Calibrate Distributor is a short task in Among Us, completed in Electrical on The Skeld and the upcoming map, The Airship.[1]


Calibrate Distributor is based on timing. A node rotates counter-clockwise around a ring. When it reaches its rightmost point, the player must tap or click the button under the bar, advancing to the next. There are three nodes in total, and if a mistake is made, the player must restart from the first and directions that the nodes face will change.


  • During each complete revolution of a node, it will rotate slower and slower. This may help more inexperienced Crewmates complete the task more easily.


Description Audio
The sound that plays once the Crewmate successfully times the press of the button with the ring.
The sound that plays upon timing the press of the button wrong.
The sound played while the rings are spinning.


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