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Shosoul Shosoul 24 March

Major update to rules

Hello, Crewmates! It's been a while. Today, we are making a massive overhaul on the rules. While I will get to the big changes momentarily, one of the big reasons we are making this change is because of the policy update that Fandom will be making on April 1st. Please take some time to read that as well. We also took the opportunity to compress the rules to make them shorter and easier to read.

Appeals have been changed. If you are blocked for 2 weeks or longer and you feel the block was unjust, you may appeal the block by contacting the blocking admin on their Message Wall at Community Central. To identify who blocked you and the reason for the block, check the notice at the top of your contributions page. Please include the reason for the b…

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Shosoul Shosoul 21 December 2020

New Staff and Discussion Moderator Applications are now open!

Hello, Crewmates! I have a few exciting announcements to make. Firstly, we have a new staff member! I would like to welcome Chikorita Lover as our newest Content Moderator! He is very qualified for the position and we are very happy to have him on the team.

In addition, I would like to highlight some other staff changes:

  • Caburum has been promoted to Bureaucrat.
  • Shosoul has been promoted to Bureaucrat.
  • IIStarrdusttII has been promoted to Admin.

The second big announcement is that Discussion Moderator applications are now open! You can apply for the position here. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

The mod applications have closed. The bureaucrats will work on reviewing them.

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Mattbernss Mattbernss 7 December 2020

Among Us Wiki being translated to Chinese

Hi everyone, just a quick little PSA that our wiki is being translated to Chinese/Mandarin by User:PikAsriel. If you know Chinese, it would be awesome if you could go help with translations.

There is also a Discord server that helps in its translation, located here



6 December 2020, 9:54 PM EST

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Caburum Caburum 6 December 2020

Moderator Applications Open Again

Mod applications have closed, and we are working on reviewing them. If we need to ask some questions we will contact you via Discord. Quick reminder that asking if you made it or when we will be finished will probably get you disqualified.

It's that time again! We are now opening mod applications.

This time we are looking for possibly 1 Discussion Mod (who takes care of Discussions and our Discord server) and 1-2 Content Mods because recently we have gotten a huge spike in vandalism and discussions!

Discord server].}}

Quick note: All staff must have and use Discord as that is our main way of communication.

We will be accepting applications until 12/10/20 at 12PM (noon) EST. The application will have a series of questions.

If you have any questio…

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Caburum Caburum 24 November 2020

Among Us Wiki YouTube Channel

Hi guys, the wiki has its own YouTube channel. It was announced on our Twitter yesterday, and was created by the Project YouTube, a group formed by staff members and non-staff users. Here, I will discuss what content the channel will bring on its videos and also, about the Project YouTube. Also, the Minitubia has an article about the channel, so if you want to see it, click here.

The Project YouTube is a group formed by staff members and non-staff members. I am the owner of the channel, while other members include Mattbernss, Chikorita Lover, Aeywoo, Sssmartie, etc.

In the YouTube channel, will be posted tutorial videos about tasks and game mechanics in Among Us. So, if you're a newcomer from the game, these videos can help you how to play. How…

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Caburum Caburum 27 October 2020


We have enabled Wiki Achievements! This means you can get cool achievements for contributing to the Wiki.

You can see the leaderboard to see who is ranked #1 or go to your user profile to see what achievements you have and can get.

More information about achievements work can be found here.

A list of our achievements can be found here.

Have fun and happy editing.

We are also working on making better icons for the achievement so if you have an idea please leave a comment [ here]!

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Shosoul Shosoul 22 October 2020

Welcome New Staff!

Alrighty everyone, celebratory emergency meeting. We have our new wiki moderators!

Aeywoo is a content moderator!

Sssmartie is a content moderator!

TheSURVIVR is a discussion moderator!

We would like to thank all 47 applicants for applying. You guys gave us a wide variety of skills and made it very tough (in a good way) to choose the three moderators. Also, the transition to UCP yesterday went smoothly, and we believe everything is all done.

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Bendybao Bendybao 22 October 2020

Among Us Wiki UCP Migration

Hello guys, it's me Bendybao, one of the administrators of Among Us Wiki, and as you know, we migrated to the Unified Community Platform (UCP). But it didn't just happen to us, it is also happening, and it will still happen, with all the other wikis and unfortunately, we have to accept it. I know that some people hate these unexpected changes to FANDOM, but there's no way we can get things back as they were before, unfortunately. We will have to adapt to this new software, and we are already bringing changes, some of which were made long before our wiki was migrated to the UCP.

