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Checkmqte Checkmqte 13 hours ago

A Cursed Game

I was playing on MIRA HQ, with yellow as my color. The game started, and it was revealed that I was a Crewmate. I ran around doing my tasks, until Reactor was sabotaged. I quickly ran there to find lime also waiting. We both fixed the sabotage, and white comes in a little bit late.

I had finished my Start Reactor task, and suddenly lime's body was reported by white. I was so confused. The first thing that came across my mind is, white self-reporting and they're going to accuse me. I told everyone what happened before I get accused, only to realize that lime was still alive?

Turns out, green died. I was confused, but still, white reported the body, and they were near us. I apologized and started to ask questions. However, none of the players …

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Amelia GamePlayz Amelia GamePlayz 16 hours ago

Detective (Fan role)

Detectives are one of the three possible randomly assigned roles in Among Us. Their goal is to scan the map and search for any suspicious activity, hence voting out the Impostor, just like the other Crewmates. Detectives have more abilities, however, which helps catch the Impostor more quickly.

The primary goal of the Detective(s) is to vote out The Impostor(s) before they kill enough Crewmates to win.

Unlike normal Crewmates, they do not have tasks to complete. Detectives also have the ability to resolve sabotage more quickly, vent, and access the Player Activity map. However, Impostors can still kill Detectives and Detectives cannot revive themselves, vent, resolve sabotages, or vote when dead, just like Crewmates' ghosts.

Detectives also hav…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 20 hours ago

Ivan's Wrath - Chapter 1

Volcano - now PMG's POV:

Stuck on Polus, everyone, including I am running from Ivan, the king of the impostors. We're running for our lives. There were no impostors. The impostors teamed up with Ivan to kill us all. We're not playing the game even though we are in Among Us. When people die, they're gone. Just gone.

"We need a way to get away! I think I have an idea."

Demagouge: "Make this quick. What?"

"Go to the drill area. That's where my idea takes place."

In the drill area of the laboratory.

"I'll throw the drill at Ivan to disorient him."

BloodyKnee's POV

I don't know what he was trying to do. Is this really going to work?

PMG: "Agh!" (He throws the drill)

Impostor: What the-

The drill just rammed into the impostor. At least it killed him.

PMG: "…

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Professional noob guy Professional noob guy 2 days ago

NEW ROLO! (Lets see how epicly I fail)

The Bodyguard:

The rolo only goes to 1 person and you can only get it if there are 8 or more players with 1 impostors.

Everyone knows who the bodyguard is with the blue name.

When crewmates do task they will give the bodyguard new strengths and weaknesses. Be careful though as the impostor will also be more powerful.

For every 3 task done by anyone the bodyguard will get to choose new strength and weakness.

the default/LvL1 strength and weakness are: can see how much time is left on Kill and sabatosh cooldown, impostor can look at map to see where they are.

LvL2 If impostor try to kill the first time there cooldown will be rest, but they will have there movement speed halved or if imp try to kill someone he can see, the imp will be paralyzed wit…

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SRD11997y SRD11997y 6 days ago

Among Us tips in MIRA HQ

I think that many of you don't usually play on MIRA HQ, but for me, always! This is how really the game works!

  1. In Hallway, there are three exits. Make sure you decided which exit you want to go, otherwise you could become suspicious as it isn't seen in the Doorlog.
  1. Vents are connected everywhere. You can go to everywhere but you need to be aware of the Doorlog as someone may notice you venting.
  1. There is no Door Sabotage on MIRA HQ. Never try to close a door and kill someone/vent.

  1. Do tasks in Launchpad first. This would let you seem less suspicious as you do not need to go back to Launchpad to complete a task where Impostors most likely vent there.
  1. Do Submit Scan at the start of the game. Be the first one to go to MedBay and start the task. When…

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VadesNYC VadesNYC 6 days ago

Role Ideas

Some of these might be commonly said. My idea is that the host has a checkbox for each of these roles, that he/she could check whichever roles he/she wants in their game. (Unlike x number of different modes that each had preset roles). The maximum amount of roles is the amount of people in your game.


Crewmate side

Can revive bodies. Revived bodies can only talk in ghost chat.

HACKER(impostor) -

Impostor side

Has access to cams, vitals, admin table, etc

Can undo a Crewmate task once every 20 seconds.

HACKER(Crew) -

Crewmate side

Has access to cams, vitals, etc

Has the ability once a game to, on the map, reveal what room an impostor is in.


Crewmate side

Has the ability to look at old cam footage back one minute when at cams.

Have a list…

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DkBer DkBer 12 days ago

DkBer's Among Us “tHeOrY”

NOTICE: This theory will not contain anything about The Airship nor it will about the announcement trailer.

