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Currency is a mechanic in Among Us that is used to buy cosmetics and Cosmicubes. It was introduced in version 2021.11.9.


Currency is used to buy items in the shop, such as cosmetics, cosmetic bundles, and Cosmicubes. There are three different types of currency which are obtainable in different ways.


Beans are obtainable through normal gameplay and are obtained in large quantities. By gaining EXP and leveling up, players may obtain multipliers, which allows them to collect even more Beans.


Stars are a premium currency that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay and must be bought with real money. Stars are bought in Star bundles in the shop.


Pods are obtainable through normal gameplay and are tied to a specific Cosmicube. The Cosmicube must be activated in order for its Pods to become available, and the Pods used for one Cosmicube are incompatible with another.