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Clear Asteroids is a short or long task in Among Us, featured on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus and, The Fungle.


When opened, a translucent green screen appears, showing darker-colored asteroids flying from the right edge of the screen to the left. The player must tap or click on each asteroid to destroy it. When a total of 20 asteroids have been destroyed, the task is completed. There is no penalty for missing asteroids, but if a Crewmate misses too many asteroids, the task interface will close, and they will have to reopen the task again to finish it. The number of destroyed asteroids does not reset and continues from where the Crewmate last left off. Since this task saves player progress, Crewmates can exit the task at any time. Because Clear Asteroids is a visual task on both The Skeld and Polus, players watching a Crewmate can confirm that they are innocent if visual tasks are enabled in the game's options, as the gun machines located outside will fire lasers per shot. However, this does not work on MIRA HQ since it is not a visual task.

On The Skeld and Polus, Clear Asteroids is located in Weapons. On MIRA HQ, Clear Asteroids is located on Balcony. On The Fungle, Clear Asteroids is located on Sleeping Quarter. On The Fungle, Clear Asteroids is called Play Video Game and is located in The Dorm.


  • Clear Asteroids has the most stages of any task in the game. However, these stages are rather short compared to other tasks' stages.
  • Clear Asteroids is likely inspired by the arcade game Asteroids.
  • A bug currently exists where a Crewmate completing the Clear Asteroids task may not have the lasers shooting animation, even if visual tasks are on.
  • It is possible for a Crewmate to destroy more than one asteroid per shot. What they must do is locate two asteroids that are in the same spot, then immediately click on them.
  • The visual animation for this task still appears when a ghost is doing it, like most of the other visual tasks.



The sound played when the weapons fire.
The sounds played when the weapons hit an asteroid.