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Cosmetics are items in Among Us used to customize characters. There are three types of cosmetics: hats, skins, and pets. Hats are worn on players' heads, skins are worn on their bodies, and pets follow the player around until the player is killed by An Impostor or ejected.

Some hats are free and automatically owned by the player on mobile platforms, while a variety of other cosmetics can be unlocked by paying real money (between $0.99 and $2.99). On the paid PC version, all skins and hats are free (except the ones included in the MIRA HQ, Polus and Airship bundles), but all pets are still required to be bought to obtain. Purchases do not sync across platforms. Cosmetics can be bought via the shop, and owned cosmetics can be worn in the lobby before a game starts.


Cosmetics grant little gameplay advantage and mostly serve the purpose of supporting the developers.[1] However, if someone is An Impostor and is running away or using a vent, people can identify them by a hat or pet because they make the space of their character larger. On the other hand, if someone is a Crewmate, then cosmetics could be used to verify that a player was in a location.

Some skins and hats slightly hide the color of the player, which can confuse other players. A player might be distracted by The Impostor's clothing, then forget what color The Impostor is during an emergency meeting. The most recent version of Among Us features that a player's hat and skin show up on both their voting icon and their text icon. This is mostly to help colorblind people or stop the very thing explained above.


Main article: Hats

Hats accessorize or cover the top of a character's body.

Backwards cap · 2019 yellow party hat · Flat cap · Plunger · Safari hat · Sheriff hat · Toilet paper hat · Black fedora · Ski goggles · Medical mask · Straw hat · Banana hat · Beanie · Bear ears · Cheese hat · Cherry hat · Egg hat · Green fedora · Flamingo hat · Flower hat · Knight helmet · Plant hat · Antenna · Balloon · Bird nest · Black bandana · Caution sign hat · Chef hat · CCC cap · Do-rag · Dum sticky note · Fez · General hat · Pompadour · Hunter hat · Mysterious vagabond mask · Ram horns · Snow Crewmate · Geoff Keighley mask · Angry eyebrows · Unicorn hat · Chocolate ice cream · Heart pin  · Rubber glove · Ponytail · Zipper hat · Purple traffic cone
Astronaut helmet · Brain Slug · Bush hat · Captain hat · Double top hat · Flowerpot hat · Goggles · Hard hat · Military hat · Paper hat · Party hat · Police hat · Stethoscope · Top hat · Towel wizard · Ushanka · Viking · Wall guard cap · Snowman hat · Antlers · Christmas lights hat · Santa hat · Christmas tree hat · Present hat · Candy canes hat · Elf hat · White hat · Crown · Eyebrows · Angel halo · Elf cap · Snorkel · Henry figure · Eyeball lamp · Toppat Clan leader hat · Crewmate hat
Skin Bundles
MIRA hazmat mask · MIRA security cap · MIRA landing headset
Archaeologist hat · Miner gear hat · Winter gear hat
The Airship:
Dave Panpa cap · Ellie Rose hair · Sven Svensson hat · Burt Curtis hat · Ellry mohawk · Thomas Chestershire monocles · Wizard hat · Fredrick Muenster hat · Mr. Macbeth hat · Toppat Henry Stickmin hat · Toppat Ellie Rose hat · Geoffrey Plumb hat · Right Hand Man hat and mustache
Cat head hat · Bat wings · Devil horns · Mohawk · Pumpkin hat · Spooky paper bag hat · Witch hat · Wolf ears · Pirate hat · Plague doctor mask · Knife hat · Hockey mask
Candy canes hat · Elf hat · Christmas lights hat · Present hat · Antlers · Santa hat · Snowman hat · Christmas tree hat
Ratchet ears
Drinking cap · Traffic cone · Pot hat


Main article: Skins

Skins cover the lower half of a character's body, with the exception of the Right Hand Man Reborn skin (which covers the left half instead).

Astronaut skin.png Captain skin.png Mechanic skin.png Military skin.png Police skin.png Doctor skin.png Black suit.png White suit.png Wall guard skin.png
MIRA HQ skin bundle Polus skin bundle The Airship skin bundle
MIRA hazmat skin.png MIRA security guard skin.png MIRA landing official skin.png
Miner gear.png Winter gear.pngArchaeologist skin.png
Right Hand Man skin.png CCC skin.png Prisoner skin.png
Ratchet skin.png


Main article: Pets

Pets follow their owner around until they die or if the game ends.

Squig Bedcrab Brainslug UFO Dog Hamster
Mini Crewmate.gif
Glitch Pet.png
Clank pet.png
Mini Crewmate Robot Henry Ellie Glitch Pet Clank pet (upcoming)

Visor cosmetics

Main article: Visor cosmetics

Visor cosmetics accessorize a character's visor, some are currently in-game as hats.


Holiday '18 hats bundle

Main article: Christmas

A bundle of eight different hats was added as the limited-time "holiday '18 hats bundle"[2] made purchasable during the holidays of 2018 on the mobile version of Among Us for $2.99, and every subsequent year. This bundle will be unlocked every Holiday period.

Halloween hat bundle

Main article: Halloween

A free bundle of twelve hats was released during October 2019, around Halloween. This bundle will be unlocked every October.

1M downloads hat bundle

Main article: 1M downloads hat bundle

A bundle of eight different hats can be purchased for $2.99 (all hats are included in that purchase). This bundle was created to celebrate Among Us receiving 1 million downloads. They are included for free in the PC and Nintendo Switch editions.

MIRA HQ skin bundle

Main article: MIRA HQ skin bundle

A bundle of three skins and hats can be purchased for $1.99. Originally the bundle also included the MIRA HQ map, until it was removed when it was released for free.

Polus skin bundle

Main article: Polus skin bundle

A bundle of three skins and hats can be purchased for $1.99. Originally, the bundle included the Polus map, until the map was removed when it was released for free.

The Airship skin bundle

Main article: The Airship skin bundle

A bundle of three skins and thirteen hats can be purchased for $1.99. The bundle was made available for purchase along with the release of The Airship. Unlike the previous two skin bundles, The Airship has always been free, and as such never came with the bundle.


  • There are sprites for unused hats in the game files, including a traffic cone, a drinking cap, a headcrab, and a pot.
  • Many skins and hats reference Marcus Bromander's Henry Stickmin series.
  • As of version 2020.10.22, cosmetics are visible on the voting screen.
  • The Halloween hats can be unlocked before or after Halloween by setting the device's time to October.
    • The same applies to the Christmas hats for PC users.
  • Any player playing as Fortegreen is unable to select cosmetics, and will appear wearing the military suit.
  • Cosmetics that would normally be purchased in the shop are unobtainable on the Nintendo Switch edition of the game. However, several of the once unobtainable cosmetics were added in a later update.
  • When the kill animation is displayed, a few hats have changes, such as the balloon popping.
  • The cosmetics worn on the players are mirrored if the player is facing the opposite direction. The only exception to this is the Right Hand Man skin.


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