This is a theory for the game Among Us. No, it is not one of those one-line theories, don’t worry. It will be longer than the longest book you have ever read.

Okay, maybe not really.

  • 1 Premise
  • 2 Setting
  • 3 Crewmates
    • 3.1 Anatomy
      • 3.1.1 Humans?
      • 3.1.2 Ah yes, the famous suits
      • 3.1.3 Food
      • 3.1.4 Digestion
      • 3.1.5 Why can’t they vent already? Those vents need to be cleaned.
      • 3.1.6 Strength and grouping
    • 3.2 Contact with the Earth
      • 3.2.1 The language, yes.
    • 3.3 Personality
  • 4 Impostors
    • 4.1 Anatomy
      • 4.1.1 Shiny teeth, right? I use toothpastor 2.0.
      • 4.1.2 Sabotages: do they die or do they not?
      • 4.1.3 Strength
    • 4.2 Personality
      • 4.2.1 Motive
  • 5 Specific maps
    • 5.1 The Skeld
    • 5.2 MIRA HQ
    • 5.3 Polus base
    • 5.4 Planet po…

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Amelia GamePlayz Amelia GamePlayz 13 days ago

Among Us Tips

Hello guys! Amelia here, and it's my first blog post! No, I didn't write this to get the badge. It's to share my best strategies and tips in Among Us with you all! You might already know some of them, and a few of them certainly have flaws. But some of these tips can certainly come in handy one day!

  1. Always stick close to 2 people. That way, when the game only has 4 or less players, you know who to vote for.
  2. Finish your tasks! Even if the impostor(s) are trying their best to sabotage or kill the Crew, they can't delete tasks! Also, a word of advice: finish your tasks QUICKLY. you'll see why.
  3. After you finish your tasks, do some investigation. Remember, the impostor won't stand at the same spot and kill in front of other people on purpose.
    1. You c…

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Et18 Et18 13 days ago

The MIRA Handbook 1.3

Chapter 1

1.3- First Days

You might wonder what you will do once you first enter MIRA. You will take a blood test which has a ninety five percent accuracy rate. This test is meant to verify your status, however this blood test is not enough, yet it yields results very fast, in about two weeks. So your first two weeks will be spent inside your new home, a pod, and you will only have access to the cafeteria. Crewmates will welcome you to the crew!

After your verification results come in and you were confirmed crewmate, you will be given your I.D. card, a spacesuit with a color of your choice, a personal map, and a tablet with the ability to access daily tasks(we will talk about that in the next chapter!).

You will most likely come to MIRA around…

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Queen Dusk Queen Dusk 14 days ago

My Comic thingy - I'll change the title later

And I just realised I can't change the title anyway so I'm stuck with this name unless I ask someone who can to change it.

This is just a post for my ongoing comic! I may update every now and then with new slides (or whatever they're called - pages I think). But for the while, enjoy what's on this blog! The drawings and story took me quite a while and I'm quite proud of what is here.

The main character is called Winger - who is black with ram horns.


(I think I should stick this warning here just in case anybody finds what happens below triggering - but idk as I'm out of perspective with blood and gore and stuff like that. So I'm putting it here anyway.)



WIP }}

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Et18 Et18 16 days ago

The MIRA Handbook 1.2

Chapter 1.

1.2- Safety

You might have heard of aliens attacking our ships, nicknames by the crew as ‘impostors’. They are parasitic aliens who first attacked on our crew when an early version of The Skeld crashed onto Dystopia. The world, however, was far away from a dystopian world. They were treated everyday as royalty, so naturally they respected the species. After their trip, they returned to MIRA. Everybody noticed something was weird about them. Eventually, they grew long tongues and spiked teeth. Other symptoms include aggression, attraction to knives and guns, extreme intelligence, extreme strength, and the most shocking, the need to kill.

To prevent these aliens from attacking our ships, you need to be vigilant and look out for suspi…

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Cloudydays6 Cloudydays6 17 days ago

Impostor of The Skeld S1 Chapter 1

My stomach churned inside my cyan space suit as I stepped onto The Skeld. I'd never thought I'd be doing this.

"Hello, and welcome!" White shouted from across the cafeteria. "You're just in time, the doors will open in a few minutes."

I looked around and realized the doors of the cafeteria were closed.

"Hey, cyan. I hear you're new, correct?" Yellow said to me.

"Y- ye- yes." I stammered. What if yellow was an impostor? I backed away.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. We don't know our roles yet, silly!" Yellow said.

"Oh, ok." I let out a sigh of relief.

