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ItzAlex11 ItzAlex11 6 minutes ago

News Update

  • 1 Hey crewmates (or impostors)!
  • 2 I'm going on hiatus.
  • 3 School starts up for me in August.
  • 4 I'm canceling some stories.

So I have a lot of news for you guys. Some are good, some are bad. So I want to share this with all of you guys, because this is some p…

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ItzAlex11 ItzAlex11 3 days ago

Let's see how popular I am...

I've been wondering...

How popular are my posts? It's a question everyone asks at some point. So I've decided to find out by checking the hearts/upvotes each of my posts has.

Note: This does not include comments on my posts, nor any of my replies. Thi…

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SRD11997y SRD11997y 24 days ago

The Airship is eliminating nearly everything!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Locations
  • 3 Tasks
  • 4 Conclusion

Yes, I haven't been here for a while. This is a blog post about the objects and mechanics that existed in the first three maps but was eliminated by The Airship. A lot of things appear on the first three maps …

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ItzAlex11 ItzAlex11 26 days ago

Season 1 is DONE!

The first season of Impostors Among Us is finally DONE!

Impostors Among Us - On The Skeld lasted for 14 episodes and aired for 49 days. You can find the whole series in my about page, or if you have time to kill after doing your tasks, spend at least…

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Bokewen Bokewen 23 June

Role and achievement ideas

(taken from discussions)


Toggle switch: Off by default

Maximum number in-game: One

Side: Depends on the side of the target

Kill (or vote off) your target, and side with the opposite side of your victim.

You can't automatically kill your target, …

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Imperfect Timing

Normally get perfect timing moments, but for me it was the complete opposite.

I was there playing a a crewmate one the Airship, it was in the middle of the game, 5 players (counting me), 1 impostor.

I was doing my tasks like evry crewmate needs to do. …

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ItzAlex11 ItzAlex11 1 June

Why I haven't been as active lately

Hi, crewmates (or impostors).

Lately I haven't been posting anything. Not even a reply. That's changed, because I posted episode 6 of Impostors Among Us today. However, I feel I need to explain why I haven't been posting lately.

I live in North Americ…

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What happened to TSAT and why are there no new episodes?

It's me! Tan!

So, I have something to say about TSAT (The Story About Tan) and how I'll be leaving it for a while (very long i bet).

  • 1 Why haven't I been posting TSAT Episodes?
  • 2 "Why not just get a schedule?"
  • 3 What about TSAB (The Story About Brown)?
  • 4 Wha…

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SRD11997y SRD11997y 25 May

Trivial facts of The Airship!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Starters
  • 3 Medium
  • 4 Hard (You probably don't know these)
  • 5 Conclusion

As you may discover, I may have posted a lot of blog posts about The Airship, and yes I really love playing on The Airship. This blog post is about the trivial facts of The…

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Thundercat3 Thundercat3 13 May

I'm leaving as soon as I can - which may not be soon.

Okay, soooooo. I want to leave Fandom and Discord. For good. Key words, want to. I put this blog post here because I don't know where else to put it. Let's start.

There are three main reasons I want to leave:

  1. I've lost the motivation to edit.
  2. I'm getting…

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ItzAlex11 ItzAlex11 13 May


Hey crewmates! (or impostors, I still can't tell the difference)

After four months of writing, erasing, writing again, adding, and editing, it's here!

The first episode of Impostors Among Us Season 1 is out right now!…

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ItzAlex11 ItzAlex11 8 May

Among Us Story - Almost Done!

Hey, crewmates! (or impostors, I can't tell) Guess what?

The first season to my Among Us Story is NEARLY COMPLETE!

I'm around 90 to 95 percent done with the story. It'll have a lot of story and action jam packed into it. Again, I don't want to give a l…

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fliptastics 12 crewmates status sheet.

Survivor season result (impostor killed by)


Died THIRD(1)


died second (1)

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How I think I got into Among Us

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SRD11997y SRD11997y 25 April

Favorite things on The Airship!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Favorite Room
  • 3 Favorite Task
  • 4 Favorite ability
  • 5 And that's what I hate

The Airship has already been out for almost a month, now it's time to share some information about my favorite things about The Airship!

Yeah, a lot of rooms are my favo…

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Et18 Et18 24 April

The MIRA Handbook 1.4

Finally did one after two months :/

Chapter 1

1.4- Daily routine

MIRA assigns daily tasks, in which you are required to do at least four each day. All of the tasks are randomly selected, and sent to your tablet. Reminders to do tasks happen at eleven A…

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SRD11997y SRD11997y 21 April

Among Us tips on The Airship

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 1. Outrun Impostors in Gap Room
  • 3 2. Admin is really useful

The Airship map has already been released for nearly a month! Now let me tell you some strategies on the Airship to make you better in this new map!

When you are being chased by a…

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F-sharp F-sharp 19 April

The Airship Tasks on a New Map?

