The Hats and Skins Menu on Among Us mobile.

In Among Us, there are three kinds of cosmetics available: hats, skins and pets. Hats are worn on a character's head, skins change the appearance of a character's outfit, and pets are small creatures that follow a player.

Some hats are free and automatically owned by the player on mobile platforms, while a variety of other cosmetics can be unlocked by paying real-world money (between $0.99 and $2.99). On the paid PC version, all skins and hats are free (except the ones included in the MIRA HQ & Polus bundles), but you still have to buy pets. Purchases do not sync across platforms. (e.g., iOS and Android)

Among us

Hats, skins, and pets grant no gameplay advantage and serve the sole purpose of supporting the developers[1], though sometimes if you are an Impostor and are running away or going in vent, people can identify you by a hat or pet because they make the space of your character larger, on the other hand, if you are a Crewmate, then they could be used to verify that you were in a location. This can only be used in certain situations because cosmetics are not shown during the discussion phase. Cosmetics can be bought via the main menu store, and owned cosmetics can be worn in the hub area before a game starts.

List of Hats

Name ID Bundle Image Cost (In USD)
Astronaut Helmet 1 PC - Default

Mobile - Astronaut

Hats0020 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Backwards Cap 2 Default Hats0017 Free
Brain Slug 3 PC - Default

Mobile - Brain Slug

Hats0019 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Bush Hat 4 PC - Default

Mobile - Bush Hat

Hats0004 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Captain Hat 5 PC - Default

Mobile - Captain

Hats0021 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Double Top Hat 6 PC - Default

Mobile - Double Top Hat

Hats0003 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Flowerpot Hat 7 PC - Default

Mobile - Flowerpot

Hats0014 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Goggles 8 PC - Default

Mobile - Goggles

Hats0016 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Hard Hat 9 PC - Default

Mobile - Mechanic

Hats0011 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Military Hat 10 PC - Default

Mobile - Military

Hats0007 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Paper Hat 11 PC - Default

Mobile - Paper Hat

Hats0013 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Party Hat 12 Default Hats0015 Free
Police Hat 13 PC - Default

Mobile - Police

Hats0006 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Stethoscope 14 PC - Default

Mobile - Doctor

Hats0018 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Top Hat 15 PC - Default

Mobile - Black Suit

Hats0002 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Towel Wizard 16 PC - Default

Mobile - Towel Wizard

Hats0012 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Ushanka 17 PC - Default

Mobile - Ushanka

Hats0008 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Viking 18 PC - Default

Mobile - Viking

Hats0005 $0.99 (Free on PC)
Wall Guard Cap 19 PC - Default

Mobile- Wall Guard

Hats0009 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Snowman 20 Holiday '18 Hats Bundle HatsHoliday20180001 $2.99 (Free on PC)
Antlers 21 Holiday '18 Hats Bundle HatsHoliday20180007 $2.99 (Free on PC)
Christmas Lights Hat 22 Holiday '18 Hats Bundle HatsHoliday20180009 $2.99 (Free on PC)
Santa Hat 23 Holiday '18 Hats Bundle HatsHoliday20180003 $2.99 (Free on PC)
Christmas Tree Hat 24 Holiday '18 Hats Bundle HatsHoliday20180005 $2.99 (Free on PC)
Present Hat 25 Holiday '18 Hats Bundle HatsHoliday20180004 $2.99 (Free on PC)
Candy Canes Hat 26 Holiday '18 Hats Bundle HatsHoliday20180008 $2.99 (Free on PC)
Elf Hat 27 Holiday '18 Hats Bundle HatsHoliday20180006 $2.99 (Free on PC)
2019 Yellow Party Hat 28 Default HatsNewYear1819 Free
White Hat 29 PC - Default

Mobile - White Suit

Hats0027 $1.99 (Free on PC)
Crown 30 PC - Default

Mobile -1M

Hats0034 $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Eyebrows 31 PC - Default

Mobile -1M

Hats0010 $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Angel Halo 32 PC - Default

Mobile -1M

Hats0024 $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Elf Cap 33 PC - Default

Mobile -1M

Hats0031 $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Flat Cap 34 Default Hats0032 Free
Plunger 35 Default Hats0029 Free
Snorkel 36 PC - Default

Mobile -1M

Hats0033 $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Stickmin Figure 37 PC - Default

Mobile -1M

Hats0030 $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Straw Hat 38 Default Hats0026 Free
Sheriff Hat 39 Default Hats0022 Free
Eyeball Lamp 40 PC - Default

Mobile -1M

Hats0025 $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Toilet Paper Hat 41 Default Hats0028 Free
Toppat Clan Leader Hat 42 PC - Default

