Brig (also referred to as Cells on the Gap Room signs) is a location in Among Us on The Airship. It is one of the six locations players can spawn after an emergency meeting.


Brig is a small, rectangular room with three cell doors that cannot be opened. To the left is Vault, to the right is Gap Room, and at the bottom is a hallway which leads to Engine Room. The lower hallway also contains an Upload Data panel, the only task in Brig.


The Airship

Name Stages Task Type
Upload Data 1 of 2 Long


  • The wizard hat in front of the leftmost cell door is a reference to the one Henry Stickmin can use in Infiltrating the Airship. It also appears as a hat in the game.
  • The cell doors are labeled J11, J12, and J13.
  • The Upload Data panel is still considered to be in Brig, despite the hallway being a part of Engine Room.


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