Clean O2 Filter is a short task in Among Us, completed in O2 on The Skeld and in Greenhouse on MIRA HQ.


In Clean O2 Filter, the player must drag six leaves to the trash to complete the task. When they drag the leaves, they retain the motion towards their direction, so essentially, the player does not need to continuously drag the leaves. They need a slight shove or pull towards the trash container since the machine will suck in the nearby leaves in close proximity to the trash container. As the player drags the leaves towards the opening, lights flash inside the arrows beside it, giving them a visual indicator. Once all the leaves are in, the arrows will turn green, and the task will be completed.

Nintendo Switch

In the Nintendo Switch version, Clean O2 Filter is completed using the L- and R-sticks. With the L-stick, the player can move a green, translucent circle with a green dot inside. The green dot matches the position and rotation of the R-stick. When the R-stick is moved to one position, all leaves within the larger circle move in the direction of the R-stick. As with other versions of Among Us, the leaves will be automatically sucked in when close enough.


  • Sometimes, one or two leaves can be close enough to be sucked into the trash without any player input.
  • Every leaf sucked into the disposal increments a stage of Clean O2 Filter. This incrementation is permanent, so if a player leaves the task midway, they can finish the rest of it later.


Description Audio
The sounds played when the leaves are being grabbed.
The sounds played as the leaves are being sucked into the machine.


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