Mobile -1M

Hats0023 $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Black Fedora 43 Default Hats0035 Free
Ski Goggles 44 Default Hats0037 Free
Landing Headset 45 MIRA Bundle MIRA Landing Headphones $1.99 USD
MIRA Hazmat Mask 46 MIRA Bundle Hats0040 $1.99 USD
Medical Mask 47 Default Hats0041 Free
MIRA Security Cap 48 MIRA Bundle Hats0038 $1.99 USD
Safari Hat 49 Default Hats0036 Free
Banana Hat 50 Default Hats0050 Free
Beanie 51 Default Hats0044 Free
Bear Ears 52 Default Hats0049 Free
Cheese Hat 53 Default Hats0048 Free
Cherry Hat 54 Default Hats0045 Free
Egg Hat 55 Default Hats0052 Free
Green Fedora 56 Default Hats0046 Free
Flamingo Hat 57 Default Hats0051 Free
Flower Hat 58 Default Hats0047 Free
Knight Helmet 59 Default Hats0043 Free
Plant Hat 60 Default Hats0042 Free
Cat Head Hat 61 Halloween Hats0060 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Bat Wings 62 Halloween Hats0059 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Devil Horns 63 Halloween Hats0054 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Mohawk 64 Halloween Hats0055 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Pumpkin Hat 65 Halloween Hats0058 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Spooky Paper Bag Hat 66 Halloween Hats0053 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Witch Hat 67 Halloween Hats0057 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Wolf Ears 68 Halloween Hats0056 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Pirate Hat 69 Halloween Hats0062 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Plague Doctor Mask 70 Halloween Plague Doctor Mask Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Knife Hat 71 Halloween Hats0069 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Hockey Mask 72 Halloween Hats0064 Free (unlocked at Halloween)
Miner Gear Hat 73 Polus Bundle Hats0070 $1.99 USD
Winter Gear Hat 74 Polus Bundle Hats0071 $1.99 USD
Archaeologist Hat 75 Polus Bundle Hats0072 $1.99 USD
Antenna 76 Default Hats0082 Free
Balloon 77 Default Balloon Free
Bird Nest 78 Default Hats0077 Free
Black Bandanna 79 Default Hats0079 Free
Caution Sign Hat 80 Default Hats0078 Free
Chef Hat 81 Default Hats0084 Free
CCC Cap 82 Default Hats0083 Free
Do-rag 83 Default Hats0080 Free
Dum Sticky Note 84 Default Hats0087 Free
Fez 85 Default Hats0085 Free
General Hat 86 Default Hats0089 Free
Pompadour 87 Default Hats0086 Free
Hunter Hat 88 Default Hats0075 Free
Military Helmet 89 Default Hats0088 Free
Mini Crewmate 90

PC - Default

Mobile - Mini Crewmate

Crewpet-idle $2.99 USD (Free on PC)
Ninja Mask 91 Default Hats0090 Free
Ram Horns 92 Default Hats0081 Free
Snow Crewmate 93 Default Hats0073 Free

List of Skins

Name ID Bundle Image Cost (In USD)
Astronaut 1 PC - Default

Mobile - Astronaut

Astro-main $1.99 (Free on PC)
Captain 2

PC - Default

Mobile - Captain

Capt-main $1.99 (Free on PC)
Mechanic 3

PC - Default

Mobile - Mechanic

Mech main $1.99 (Free on PC)
Military 4

PC - Default

Mobile - Military

Military stand $1.99 (Free on PC)
Police 5

PC - Default

Mobile - Police

Pol Main $1.99 (Free on PC)
Doctor 6

PC - Default

Mobile - Doctor

Sci main $1.99 (Free on PC)
Black Suit 7

PC - Default

Mobile - Black Suit

SuitB-Main $1.99 (Free on PC)
White Suit 8

PC - Default

Mobile - White Suit

SuitW-main $1.99 (Free on PC)
Wall Guard Suit 9

PC - Default

Mobile - Wall Guard

Wall-main $1.99 (Free on PC)
MIRA Hazmat 10 MIRA HQ Bundle Hazmat-idle $1.99
MIRA Security Guard 11 MIRA HQ Bundle Secguard idle $1.99
MIRA Landing 12 MIRA HQ Bundle Tarmac-idle $1.99
Miner Gear 13 Polus Map Bundle Miner-idll $1.99
Winter Gear 14 Polus Map Bundle Winter-idle $1.99
Archaelogist 15 Polus Map Bundle Archae-idle $1.99

List of Pets

Pets were added in the update 2019.6.12. Pets will follow their owner around until they die. They may react to their owner being killed during their kill animation, depending on the pet in question. If a player with a pet dies, the pet will sit in the location of the player's death, even after the body disappears (such as after a meeting).

