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Cosmetics are items in Among Us used to customize characters. There are five types of cosmetics: hats, skins, nameplates, visor cosmetics, and pets. Hats are worn on players' heads, skins are worn on their bodies, nameplates appear on the player's voting box in meetings, visors are worn on the face, and pets follow the player around until the player is killed by An Impostor or ejected.

Some cosmetics are free and automatically owned by the player, while a variety of other cosmetics can be unlocked by paying in-game currency. Cosmetics can be bought in the shop or inside Cosmicubes, and owned cosmetics can be equipped in the wardrobe.


Cosmetics grant little gameplay advantage and mostly serve the purpose of supporting the developers.[1] However, if someone is An Impostor and is running away or using a vent, people can identify them by a hat or pet because they make the space of their character larger. On the other hand, if someone is a Crewmate, then cosmetics could be used to verify that a player was in a location. Some cosmetics slightly hide the color of the player, which can further confuse other players. Players with different cosmetics also assist colorblind players in telling characters apart.


Main article: Hats

Hats accessorize or cover the top of a character's body.


Main article: Skins

Skins cover the lower half of a character's body, with the exception of the Right Hand Man Reborn skin (which covers the left half instead).


Main article: Pets

Pets follow their owner around until they die or if the game ends.

Visor cosmetics

Main article: Visor cosmetics

Visor cosmetics accessorize a character's visor. Many of them were previously hats.


Main article: Nameplates

Nameplates add a stylized background to the player's voting box.


Holiday '18 hats bundle

Main article: Christmas

A bundle of eight different hats was added as the limited-time "holiday '18 hats bundle"[2] made purchasable during the holidays of 2018 on the mobile version of Among Us for $2.99, and every subsequent year. This bundle will be unlocked every Holiday period.

Halloween hat bundle

Main article: Halloween

A free bundle of twelve hats was released during October 2019, around Halloween. This bundle will be unlocked every October.

1M downloads hat bundle

Main article: 1M downloads hat bundle

A bundle of eight different hats could be purchased on mobile for $2.99 (all hats are included in that purchase). This bundle was created to celebrate Among Us receiving 1 million downloads. In version 2021.11.9, these hats are given to the player for free on all platforms.

MIRA Bundle

Main article: MIRA Bundle

A bundle of three skins, two hats, and two visor cosmetics can be purchased for 20 Stars. Originally the bundle also included the MIRA HQ map, until it was removed when it was released for free.

Polus Bundle

Main article: Polus Bundle

A bundle of three skins and hats can be purchased for 20 Stars. Originally, the bundle included the Polus map, until the map was removed when it was released for free.

Airship Bundle

Main article: Airship Bundle

A bundle of three skins, twelve hats, and two visor cosmetics can be purchased for 20 Stars. The bundle was made available for purchase along with the release of The Airship. Unlike the previous two skin bundles, The Airship has always been free, and as such never came with the bundle.


Main article: Cosmicubes

Cosmicubes are bundles that contain various themed cosmetics which must be unlocked using Pods.



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