It is not easy to adapt to a new wiki model, especially this one, however, I will talk about the most recent changes that we brought to the wiki:

  • We migrated the polls w…

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Caburum Caburum 18 October 2020

Among Us Wiki Twitter

We just created our own Twitter account. We'll tweet Among Us related things, as well as Wiki announcements and a few other things! Make sure to follow us, as well as Innersloth. Also, don't forget to join our Discord server where you can chat and play games with other members!

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Mattbernss Mattbernss 15 October 2020

If you use the Username template on anything other than your own profile, you'll be blocked for a week

Hi everyone,

Apparantly some people didn't get the memo of my last blog post. I said the following:

"If people decide to keep spamming the Username template, then comments that include this template will be removed, and further action, such as temporary bans, may be taken if the problem persists."

Well, what do you know, people kept on using it, so I started deleting comments. People continued to use it, so I began blocking people who used it for a month. I realize now that a month block is too harsh, so I'll be undoing the previous blocks for people who were punished for using the template.

I want to make it officially clear:


If you are block…

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Mattbernss Mattbernss 14 October 2020

No, people are not writing comments that are addressed to you.

Hi everyone,

Recently, a lot of articles have been getting comments that are supposed to look like they are addressed directly to you. Examples include:

No, these people did not make a comment about you. They are using a template called "Username", which is used supposed to be used sparingly to give announcements a personal touch. It automatically replaces the template with the text of the person's username who is viewing the page.

However, a lot of people have been confused, and at worst, upset, about these comments that seem to be directed at them.

At this moment, comments that include the Username template will NOT be removed; I am hoping this blog post will clear everything up and no further action needs to be taken. I am asking that this t…

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Bendybao Bendybao 1 October 2020

Among Us Wiki Official Discord Server

Hi guys, it's me, Bendybao, one of the administrators of the Among Us Wiki. I'm telling you guys that Mattbernss, the bureaucrat and founder of the Among Us Wiki, has created an Discord server, where everyone can chat about the game. And, as you guys know, today it's the first day of our Halloween edition, as October is Halloween month. This will also follow some changes of us, like the withdrawal from the chat, as it will no longer be used by us, but will be used for you to easily enter our server.

Originally, I wasn't thinking about a Discord server, but Mattbernss today texted me that he started creating a server for our wiki. From there, we started receiving some people on our server, and I hope you will join, if you are following this …

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Mattbernss Mattbernss 1 October 2020

Wiki Discord Server!

Hey ya'll, I'm making a discord server for this wiki. It's hopefully going to make everything more organized and give us a place where we can easily have discussions. I'm still setting it up, but it has all the basics.

Join here


Mattbernss (talk) 14:55, October 1, 2020 (UTC)

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Mattbernss Mattbernss 18 September 2020

We have changed our URL to!

So after it was brought to my attention by Vozhan that we could change our wiki URL from to was too long and it is redundant to have -wiki in our URL.

I sent a request to Fandom last night, and I woke up today to find that it was accepted!

Although will redirect you to our now-current URL, I would recommend ya'll change any shortcuts you have to just in case the redirect were to ever go away.

That's your daily announcement, thank's for tuning in.

Mattbernss (talk) 18:35, September 18, 2020 (UTC)

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Bendybao Bendybao 10 September 2020

Among Us Wiki Halloween Edition

Hi guys, I'm Bendybao, one of the administrators of Among Us Wiki. Today, I decided to post my first blog to announce a great news. But first, thank you very much for everyone who is contributing to the wiki, I never imagined that it would have many active users, since this wiki is very small and there are many things to be done, like creating more articles about Among Us and their elements (locations, tasks, among other things), but in general, I am very proud that this community is growing little by little.

Back to the subject, I am officially announcing that Among Us Wiki will have an annual edition celebrating Halloween. As you know, October is Halloween, but all the customs that many people do, like trick or treating, may not happen this…

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Mattbernss Mattbernss 5 September 2020

Explosion in popularity

Hello everyone, Mattbernss here. First of all, I would like to personally thank each and every one of the members of this community. You guys have been awesome; words cannot describe how proud I am of everyone. In May of 2019, I started this wiki as a little bit of a side project, not really expecting it to go anywhere, but more and more people showed up, I got my announcement post pinned at the top of the Among Us subreddit, and famous, well known youtubers started playing the game. This all lead up to mid-August of 2020. In August of 2020, this wiki exploded in popularity. Here's some stats to show how dramatic this was.

Editors, commenters, and viewers alike, THANK YOU for helping to build this wiki into something I could have only dreamed for…

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