"Do you want to do tasks together? I can show you around."

"Sure, just don't kill me." I answered.

Suddenly I see the metal cafeteria doors open. "We have to go grab our backpacks."

There were…

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Thundercat3 Thundercat3 17 days ago

My Developed Role Ideas

So I've shared what I think new roles should be like, how I think other roles could be added, but I haven't ever shared the exact roles that I have come up with, the good ideas that are fully sculpted. So that's what I'm going to do. The list contains 4 roles, and the number isn't increasing any time soon, because I put effort into these. Please, give this post a chance.

My list wouldn't be a list without the iconic Jester. There are various concepts of it, and here's mine.

Get voted out.

Typically has more vision than Crewmates but less than Impostors, less affected by Fix Lights than Crewmates.
When Impostors attempt to kill The Jester, it will fail and the kill cooldown will go to 10s. Nothing will alert The Jester …

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Et18 Et18 18 days ago

The MIRA Handbook

Basically a handbook for MIRA interns~

Chapter 1.

1.1- How To Get Into MIRA

To get into MIRA, you will have to do a test to show your intellectual skills, your physical skills, and your skills during an emergency. We hope you enjoy your internship!

The intellectual test consists of three parts. There is a math section, a science section, a vocabulary section, the essay section, and the history section. The overall score is calculated at a maximum 1600 points. This section is used the most along with interviews to determine who to accept.

The physical test consists of staying in harsh conditions that you might go to as a MIRA intern. Examples include surviving the cold, bearing with hot weather, and learning to survive on a different planet base…

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Mugman2000 Mugman2000 19 days ago

More .exe's in Customize

It would be cool if "BecomeGhost.exe" made your character into a ghost(Impostor Ghosts included), and "CrewmatesVent.exe" or "CrewmatesSabotage.exe" and "ImpostorsDoTasks.exe" existed.

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Mugman2000 Mugman2000 20 days ago

Cool glitch that doesn't exist

It would be cool if there was a glitch on Polus where after an impostor closed a door, the cooldown would start after the door closes, instead of when it opens.

I see 3 possibilities after the cooldown ends and the impostor sabotages the same door without it having been the opened: 1, the game crashes, 2, a player would have to open the door twice, or 3, the door opens.

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Marie816 Marie816 21 days ago

an among us love Story

Hi, I'm cyan and I'm an alien impostor. But don’t tell the crew of this ship that I'm on, okay? That would ruin the entire thing. Just watch how this story plays out.

Anyway, I was in the cafeteria at the start of this journey. Everyone else was standing around, uncertain what to do.

“Well,” decided red, “I’ll go swipe my card.”

Common task, I thought. Wait, is fix wiring also on the list?

“Okay. I’ll go fix wiring,” said purple. I jot that down on my notepad- swipe card and fix wiring- assigned to everyone. Make sure to fake them.

I waited until orange was alone, fixing wiring in cafeteria. Then I killed him and hopped in the vent. I vented into admin, hopped out, and sabotaged communications before blue could call an emergency meeting.

“WTF ju…

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Helenaandjames Helenaandjames 21 days ago

A Few Things...

Hey everyone! I just wanted to talk about a few things in a blog post today:

  • Thanks so much for the love and support from all of you! All of your kind words have been much appreciated. I will work as hard as I can as a content moderator here on the wiki.
  • Check out Thundercat's amazing story! I've been invested in it for a long time now. You can get started with it here.
  • If you've ever wondered what I like to edit, I enjoy adding images that should be on the wiki, taking screenshots from Among Us, creating consistency between pages of the same type, such as the color pages, reverting poor quality edits, and contributing to the style and layout of pages.
    • To find good edits to make, I often go to the page for recent changes or use the Random page
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Checkmqte Checkmqte 21 days ago

Detective Moment

A while ago, I had my best detective moment during a game of Among Us.

I was playing on the map Polus, and I was a Crewmate. The first few minutes of the game went by nicely. Noone died, until I checked vitals to see that brown is dead. I rushed to Admin to find out the location of brown's dead body. Someone was in Laboratory, 3 players were in O2, and 2 players were in Electrical.

I couldn't find anything suspiscious, so I started to search for the body. That's when I saw purple coming out of Admin. Just then, a body was reported. Pink had also died. Orange explained where the body was and who was there. Then, it was my turn to start asking.

"Who was in Laboratory?"

Noone answered, and they continued on talking. I asked again,

"Listen to me, w…

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Thundercat3 Thundercat3 21 days ago

For the Ones that are Left ~ Part 3: The Battle of Polus ~ Chapter 22

Cameron and Rose reached the front of the ship, breathing heavily in their spacesuits.

