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Crewmates, also known as Crewmembers or the Crew, are one of the possible randomly assigned roles in Among Us.


The goal of a Crewmate is to complete all tasks without being killed by an Impostor or finding all Impostors and ejecting them. Crewmates who have been killed by an Impostor or ejected become ghosts or Guardian Angel.



Main article: Report

A Crewmate can use the report ability to report a dead body and bring the entire Crew and all Impostors into an emergency meeting to discuss who The Impostor may be. Impostors also have this ability. The report button appears to the left of the use button.


Main article: Use

A Crewmate can use for a variety of interactions. The most common interaction is to activate and complete tasks. Crewmates can also use the emergency button to call an emergency meeting manually when possible. Impostors also have use as an ability but cannot complete tasks with it. Use is in the bottom right corner of the screen, and can be replaced by Security, Admin, Vitals, or Doorlog when near the appropriate panel except on The Airship, due to a bug.


Main article: Kill

When An Impostor kills a Crewmate, their body drops to the ground, top half of the body is mysteriously missing and the bottom half of the body have a bone sticking out, and the Crewmate turns into a ghost, appearing next to their body. A Crewmate can freely move through walls in this state and can complete tasks to help the Crewmates win. Ghosts can communicate at all times through the chat, but their messages are only visible to other ghosts. They also cannot call emergency meetings or resolve Sabotages. Ghosts are not visible to players that are still alive.

Bodies of Crewmates will remain on the map until a body is reported or a meeting is called. If a killed Crewmate has a pet, it will stay on the spot they died. If a Crewmate that is ejected has a pet, it will stay next to the emergency meeting table.


There are currently 5 variants of Crewmate special roles: Engineer, Scientist, Noisemaker, Tracker, and Guardian Angel (Dead)


Main article: Engineer

The Engineer is a Crewmate with additional ability, which is to use vent, however, they can only stay in a vent for about 30 seconds at a time by default (this can be changed in the role settings), and cannot use a vent if it is already being used for the Clean Vent task (although this doesn't prevent the vent system the said vent is connected to from being used). Engineers have the same goals and abilities as regular Crewmates.


Main article: Scientist

The Scientist is another variation of the Crewmate role. Scientists have the same abilities and goals as standard Crewmates, and have the unique ability to access portable Vitals at anytime to check crewmates' status, however, they can check the vitals for 5 seconds by default (adjustable in options).


Main article: Noisemaker

Another variation of the Crewmate role is the Noisemaker. It is the same as crewmate and has no new abilities, but if they get killed, players will know when and where they die.


Main article: Tracker (role)

Another variation of the Crewmate role is the Tracker. Crewmates with this role can track other crewmates, either to suspect them or clear them if a shapeshifter kills as them.

Guardian Angel

Main article: Guardian Angel

A special variation of the Ghost Crewmate role is the Guardian Angel. Their job is to follow the impostors and press protect before an impostor kills them. If timed correctly, a shield will pop up and break, stopping the crewmate from dying. Impostors can see the shield break, but Crewmates can’t. There is a customizable setting that lets the impostor see the mini angel circling around protected players to know not to attack them. Hitting a shield resets the impostor’s cooldown.


  • On the Crewmate's back, there is a "backpack" that serves no clear use. While some believe that their packs are for oxygen, it does not appear to be the case because the Oxygen Depleted Sabotage causes The Impostors to win. However, the backpacks may have a small amount of oxygen due to the 30 or 45 second countdown on The Skeld and MIRA HQ, respectively.
  • When killed, Crewmates do not display any blood or internal organs in their death animations, though other players can see some blood spurting from the eliminated Crewmate's corpse, which is notably the same color as the eliminated Crewmate. The corpse consists of a large bone inside either hollow space or a gelatin-like substance that is darker than the player's color.
    • The blood was temporarily removed in version 2021.6.15 before being restored in version 2021.11.9.
      • Before its temporary removal, the blood was a bright red rather than matching the color of the Crewmate.
  • There is an in-game pet named the "Mini Crewmate", which is a miniature version of a Crewmate.
Crewmate concepts

The concepts for the Crewmate design.

  • According to Marcus Bromander, it did not take long to create the Crewmate design. The only other concepts were a version without a backpack, one resembling the Mini Crewmate, and one shaped like a star.[1]
  • The Crewmate's species is unknown. While at first glance they appear to be cartoonish humans in almost-featureless colored space suits, the MedBay scanner states the Crewmates are only three feet and six inches (approximately one meter) tall, much shorter than the average adult human. They still require oxygen to survive.
    • Many official Twitter posts from Among Us developers, as well as in-game details, disprove that Crewmates are humans.
    • Their hands are also not visible when not in use and only show up in certain scenarios. They also lack arms, and their hands appear suspended in mid-air and can even appear and disappear at will.
  • With a height of 3' 6" and a weight of 92 pounds, all Crewmates except Fortegreen have a BMI of 36.7. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this BMI equates to Class 2 obesity in humans, although the extra weight could be the spacesuit or just the healthy weight of the Crewmate's species.
    • Fortegreen is also 3' 6" tall but has a weight of 132 pounds, which gives them a BMI of 52.6 and equates to Class 3 obesity in humans.
  • Originally, the viewing visor would not be a baby blue like color in the beta version. Instead, it would be the same color as the suit.
  • Several gaming websites criticize the Crewmate role, one of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun, as Craig Pearson considered this role "exhausting." [2]
  • The skeletal anatomy of a Crewmate is made up of a single femur-shaped bone, according to the Among Us developers' Twitter account and their appearance upon death.[3][4][5]
Frequently asked question: How do Crewmates eat?
  • Across different locations and maps, donuts and slices of pizza can be found, and The Airship features the Make Burger task, all implying that the Crewmates eat food of many varieties, although the specifics are never seen. It is known that their suits don't have openings and they do not eat with visible mouths.[6]
  • Another tweet from the Among Us developers on Twitter says that Crewmates drink through osmosis.[7]
  • A vending machine in Cafeteria on MIRA HQ shows that one Crewmate hobby is surfing. Additionally, several appliances on Polus show another hobby is watching movies.
  • The language spoken by the Crewmates is unknown, but multiple English inscriptions are found across the maps, including the location indicators.



The sound played when the role is revealed.
The sound played when the Crewmates win.


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