Hello everyone.

With The Airship having released a while ago, there have been quite a few tasks introduced that could possibly carry over to a potential fifth map. However, I feel that there will not be that many, especially considering that other ta…

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Checkmqte Checkmqte 17 April

A Random Post

A random post about my favorites on The Airship.

Surprisingly, my favorite room on The Airship is... Electrical! Yes, the creepy, dark, and scary Electrical! I just really like the looks and mechanics of it. I think it's the first room with a randomi…

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SRD11997y SRD11997y 11 April

Hiding spots in The Airship

Everybody knows that The Airship is big, but do you know any hiding spots in this map? Let me introduce some to you!

  • The showering room in Showers. Not a lot of players will go there, as there is only the tasks Fix Shower and Pick Up Towels there. If…
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ItzAlex11 ItzAlex11 7 April

Among Us Story- Coming Up

Hey! This is my first blog post.

So, I have a Google Docs paper named Among Us Story. I've been writing in it for a few days now. It's not entirely done yet, but when it is I'll release it! It's actually about me in a spaceship with some other people…

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AsteroidPizza39 AsteroidPizza39 5 April

New Art Style

In a recent devlog, it was revealed that PuffballsUnited would be completely revamping the game's art style. Hints of this had been shown in promotional material, with a few notable examples. Firstly, at the end of most recent devlogs, there is a br…

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The killerwhale5612 The killerwhale5612 28 March

Role idea:The venter

The venter is on the crewmate side and only crewmates know if they are a venter or not because of the grey name tag above them. Venters may only run around for 10 seconds before shortly loosing health. The venter has a health bar of 100 and takes 10…

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Addingerror Addingerror 25 March

Among us: Evolution and more!

I am happy to admit that the first episode of the Among Us: Evolution has been released today! This series will not be base Among Us, but instead a story that goes beyond it. If this was in the game, it would probably be called Modded.

  • 1 Faq
    • 1.1 When wil…

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Raboot12345 Raboot12345 9 March

Among us bad - the start Ep 1

map: skeld

Crewmates: green, blue,cyan,purple,pink, orange, brown,red, black

Impostors: white (RABOOT)

at start...

Green: lets do the tasks

p urple: ok

White: nobody asked u, my favorite song

blue: Yess

at security

Purple: hey bla-


(Dead b…

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SRD11997y SRD11997y 6 March

How to do tasks quickly - Common tasks

Doing tasks quickly is very important or you may get killed by the Impostor. These are some and how you could do it quickly.

  • 1 Enter Id Code
  • 2 Fix Wiring
  • 3 Insert Keys
  • 4 Swipe Card
  • 5 Scan Boarding Pass

This is very annoying because you may press the wrong cod…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 2 March

Ivan's Wrath - Prolouge

You may have heard of Ivan, the ruler of all parasitic shapeshifters known as impostors. There is a way to summon him. I wouldn't risk doing that though. He's really powerful. The crew and I have discussed about several monsters, from Murr3y, the ki…

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MaybeItsYellowfang MaybeItsYellowfang 1 March

An odd time indeed..

(Note: This is considered a fanfiction, although I personally think it to be a scary story) V.V


1. Purple (me)

2. Yellow

3. Dark Blue

4. Lime

5. Red

6. Brown

7. Red

8. White

9. Black

10. Pink

Y'see, I joined a lobby hoping to find a few 9 other peop…

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Checkmqte Checkmqte 26 February

A Cursed Game

I was playing on MIRA HQ, with yellow as my color. The game started, and it was revealed that I was a Crewmate. I ran around doing my tasks, until Reactor was sabotaged. I quickly ran there to find lime also waiting. We both fixed the sabotage, and …

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 25 February

Ivan's Wrath - Chapter 1

Volcano - now PMG's POV:

Stuck on Polus, everyone, including I am running from Ivan, the king of the impostors. We're running for our lives. There were no impostors. The impostors teamed up with Ivan to kill us all. We're not playing the game even th…

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Professional noob guy Professional noob guy 23 February

NEW ROLO! (Lets see how epicly I fail)

The Bodyguard:

The rolo only goes to 1 person and you can only get it if there are 8 or more players with 1 impostors.

Everyone knows who the bodyguard is with the blue name.

When crewmates do task they will give the bodyguard new strengths and weaknes…

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SRD11997y SRD11997y 20 February

Among Us tips in MIRA HQ

I think that many of you don't usually play on MIRA HQ, but for me, always! This is how really the game works!