“Alright. How are we going to mess this up?” Rose asked.

“Freeze!” one of the creatures shouted from the other doorway.

“How about you do instead,” Rose said, shooting the creature in its middle eye. It screeched and flopped onto the floor, purplish-red blood spilling on the floor.

“That is a very weird color,” Cameron commented, looking at the body.

“Come on, let’s focus.”

“Right,” Cameron said, turning to all the buttons, “sorry.”

They both looked over the buttons and slowly came to a realization. “Tasks!” Rose exclaimed.

And with that in mind, they could mess up every single thing there. The only difference between these and the tasks back on the Skeld and HQ …

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 22 days ago

Among Us: Book 5-Storyline

Volcano's stuck to a chair in a meeting.

Volcano: Please! Let me go! I can tell you my story of what happened!

YEET: I can already prove he's not the impostor since I saw him submit scan!

Volcano: Just get me off this chair!

Duplicator: Go on.

Volcano: So it all started out like this.

Start of Flashback

Crewmates: Volcano, YEET, BloodyKnee, Demagouge, Child, Sheriff, Gentleman, Veteran

Impostors: Duplicator, Angel

Veteran: Everyone scatter!

Volcano: Oh, it's Polus again.

YEET: Yay.

Volcano: Fix Weather Node. Okay.YEET: It didn't take long.

Volcano: It took me 3 minutes.

BloodyKnee: But still, it isn't much.

Volcano: Submit Scan.

YEET: Yay. We can prove that you're a crewmate now.

Volcano (while he's scanning, he finds Gentleman and Demagouge dead next to Y…

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LaylaPuffballGames243 LaylaPuffballGames243 23 days ago

Hey everyone!

I am going to tell you something. I feel like new role suggestions are overrated. It's kind of annoying that you are always posting "role ideas." Not trying to hurt your feelings in any way, but I kinda find it a little annoying. Besides, you don't decide. The devs do. It is fine if you wanna think of new roles. It's fine if you post the ideas, just keep it to a minimum. I find it a little annoying.

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 24 days ago

Among Us: Book 4-Storyline

Veteran: Alright. If you don't want 3 impostors, then I'll just change it to 2 impostors. Are you happy now?

Veteran: I get it. The impostors win easily. Considering the fact our last 3 impostors were super good.

Volcano (Sarcastically): Oh, yay. There are now 2 impostors.

YEET (Again, sarcastically): Wow, it'll be easier for the crew now.

BloodyKnee (Again, AGAIN sarcastically): Yay, it will be easier for the impostors.

Duplicator: Guys, I know you're being sarcastic. You three are the only people who are happy with 3 impostors.

Child: Yeah. Is it just because you're so good at Among Us when we didn't realize it?

Volcano: No. Why are you asking me this? Also, YEET and BloodyKnee are better than me.

BloodyKnee: Um, you're about as good as us.


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Stuff you should know when I was written "Life in Among Us"

I don't know when I start writing this, like when did I suddenly decided to do so, but it was doing great, lots of people supports me, thank you very much!

I have written everything on my own, with no help from anyone. And I am have ideas for Season 3 (aka, the 3rd round of game) already but I haven't write it down in words yet.

I started to play Among us a few mouth ago, and I loved it. It was amazing, then I wondered: "Why can't I write a story that is related to Among Us?" And I found this wiki, with tons of story. Although all of them are great, I starts to feel all of them is missing something. That's when this idea popped up. English is my 2nd language. (I'd like to keep my first language a secret). So it can be a little hard for me. B…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 27 days ago

Among Us: Book 3-Storyline

Volcano: Wow. So this is what it's like winning?

YEET: Yeah. Considering the fact I've played Among Us longer than you, I know it's nice to win.

BloodyKnee: We found each other playing and then we found you.

Volcano: Yeah.

Veteran: Alright guys. I have an important announcement to make!

YEET: Go on.

Veteran: Today, I know it might sound crazy, since Volcano's new-

Volcano: I'm not new. I played in many other lobbies and then joined this one.

Veteran: Nevermind. So I know it might sound crazy, but today, we are going to have 3 impostors.

Everyone but Volcano, YEET, and BloodyKnee: WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY????!!!!

Veteran: Please guys. I wanted to know what it would really be like with 3 impostors.

Demagouge: Fine

Game starting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Impostors: Vo…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 28 days ago

Among Us: Book 2-Storyline

Player, now Volcano spawns in the same lobby

Volcano: How do you like my new name and knight helmet?

Gentleman: I have to say, it is very nice.

Volcano: Thanks. Say, could you please ask whoever the host is to kick someone, because 2 friends on Discord are about to join.