Bundle Cost (In USD) Pet Name Pet Image Notes
Bedcrab Pet Bundle $2.99 and $1.99 on PC Squig
Slightly bobs side to side.
Body bobs up and down. Reference to the headcrab from the Half-Life series.
Brainslug Pet Bundle $2.99 and $1.99 on PC Brainslug
Jiggles up and down. Reference to the Brain Slug from the TV series 'Futurama'
Hovers up and down, lights flashing.
Hamster Pet Bundle $2.99 and $1.99 on PC Dog
Wags tail, mouth moves up and down.
Hamster stays still inside a light blue, clear ball.
Mini Crewmate Bundle $2.99 and $1.99 on PC Mini Crewmate
A small version of a player, matching their color.
A Wall-E like character, head tilts up and down occasionally.
Stickmin Pet Bundle $2.99 and $1.99 on PC Henry
A mini version of Henry Stickmin, the main character from the Henry Stickmin series.
A mini version of Ellie, a character from the Henry Stickmin series.


Holiday '18 Hats Bundle

Main article: Christmas

A bundle of 8 different hats was added as the "Limited Holiday '18 Hats Bundle"[2] made purchasable during the holidays of 2018 on the Mobile version of the game for $2.99. However, all hats from the 2018 Limited Edition Holiday Hat Bundle are free on the player logs' PC version during the Holidays. The bundle is automatically added to their account.

Holiday '18 Hats Bundle $2.99 USD (Includes all hats)
Candy Canes Hat
Elf Hat
Christmas Lights Hat
Present Hat
Santa Hat
Snowman Hat
Christmas Tree Hat

Halloween Hat Bundle

Main article: Halloween

A free bundle of 12 hats was released during October 2019, around Halloween.

Hats in Halloween Bundle Free (Includes all hats)
Cat Head Hat Hats0060
Bat Wings Hats0059
Devil Horns Hats0054
Mohawk Hats0055
Pumpkin Hat Hats0058
Spooky Paper Bag Hat Hats0053
Witch Hat Hats0057
Wolf Ears Hats0056
Pirate Hat Hats0062
Plague Mask Plague Doctor Mask
Knife Hat Hats0069
Hockey Mask Hats0064

1M Downloads Hat Bundle

A bundle of 8 different hats can be purchased for $2.99 (all hats are included in that purchase). This bundle was created to celebrate Among Us receiving 1 million downloads.They are included for free on the PC version.

Hats in 1M Bundle $2.99 USD (Includes all hats)
Angel Halo
Elf Cap
Stickmin Figure
Eyeball Lamp
Toppat Clan Leader Hat

MIRA HQ Skin Bundle

A bundle of 3 skins and hats can be purchased for $1.99. Originally, the bundle included the MIRA HQ Map, until it was removed when it was released for free.

Hats/Skins in Mira HQ Skin Bundle $1.99 USD (Includes all hats and skins)
MIRA Hazmat Mask
MIRA Security Cap
MIRA Landing Headset
MIRA Landing Headphones
MIRA Hazmat (Skin) Hazmat-idle
MIRA Security (Skin) Secguard idle
MIRA Landing (Skin) Tarmac-idle

Polus Skin Bundle

A bundle of 3 skins and hats can be purchased for $1.99. Originally, the bundle included the Polus Map along, until it was removed when it was released for free.

Hats/Skins in Polus Skin Bundle $1.99 USD (Includes all hats and skins)
Archaelogist Hat
Miner Gear Hat
Winter Gear Hat
Archaelogist Suit Archae-idle
Miner Gear Suit Miner-idll
Winter Gear Suit Winter-idle


  • The Party Hat was originally a free release for the 2019 New Year (hence the 2019 stripe pattern).
  • The Archeologist Outfit may be a reference to Indiana Jones.
  • The Hunter Hat resembles one worn by Elmer Fudd.
  • There are sprites for unused hats in the game files, like a traffic cone, a drinking hat & a pan.
  • some many outfits and hats reference Innersloth's Henry Stickmin series:
    • The Police Hat resembles the one policemen wear in Escaping the Prison.
    • The Towel Wizard hat is worn by an inmate when you open the cell doors to fleeing the complex.
    • The Military Hat and Outfit resembles the one the Government's agents wear.
    • The General Hat resembles the one General Hubert Galeforce wears.
    • The Headphones are like the ones Charles Calvin wears.
    • The Ushanka and the Wall Cap are worn by The Wall's guards from Fleeing the Complex.
    • The Top Hat references the Toppat Clan from Infiltrating the Airship.
    • The Double Top Hat is worn by Reginald Copperbottom, the leader of the Toppat Clan in Infiltrating the Airship.
    • The Blue Cap has the Center for Chaos Containment logo on it.
    • The Toppat Clan Leader Hat is the one Henry Stickmin wears when he becomes the leader of the Toppat Clan.
    • The Ninja Mask is worn by Henry Stickmin during Completing the Mission on the intro cinematic of most of the routes that involve the Presumed Dead ending from Fleeing the Complex.
    • The Archeologist Hat is the "The Betrayed" logo from Henry Stickmin Fleeing The Complex.
    • The Hockey Mask resembles the one worn by Jason from the Friday the 13th movie franchise.
    • The eyebrows are very similar to the characters'.
  • The Elf Cap could reference the hat that Link wears in the Legend of Zelda video game franchise.


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