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Customize is a UX element and ability in Among Us, found in any game's lobby, and at Cafeteria (The Skeld and MIRA HQ), Office (Polus), and Engine Room (The Airship) in Freeplay.


Upon approaching the computer in any game's lobby or by the starting point in Freeplay, the Host will see a "Customize" button with a computer icon in the bottom-right corner of their screen.


Upon clicking the "Customize" button in a lobby, a window will appear with game and role tabs at the top of the interface.

In Freeplay, the player can edit what tasks they have as well as what specific roles they have. Roles may be changed by selecting their corresponding files, which are color-coded based on whether they are Crewmate-based or Impostor-based roles. To edit tasks, they can go in the desired location, and click on which task they want. The tasks will have cross mark if it is selected and uncompleted, and they will have green check mark if they are completed. To complete the desired task again, they must tap the task twice.


Main article: Options

The host has access to the "Game" tab, which can modify game-related options, such as player speed, kill distance, and visual tasks, how many times each player can call emergency meetings, and more by clicking the plus and minus buttons for each option. The tab includes the following options:

Option Name Possible Values Description
Impostors 1-3 Sets how many Impostors can be present in one game at a time.
Recommended Settings On / Off Setting this to On sets all remaining settings to their default values.
Confirm Ejects On / Off Changes whether it should show if an ejected player was An Impostor or not. Also affects whether the number of remaining Impostors is shown.
Emergency Meetings 0-9 Amount of emergency meetings a player can activate.
Anonymous Voting On / Off Sets the voters' color to gray when results are shown.
Emergency Cooldown 0s-60s (changes by 5) Changes the cooldown before an emergency meeting can be activated.
Discussion Time 0s-120s (changes by 15) Changes the time limit of when the players should discuss before voting.
Voting Time 0s-300s (changes by 15)

0s means there is no time limit

Changes the time limit of when the players need to vote.
Player Speed 0.5x-3.0x (changes by 0.25) Changes player walking speed.
Crewmate Vision 0.25x-5.0x (changes by 0.25) Changes Crewmate Vision. Recommended to be 0.25x lower than Impostor Vision.
Impostor Vision 0.25x-5.0x (changes by 0.25) Changes Impostor Vision. Recommended to be 0.25x higher than Crewmate Vision.
Kill Cooldown 10s-60s (changes by 2.5) Changes the cooldown of the Kill ability. Applied when An Impostor kills, an emergency meeting is called, etc.
Kill Distance Short / Medium / Long Changes the range of the Kill Ability.
Task Bar Updates Always / Meetings / Never Changes when the task bar should always update, only update on meetings, or never display.
Visual Tasks On / Off Changes when visual tasks should display an animation or not.
Common Tasks 0-2 Changes the amount of common tasks every player should have. These tasks are displayed on top of the task list.
Long Tasks 0-3 Changes the amount of long tasks every player should have. These tasks are displayed on the middle of the task list.
Short tasks 0-5 Changes the amount of short tasks every player should have. These tasks are displayed on the bottom of the task list.

Role Settings

The host has access to the "Roles" tab, which can modify role-related options by clicking the plus and minus buttons for each option. The tab includes the following options:

Main Role Options

Option Name Count Probability
Scientist 0-15 0% - 100% (changes by 10)
Engineer 0-15 0% - 100% (changes by 10)
Guardian Angel 0-15 0% - 100% (changes by 10)
Shapeshifter 0-15 0% - 100% (changes by 10)

Role Specific Options

These settings are accessible by clicking the Adv. button, next to the role probability.

Role Option Name Possible Values
Scientist Vitals Display Cooldown 5s-60s (changes by 5)
Battery Duration 5s-30s (changes by 5)
Engineer Vent Use Cooldown 5s-60s (changes by 5)
Max Time in Vents Indefinite, or 5s-60s (changes by 5)
Guardian Angel Protect Cooldown 35s-120s (changes by 5)
Protection Duration 5s-30s (changes by 5)
Protect Visible to Impostors On / Off
Shapeshifter Shapeshift Duration Indefinite, or 5s-30s (changes by 5)
Shapeshift Cooldown 5s-90s (changes by 5)
Leave Shapeshifting Evidence On / Off


  • In Freeplay, the computer where one can customize their tasks is called the "Task Tester 2000".
  • There is a small cursor on the computer which is used for the icon.
  • The customize button does not appear on The Airship in Freeplay; the standard Use button appears instead.
  • As of version version 2021.11.9, the customize interface is only accessible by the host of the lobby and can no longer be used to equip cosmetics. Cosmetic customization has been moved to the wardrobe, and a separate panel used to access it was added to the lobby.