2 minutes later

YEET spawns in the lobby

YEET: Hello.

BloodyKnee joins the lobby

BloodyKnee: Hey Prod.

Gentleman: Who's Prod?

BloodyKnee: Volcano's name in the Run wiki.

Gentleman: And what is Run wiki? I only know Among Us wiki.

BloodyKnee: Run wiki is another wiki about another game in space.

Gentleman: I see.

Volcano: True. We're three are in Run wiki, and YEET, and I are in Among Us wiki, but not BloodyKnee.

Game starting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Crewmates: Volcano, YEET, BloodyKnee, Angel, …

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 27 January

Among Us: Book 1-Storyline

Player Spawns in a lobby

Player: Why am I in a different lobby than in my friends?

???: I don't know, but welcome!

Player: Oh, hello there.

Gentleman: Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Gentleman!

Player: Well, nice to meet you then.

Gentleman: And you must be Player.

Gentleman: A one-of-a-kind classic name.

Player: Actually, my name is-

Gentleman: Bap bap bap! We can just call you Player, okay?

Player: Note to self: Never forget to change your name in the game menus.

Player: So, could you please introduce me to the other guys in this lobby?

Gentleman: Of course!

Gentleman: (Points to a yellow crewmate with a halo) That over there is Angel. She's one of my counterparts, and a perfect role model for about any crewmate!

Gentleman: (Points to a green c…

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Marie816 Marie816 26 January

There Is An Impostor Among Us (sorry, couldn't think of a good title)

I walked into o2 and saw- MYSELF!? There was the flower, yellow suit, dog pet- only one thing. I am me! Not her! She looked right at me and zapped my mind. The next thing I knew, I was hungry. Ravenous. And only one thing would do- blood and bones.

I took a deep breath. “So, red,” I said casually. “What tasks do you have?”

“Swipe card in admin, download data in navigation; then upload it in admin, fuel engines in storage; upper; and lower engines, submit scan in MedBay, and clear asteroids in weapons.”

I was taking notes on my notepad. “Cool. I have to calibrate distributors in electrical, swipe card in admin, download data in cafeteria; then upload in admin, test samples in MedBay, and chart course in navigation.”

“Cool. See you later.” Red w…

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ProdigyMathGod ProdigyMathGod 25 January

Dead Body Reported

Me: Kills Cyan in navigation and vents

Crewmate: Dead Body Reported

Crewmate: Red

Me: How

Crewmate: You weren't around which means you vented


Crewmate: Vote Red


Volcano was The Impostor

0 Impostors remain


But then I actually won as the only impostor after the first got voted out! Yay!

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A happy gifted baby bee A happy gifted baby bee 24 January


  • 1 MIRA. Chapter I: Cyan POV
  • 2 MIRA. Chapter II: PURPLE POV
  • 3 MIRA. Chapter III: Red POV
  • 4 MIRA. chapter iiiv: Purple POV.

They started in the Cafeteria

Mmm. hungry....

You walk to the admin. you fake your task. You enter office.


Purple: I'm coming to fix them!


You hear the screams of purple as you gleefully rip her head off.

You run to the vent as you see red stumble in and try to navigate. you morph to the shape of the vent, and fall in.


Red: W-what was that?..... It's probably nothing. I'll just fix the lights......

You hear red's terrified scream as you run from lab. Red reports the body, and you all walk to the cafeteria. Red has started to stutter in fear and pain, as Purple was his cousin.

Blue: What happened …

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TheHackerCat TheHackerCat 22 January

New Role Concepts Yay

  • 1 Jester
    • 1.1 Goals
    • 1.2 Chances of being the Jester
    • 1.3 Ejection animations
    • 1.4 Abilities
      • 1.4.1 Use
      • 1.4.2 Report
      • 1.4.3 Jest
    • 1.5 Strategies
  • 2 Kidnapper
    • 2.1 Goals
    • 2.2 Chances of being the kidnapper
    • 2.3 ejection animations
    • 2.4 Abilities
      • 2.4.1 Use
      • 2.4.2 Report
      • 2.4.3 Kill
      • 2.4.4 Drag
      • 2.4.5 Sabotage
    • 2.5 Strategies
  • 3 Shapeshifter
    • 3.1 Goals
    • 3.2 Chances of being the Shapeshifter
    • 3.3 Ejection animations
    • 3.4 Abilities
      • 3.4.1 Use
      • 3.4.2 Report
      • 3.4.3 Kill
      • 3.4.4 Shift
  • 4 Hacker
  • 5 Bodyguard
  • 6 Assassin
    • 6.1 Goals
    • 6.2 Chances of being an assassin
    • 6.3 Ejection animations
    • 6.4 Abilities
      • 6.4.1 use

The Jester's goal is to be voted out.

