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This article is for the location on The Airship.
For the location that serves a similar purpose on The Skeld, MIRA HQ and Polus, see Storage.

Cargo Bay is a location in Among Us on The Airship. It is one of the six locations that players can spawn after an emergency meeting.


Cargo Bay is a large room located on the far-right side of the map. There are three exits: the top exit leading to Lounge, the bottom leading to Medical, and the left leading to the right side of Ventilation. Near the right exit is a vent and a security camera, and near the top exit are panels for Upload Data and Fix Wiring as well as another panel for Fix Lights. Near the top-right is a fuel tank for Fuel Engines, and near the bottom-right is the safe used for Unlock Safe.


The Airship

Name Stages Type
Fix Wiring 2-3 of 3 Common
Fuel Engines 1 of 2 Long
Unlock Safe 1 of 1 Long
Download Data 1 of 2 Short and long



There is a vent in Cargo Bay, which connects with the vents in Records and Showers.



The sound played when selecting the icon for Cargo Bay after an emergency meeting.