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Balcony is a location in Among Us on MIRA HQ.


Balcony is located at the bottom of MIRA HQ, under Cafeteria, with the Clear Asteroids task on the left, the Measure Weather task on the right, and a vent in the middle between the two sliding doors. The sliding doors automatically open for players but do not have collision.



Name Stages Task Type
Clear Asteroids 1–20 of 20 Long
Measure Weather 1 of 1 Short



There is a vent in the center of Balcony that directly connects to the vents in MedBay and Hallway.


  • In an earlier version of Among Us, ghosts could open the automatic doors, which open for living players. However, this was changed in version 2021.3.31.
  • Balcony is a supposed location for where players are ejected on MIRA HQ.
  • If someone enters/exits Balcony through the left door, the player's color can be seen by the one standing in MedBay.
  • There is a satellite dish to the left side. Players with no hats and names can completely hide under it.
  • The vent in Balcony is slightly smaller than other vents.



The sound played when a door of Balcony opens.
The sound played when a door of Balcony closes.