They have to trick the crew into suspecting them.

If the crew or Impostors win, The Jester loses.

You have a one in however many players the game has to be The Jester.

There can only be one Jester per game.

When …

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TheHackerCat TheHackerCat 22 January

Oceanus Research Station (Map)

  • Underwater domes.
  • New room (Caves)
  • Two new tasks (So far)
  • New reactor sabotage

Gather Specimens

Fix Drill

Empty Chute (Second stage)

Record Temperature

Fix Wiring

Store Artifacts

Submit Scan

Divert Power (Second stage)

Inspect Sample

Assemble Artifact

Divert Power (Second stage)

Fix Wiring

Record Temperature

Sort Samples

Divert Power (Second stage)

Download Data

Buy Beverage

Empty Garbage

Fix Wiring

Download Data


Clean O2 Filter

Empty Garbage

Fill Canisters

Download Data

Clear Asteroids

Divert Power (Second stage)

Prime Shields


Divert Power

Fix Wiring

Calibrate Distributor

Download Data

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9spark9 9spark9 21 January

New Ideas for Among Us!

There are some new ideas I would really like to show you and Innersloth! It might not be on The Airship because the map is just getting released. This includes 4 new tasks, new rooms, and a new map called The Airport (for 2022)!

  • 1 Tasks
  • 2 The Airport
    • 2.1 Features
  • 3 Tasks
  • 4 Rooms
  • 5 Modes
    • 5.1 Default
    • 5.2 hide and seek
    • 5.3 Reversed
    • 5.4 Fill The taskbar

There should be 4 new tasks. One of the tasks is a visual task called Clean Air Vents, a short and visual task available on all maps. It has a single stage. When being performed, you will see the vent open, but the crewmate doesn't enter it. You have to clear the dirt from the vent. It is located in every vent in every map. The next task is called Fix Computers, a long task in MIRA HQ and The Skeld in Communication…

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Livonian Knight Livonian Knight 14 January

Fun facts

Did you know that: The Skeld was released first on Among Us, being released in 15, June, 2018 for free. It would also be the only free to play map until 8, August, 2019. Then, it would follow with Polus being made F2P on 12, November, 2019, and Innersloth seems to have a 4th map coming called The Airship. I don't know anything other then it's slated to come before May, but that's a possiblity.

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Myths To Try

I have a few myths I want to test. I would also like your help testing them! Test some of them, them reply to this blog post and say if they worked or didn't. Her's the list.

  1. Can you quickly swipe the card in the Swipe Card task back and forth quickly and get a complete task?
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AnonymousStickMan10 AnonymousStickMan10 11 January

Why MIRA HQ is a airship

Most people say MIRA HQ is a skyscraper. You're wrong. Even the beta launch trailer showed it, it said

Welcome to MIRA, not Welcome to MIRA HQ so you arrived at MIRA and flew out inside MIRA HQ. The other hint is when you get ejected you will fall and see no walls, and in the beta launch trailer showed that the walls were black. I will also see the air on the glass floors, there is no "Other floor below" and the floor connects to grass, it doesn't float. That is why MIRA HQ is an airship. So can't be "another airship" for map #4.

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Livonian Knight Livonian Knight 10 January

Among Us Stories

So, I play Among Us, like the rest of you, Obviously. And my playtime of Among Us is- well...Interesting. I've had my fair share of hackers. So. Discord Cheaters. You're here for that. Well...It's funny. I once killed one person in a discord call with two others, you know how it goes. Except, i don't get voted off. I get both of those two voted off. And then i go on to win. Lesson of the story? Don't cheat or i'll vote you off.

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Zyairedarroux Zyairedarroux 10 January

Breaking News!

Breaking News From Among Us News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS MORE MURDERS AND I MEAN A LOT BUT HOW WILL WE GET IT SHOLVE? Mr Cheese is standing by to tell us. Mr Cheese take it away. Thank you captain and this news IS VERY BIG JUST IN FROM THE SKELD! We Have 50 murders on the skeld in 1 day. we are asking for all of among us vill to not go on the skeld. we have Poilce person Mr Monopoly right by me, Mr Monopoly how are your team gonna get this done? Umm Mr Cheese that is hard but we will have people that was on the skeld and it will help us and might find the killer. Ok That is your aswner Captain do the rest of the talking. Ok that is the big news of today let get to some normal news. ( TO BE COUTINING AND ALSO SORRY …

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NinjagoForceYT NinjagoForceYT 8 January

