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A ban in Among Us is used to disconnect someone from a lobby and make them unable to rejoin it.


A ban may occur for one of three reasons:

  1. A player is banned by the host in the lobby.
  2. Among Us's anti-cheat system detects a player exploiting.
  3. A player disconnects from lobbies deliberately/too often.

If banned by the host, this message appears:

You were banned from [room name]. You cannot rejoin that room.

If Among Us's anti-cheat system detects a player exploiting, this message appears:

You were banned for hacking. Please stop.

If a player disconnects from lobbies deliberately/too often, the message below appears. The amount of time increases if the player disconnects again after the previous ban expired.

You may not join another game for another [x] minutes after intentionally disconnecting.

The first will prevent the player from joining the specific lobby again, while the latter two prevent the player from playing in any lobby.

Hosts of a game can open the chat within the lobby to kick or ban players.


  • There is a bug where using the exclusive abilities of the Shapeshifter or the Guardian Angel may get the player banned for hacking. Innersloth has stated that they are currently working on this bug.
  • Using a hashtag "#" in the chat results in getting automatically banned from the server. It is unknown if this is a glitch or if this was done for a reason. [needs testing]