  1. In Hallway, there are three exits. Make sure you decided which exit you want to go, otherwise you could become suspicious as it isn't seen …

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VadesNYC VadesNYC 19 February

Role Ideas

Some of these might be commonly said. My idea is that the host has a checkbox for each of these roles, that he/she could check whichever roles he/she wants in their game. (Unlike x number of different modes that each had preset roles). The maximum a…

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Amelia GamePlayz Amelia GamePlayz 14 February

Detective (Fan role)

Detectives are one of the three possible randomly assigned roles in Among Us. Their goal is to scan the map and search for any suspicious activity, hence voting out the Impostor, just like the other Crewmates. Detectives have more abilities, however, …

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DkBer DkBer 13 February

DkBer's Among Us “tHeOrY”

NOTICE: This theory will not contain anything about The Airship nor it will about the announcement trailer.

This is a theory for the game Among Us. No, it is not one of those one-line theories, don’t worry. It will be longer than the longest book you …

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Amelia GamePlayz Amelia GamePlayz 13 February

Among Us Tips

Hello guys! Amelia here, and it's my first blog post! No, I didn't write this to get the badge. It's to share my best strategies and tips in Among Us with you all! You might already know some of them, and a few of them certainly have flaws. But some…

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Et18 Et18 13 February

The MIRA Handbook 1.3

Chapter 1

1.3- First Days

You might wonder what you will do once you first enter MIRA. You will take a blood test which has a ninety five percent accuracy rate. This test is meant to verify your status, however this blood test is not enough, yet it yi…

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Queen Dusk Queen Dusk 12 February

Empty Threats - A Comic


This is just a post for my ongoing comic! I may update every now and then with new slides (or whatever they're called - pages I think). But for the while, enjoy what's on this blog! The drawings and story took me quite a while and…

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Et18 Et18 9 February

The MIRA Handbook 1.2

Chapter 1.

1.2- Safety

You might have heard of aliens attacking our ships, nicknames by the crew as ‘impostors’. They are parasitic aliens who first attacked on our crew when an early version of The Skeld crashed onto Dystopia. The world, however, was…

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Cloudydays6 Cloudydays6 9 February

Impostor of The Skeld S1 Chapter 1

My stomach churned inside my cyan space suit as I stepped onto The Skeld. I'd never thought I'd be doing this.

"Hello, and welcome!" White shouted from across the cafeteria. "You're just in time, the doors will open in a few minutes."

I looked around …

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Thundercat3 Thundercat3 8 February

My Developed Role Ideas

So I've shared what I think new roles should be like, how I think other roles could be added, but I haven't ever shared the exact roles that I have come up with, the good ideas that are fully sculpted. So that's what I'm going to do. The list contai…

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Et18 Et18 8 February

The MIRA Handbook

Basically a handbook for MIRA interns~

Chapter 1.

1.1- How To Get Into MIRA

To get into MIRA, you will have to do a test to show your intellectual skills, your physical skills, and your skills during an emergency. We hope you enjoy your internship!

The …

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Mugman2000 Mugman2000 6 February

Cool glitch that doesn't exist

It would be cool if there was a glitch on Polus where after an impostor closed a door, the cooldown would start after the door closes, instead of when it opens.

I see 3 possibilities after the cooldown ends and the impostor sabotages the same door wi…

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Marie816 Marie816 5 February

an among us love Story

Hi, I'm cyan and I'm an alien impostor. But don’t tell the crew of this ship that I'm on, okay? That would ruin the entire thing. Just watch how this story plays out.

Anyway, I was in the cafeteria at the start of this journey. Everyone else was stan…

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Helenaandjames Helenaandjames 5 February

A Few Things...

Hey everyone! I just wanted to talk about a few things in a blog post today:

  • Thanks so much for the love and support from all of you! All of your kind words have been much appreciated. I will work as hard as I can as a content moderator here on the w…
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Checkmqte Checkmqte 5 February

Detective Moment

A while ago, I had my best detective moment during a game of Among Us.

I was playing on the map Polus, and I was a Crewmate. The first few minutes of the game went by nicely. Noone died, until I checked vitals to see that brown is dead. I rushed to A…

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Thundercat3 Thundercat3 4 February

For the Ones that are Left ~ Part 3: The Battle of Polus ~ Chapter 22

Cameron and Rose reached the front of the ship, breathing heavily in their spacesuits.

“Alright. How are we going to mess this up?” Rose asked.

“Freeze!” one of the creatures shouted from the other doorway.

“How about you do instead,” Rose said, shooti…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 3 February

Among Us: Book 5-Storyline

Volcano's stuck to a chair in a meeting.

Volcano: Please! Let me go! I can tell you my story of what happened!

YEET: I can already prove he's not the impostor since I saw him submit scan!

Volcano: Just get me off this chair!

Duplicator: Go on.

Volcano: S…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 1 February

Among Us: Book 4-Storyline

Veteran: Alright. If you don't want 3 impostors, then I'll just change it to 2 impostors. Are you happy now?

Veteran: I get it. The impostors win easily. Considering the fact our last 3 impostors were super good.

Volcano (Sarcastically): Oh, yay. Ther…

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