount of time remaining is displayed via a progress bar under the code, which may be colored white, yellow, or red.

  • A white bar means that there are 10–6 seconds remaining.
  • A yellow bar means that there are 5–3 seconds remaining.
  • A red bar means that there are only 2–1 seconds remaining.

As with all other Sabotages, both living Crewmates and Impostors can resolve Avert Crash Course, and the emergency button cannot be used during it.

If players fail to resolve the Sabotage in time, it results in a victory for The Impostors. The only way to resolve this Sabotage without using the keypads is for a body to be reported, which will end the Sabotage and start an emergency meeting as usual.


  • Avert Crash Course is the Sabotage with the longest resolving time.
  • By using Vents, its possible to for impstors to fix the sabotage without other players, but that is a bit tricky.
  • In the reveal trailer for The Airship, the alarm that played during the Sabotage was different from the other critical Sabotages. However, this did not carry over to the final version, as the alarm that plays is the same as the other maps.
  • A helicopter can be seen during Avert Crash Course through the large window in Gap Room. When only several seconds are left to resolve the Sabotage, the helicopter gets closer and closer to the window.
    • The helicopter in question is a reference to Charles Calvin from the Henry Stickmin series, who crashes his helicopter into various places (including the Airship in Infiltrating the Airship) multiple times throughout the series.
  • On the Nintendo Switch edition, the previously unused cursor is used to resolve Avert Crash Course.


Description Audio
The sound played when pressing the button.
The sound played when the code is accepted.
The sound played when the code is not accepted.


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