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Buy Beverage is a short task in Among Us, featured on MIRA HQ.


To complete this task, Crewmates must order an item from a vending machine using the keypad to select the right item. The item required for the task is shown on a piece of paper located under the keypad. Like a typical vending machine, each item has a unique code - in this case, it consists of a letter followed by a number (Example: B2). The Crewmate needs to enter the correct corresponding code and press the green checkmark button to complete the task. When pressing, the display will show VENDING. If the Crewmate dispenses an incorrect item, the vending machine will dispense the item out, allowing them to enter the right code again. If they enter a code that does not exist (Example: BB), or that code does not contain an item, the display will show "XXXXXXXX" and will let them enter a code again.


  • The possible drinks assigned to the player for completing the task include an NRG drink, a peach drink in a carton, a yellow liquid in a potion bottle, a Don Dew, a C. Sir coffee drink, and a box of almond milk.
  • One of the drinks included in the task is the NRG drink, which is part of another franchise from the game's creators: The Henry Stickmin Collection.
  • The "Don Dew" drink could be a parody of a real-world beverage named Mountain Dew, with the same-shaped bottle and color scheme. This fictional drink could also reference Henry Stickmin, as this drink's brand appeared in Fleeing the Complex.
  • The "C. Sir" coffee drink has a circular picture of a green Crewmate on it. This could be a reference to Starbucks's green mermaid logo.



The sound played during the task.
The sound played when the button is pressed.
The sound played when the beverage machine has an error.
The sound played when the beverage machine opens.
The sound played when the beverage shakes before being released from the machine.
The sound played when the beverage lands from the machine.