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Christmas is a real-life holiday celebrated within Among Us every December. During Christmas, players can acquire a set of unique hats.[1]


The banner used in the shop for the bundle.

During Christmas, a special bundle of eight Christmas-themed hats is available for free on PC, while it has to be purchased on mobile platforms for US$2.99. This is unlike the Halloween hats, in which case, all platforms receive the exclusive hats for free.

Name Hat ID Image
Snowman hat 20 Snowman hat.png
Antlers 21 Antlers.png
Christmas lights hat 22 Christmas lights hat.png
Santa hat 23 Santa hat.png
Christmas tree hat 24 Christmas tree hat.png
Present hat 25 Present hat.png
Candy canes hat 26 Candy canes hat.png
Elf hat 27 Elf hat.png


  • During Christmas 2018, Among Us was available for 40% off on PC.
  • Players on PC can receive all the Christmas-exclusive hats by changing their devices' date to sometime in December. Changing the date back will not affect a player's hats.



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