Among Us: A Netflix Original Series

Among Us : A Netflix Original Series

A Live Action Netflix Original Series Coming 2023

Cast (Season One): Dan (Blue)- Dave Franco

Cassie (Pink)- Billie Lourd

Scott (Red)- K.J. Apa

Drake (Green)- Tom Holland

Barry (Yellow)- Daniel Radcliffe

Carry (Orange)- Emma Stone

Sawyer (Cyan)- Adam Sandler

Kal (Brown)- Paul Rudd

JJ (Lime)- Michael B. Jordan

Nav Pilot 1- TBD

Nav Pilot 2- TBD

Nav Pilot 3- TBD


Season 1-The Skield 10 EPISODES

  1. Takeoff The Skield is launched into space without any casualties for the first time and the crew begin to do their tasks to keep the ship in space
  2. Trust Just 2 days after the takeoff, the crew suffers from the loss of Carry. Arguments spark across the crew, causin…

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FreshPancakez FreshPancakez 6 January

I’m making an unofficial, official, comic for this wiki!

It’ll feature some of the most well known users. I’ll make one comic a day, with the exception of this week because I’m making the first 7 comics. 2 comics are already up. Hope you enjoy! Stay fresh.

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OnyxtheKittypet OnyxtheKittypet 6 January

Current Events

Hello, Among Us Wiki admins. This blog post was created to try to tell you in the politest way possible about how I felt about the current events of this wiki, so please hear me out. First, I would like to acknowledge the fact that I have not experienced anything first hand so my points won’t be completely correct. So, the whole banning roleplays situation, what was that all about? I mean, I understand you’re upset by the way users aren’t doing among us rps which ruins the point of the wiki but why stop all for a whole 2 weeks, wouldn’t that be punishing those who did follow the rules alongside those who didn’t? And I’m confused about this, what did Yeetyeetimapro do to get a demotion, and as far as I’ve heard of she didn’t get a warning a…

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Chxractxr Chxractxr 5 January

- ' Written Present ' -

What is friendship?

Is friendship the mutual trust between one another? Between human and human, person and person?

The mutual alliance, and the pledge, that one will not betray the other?

Is friendship a support?

Someone to stand by your side even if you`re in the wrong? Someone to defend you when you need it most?

Someone to say " Hey, you`re doing a good job! "

Or is friendship a tool?

Is friendship and alibi to prove your innocence and to mask your sin?

Is friendship something to throw away and to litter the world with the remaining ache of the heart, the last remnant of something good?

Can you make a friend?

Can you trust a friend?

Can you betray your friends?

. . .

Are you my friend?




I T…

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Hunter0073012 Hunter0073012 4 January

Which is better: MIRA HQ or Polus

This post is to debate which map is better: MIRA HQ or Polus? Post a comment giving your opinion!

So, I could have done which the better map is of the three, but I think that when it comes to the best map, The Skeld is simply out of the game. It is a small, very limited map, with only 14 rooms and lacking vent connections. You can only vent from one room to a neighbouring one, which means as an impostor you can never get a secure alibi, often ending up getting seen running away from the direction of a later reported body. The one major advantage for the impostors on The Skeld is electrical. It is a major deathtrap, and most that come in, do not come out... Yet, every map has it's own deathtrap area whether it's decontamination, o2, lab or s…

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DecadeHansen DecadeHansen 4 January

Among Us: Battle of the Skeld - Episode I

  • 1 Story
    • 1.1 Current status
  • 2 The Battle Continues...
    • 2.1 Current status
  • 3 The Battle Continues...
    • 3.1 Current status
  • 4 The Battle Continues...
    • 4.1 Final status
  • 5 The Aftermath
  • 6 Summary


  • Red (Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber)
  • Blue (Rintaro Shindo/Kamen Rider Blades)
  • Yellow (Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada)
  • Black (Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster)
  • Green (Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan)
  • Purple (Daichi Kamijo/Kamen Rider Calibur)
  • Pink (Tetsuo Daishinji/Kamen Rider Slash)
  • White (Yuri/Kamen Rider Saikou)
  • Orange (Bacht/Kamen Rider Falchion)

It's a game of Among Us with the residents of Wonder World in The Skeld. However, the catch is that there are three traitors/Impostors among the swordsmen/Crewmates, and we don't know who. The game starts with Touma moving to th…

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XxLimeLimexX XxLimeLimexX 3 January

MIRA HQ Chapter 1

Today is my first day working for MIRA. My stomach churned as I entered the launchpad. I have heard that there are Impostors who work against MIRA on these Headquarters, and that they will kill.

