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This article is for the reportable object.
For the role that dead players assume, see Ghost.

Dead bodies are reportable objects in Among Us left when An Impostor kills a Crewmate.


Dead bodies appear in the color of the killed Crewmate. The bodies are sliced in half, their top halves missing entirely, and have a bone sticking out of them. Dead bodies appear to have fallen forward, as implied by kill animations. At the moment of death, everyone except the killed Crewmate can see blood (the same color as the killed Crewmate) spurt out of the dead body.


Ghosts start their role on top of their dead body. They do not see it fall since the kill animation they are shown obscures this.

Dead bodies can be reported via the report ability by any living player. When close enough to the object, the report button lights up and can be pressed to start an emergency meeting.

Dead bodies still appear on Admin in the location of death. Also, dead bodies of players on the map are shown to flatline and are marked as DED on Vitals until the next meeting or the player leaves the game. When an emergency meeting is called, all dead bodies disappear, no longer show up on Admin, and can no longer be reported (on Vitals, they are marked as D/C).


  • On slide 8 in How to Play, the art style of the images is very similar to the assets prior to version 2021.6.15. This implies that dead bodies were once a side view of an entire corpse of the character laid face-down.
  • Ejected characters do not leave behind dead bodies. This is likely because they are outside the map and reporting the dead body would be redundant.
  • Dead bodies are stood up just after Crewmates are killed, but then topple and fall.
  • Dead bodies can teleport to where emergency meetings are held if a meeting is called and the Crewmate is killed at the same time. This often leads to the body being reported afterwards, resulting in another emergency meeting.
  • Before Fortegreen's ID was removed from the code, their dead body was the same as Red's.
  • Any skin worn by the killed Crewmate is not visible on the dead body.
  • If the killed Crewmate had a pet, it will stay near the dead body with its 'sad' sprite. Only ghosts can see the pets when this happens.
  • Even if the Impostor that killed the Crewmate was wearing the Right Hand Man skin, which has a unique kill animation where the top half of the Crewmate is disintegrated and the bone is burnt, the bone sticking out of the dead body is always intact.
  • The bone has two different outline colors displayed at once.
  • The blood that appears when a Crewmate is killed was temporarily removed, but has been re-added.
    • Prior to its temporary removal, it was always bright red.


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