Comms Sabotaged is a Sabotage in Among Us, occurring on all three currently available maps. It can be triggered by pressing the Wi-Fi icon on the Sabotage screen over Communications.


During Comms Sabotaged, players are unable to view tasks in their task list, which only displays the message "Comms Sabotaged". The yellow exclamation marks that indicate tasks on the personal map can't be seen, the task bar becomes empty, and many abilities available to all players become unusable. These abilities include: Security, Admin, Doorlog, and Vitals. If any player attempts to access any of these, the ability's interface will show the message "[COMMS DISABLED]". Crewmates are still able to complete tasks, however.

As most other Sabotages, Comms Sabotaged prevents the emergency button from being used. Reporting a dead body does not resolve the Sabotage, similarly to Fix Lights. Both living Crewmates and Impostors can resolve Comms Sabotaged, as with every other Sabotage.

Radio Frequency

On The Skeld and Polus, to resolve Comms Sabotaged, players must turn a dial to fix a radio frequency. A radio wave appears to the right, above the dial, which becomes more similar to a sine wave as it is turned correctly. The closer the dial is to the correction location, the clearer a voice playing in the background is played.

On The Skeld, the Sabotage is resolved using the radio in Communications. On Polus, the Sabotage is resolved using the large antenna attached to the north-east corner of the Communications building. On both The Skeld and Polus interface, there are two lights on the right side, which both light up for different reasons. The red light is on when this Sabotage is ongoing, and switches off when it is resolved. The green light turns on when this Sabotage is resolved, and is off when it has not been resolved yet.

Backup Code

On MIRA HQ, players must instead enter a backup code displayed on a security device to the right of the input. This code resets to a new code every 10 seconds, and the time the player has left to enter it before it is reset is displayed underneath the code. The code must be entered in both Communications and Office to resolve Comms Sabotaged, without the code resetting in between. If one of the two has the code entered, the time left to enter the code on the other location will become 10 seconds again. The amount of time remaining is displayed via a progress bar under the code, which may be colored white, yellow, or red.

  • A white line means that there are 10–6 seconds remaining.
  • A yellow line line means that there are 5–3 seconds remaining.
  • A red bar means that there are only 2–1 seconds remaining.


Description Audio
The sound played when pressing the button in MIRA HQ
The sound played while the interface is open on The Skeld and Polus
The sound played when the code is accepted.
The sound played when the code is not accepted.


  • Due to a bug, the flashing arrows that point towards the source of a Sabotage do not function correctly for Comms Sabotaged on MIRA HQ.
  • Comms Sabotaged on MIRA HQ can help tell whether another player is or is not resolving the Sabotage in the other room.
    • If one is in Communications and no player is resolving the Sabotage in Office, the dialog will read, "OFFICE NOT ACTIVE". If one is in Office, and no player is resolving the Sabotage in Communications, the dialog will read, "COMMS NOT ACTIVE".
    • If at least one player is fixing the Sabotage at both Office and Communications, the dialog will read "OFFICE ACTIVE" or "COMMS ACTIVE", depending on which room one is resolving the Sabotage in.
    • When the Sabotage is resolved, the dialog will read, "OFFICE OK" or "COMMS OK", depending on which room one fixed the Sabotage in.
  • There is a bug on the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us that prevents the player from resolving Comms Sabotaged on MIRA HQ in Freeplay. When a code is entered at either panel, the timer on the interface resets with the same code, setting the amount of stages completed on the task list to one of two. However, entering the code at both panels results in no resolution.
  • Comms Sabotaged is the only Sabotage which has a different way to solve in a specific map (MIRA HQ).
  • If the code begins with at least one zero, the zeroes do not have to be pressed in order to resolve Comms Sabotaged.[needs testing]


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