I observe the four workers here. Cyan, White, Green, and Purple.

“Welcome.” Cyan says to me.

“Hello.” I tell them. “This is my first day here at MIRA.”

“Choose a color.” Cyan tells me, as they hand me a laptop. I choose Blue.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the Launchpad has filled up with 8 workers including myself.

“Looks like everyone is here.” Cyan announces. “I suppose we should get started with today’s Tasks.”

“Tasks?” I echo.

“Yes, Tasks.” Black says to me. “Look in your backpack, there should be a list there.”

I open my backpack. There’s quite …

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Nightlightdream Nightlightdream 2 January

Fanfiction 1: Part 1

Black: So, where did you find the body?

Cyan: I.. *wheeze* found... *wheeze* it in.. *wheeze* the Office, buried.. *wheeze* under a pile of junk.

Orange: Hey, Cyan, are you okay?

Cyan: Just fine.

Brown: I guess it could've been an asteroid?

Yellow: Brown, if it were an asteroid, we would've heard it.

Green: Maybe Pink was stressed, made the mess, slept in there, and suffocated?

Cyan: Green, there was blood on the floor.

Purple: All I did was water the plants!

Cyan: Yeah, I saw Purple watering the plants. But, Green was in Admin, and Purple was in the Greenhouse. Those rooms are close to the Office.

Purple & Green: I didn't kill Pink!

Cyan: So, we're not sure. Let's not do anything harmful to our Crewmates.

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Nightlightdream Nightlightdream 2 January

The Whole Story So Far

It was a nice, sunny day as Cyan entered MIRA HQ. Red emptying trash, yellow starting the reactor, green entering his ID code, and purple watering the plants... It was a perfect day!

But something happened as Cyan entered the Office:

Cyan: Hmm. Something is wrong here. Why is this not clean, neat, and organized as usual?

Cyan: And not to mention that Pink's not here...

Cyan digged through the pile of junk.

There, he found...

Pink's dead body.

Cyan ran to the Cafeteria to report the body, there were a few obstacles to dodge, but at last he slammed the “Emergency Meeting” button.

Black: So, where did you find the body?

Cyan: I.. *wheeze* found... *wheeze* it in.. *wheeze* the Office, buried.. *wheeze* under a pile of junk.

Orange: Hey, Cyan, are you o…

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Nightlightdream Nightlightdream 31 December 2020

Fanfiction 1: Prolouge

It was a nice, sunny day as Cyan entered MIRA HQ. Red emptying trash, yellow starting the reactor, green entering his ID code, and purple watering the plants... It was a perfect day!

But something happened as Cyan entered the Office:

Cyan: Hmm. Something is wrong here. Why is this not clean, neat, and organized as usual?

Cyan: And not to mention that Pink's not here...

Cyan digged through the pile of junk.

There, he found...

Pink's dead body.

Part 1 coming tommorow!

(I'm also gonna post this in Discussions.)

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Thundercat3 Thundercat3 31 December 2020

For the Ones that are Left ~ Part 3: The Battle of Polus ~ Chapter 21

They pulled up next to the miles-long ship, quiet as a cat burglar in the vacuum of space.

“Okay,” Skylar said, “How are we going to get inside without being seen? Or are we going to try and enter by force?”

“Force,” Rose said, “There’s no way to get in besides the dock, and we’ll have no choice but to reveal ourselves that way.”

The ship inched forward at a measly 30mph, getting closer and closer to the dock.

Right when they were about to get to it, Query slowed the ship way down and said, “Okay. Remember, the plan is get in, find the steering, take care of the Impostors near it, mess up the steering, and get the heck out.

“What if they destroy our ship?” Cameron asked.

Query said, “I hate to say goodbye to this old thing, but we have no choice…

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Redoct878 Redoct878 28 December 2020

Every Process Data File


    • 1internet_growth.dat
    • amongis_data.jpg
    • amongis_growth.jpg
    • amongis_investigation.file
    • cake_finances.djpg
    • cake_report.mira
    • cake_report.png
    • cake_results.dat
    • danger_investigation.doc
    • danger_finances.doof
    • dirt_growth.doc
    • dirt_report.file
    • file.txt
    • happy_birthday_finances.dat
    • happy_birthday_finances.tiff
    • happy_birthday_investigation.png
    • happy_birthday_srsbiz.dat *
    • important_data.png
    • important_finances.dat
    • important_srsbiz.txt
    • lifeform_report.csv
    • minerals_data.mira
    • rock_report.csv
    • specimen_report.file
    • specimen_srsbiz.csv
    • wut_results.txt
    • wut_srsbiz.raw
    • wut_srsbiz.txt

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