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This article is for the location.
For the task, see Decontaminate.

Decontamination is a location in Among Us on MIRA HQ and Polus.


Decontamination is a confined room that separates a small section (one or two rooms) from the majority of the map. A few seconds pass before the door closes, and vapor fills the room when a player enters. Then, the other door opens so they can enter the next area. After that door closes, both doors can be opened from either side of the room.


On MIRA HQ, Decontamination is a long hallway that runs from Locker Room to a hallway that separates Reactor and Laboratory. To enter, players must use a button at the front of one of the doors, which will open the door. After some time, the room fills with vapor. When it is clear again, the opposite door opens before closing after a few seconds, and both doors' buttons becoming usable again. There are floor lights of eight segments, which will suggest when the doors will open (the lights will turn on when there are no players there). First, when the button is pressed, the eight segments' lights will turn off, and the door closes. Then, after the vapor, the eight segments will turn on again, and the next door opens. After that, they will turn off again as the door closes and comes back to its original state. These lights are not visible to ghosts.


On Polus, there are two Decontamination locations, labeled Upper Decontamination and Lower Decontamination. Both locations consist of a small, square room along with a hallway leading to Specimen Room. Lower Decontamination is accessible from Admin, and Upper Decontamination is accessible from Laboratory. Upper Decontamination has a Fix Wiring panel along the northern wall.


Mira HQ

Name Stages Task Type
Clean Vent 1 of 1 Short


Name Stages Task Type
Fix Wiring 1–3 of 3 Common



On MIRA HQ, there is a vent in the lower right corner of decontamination. It directly leads to the vents in Reactor, Laboratory, and Locker Room.


  • Decontamination has the second-longest name of any location in Among Us, having 15 letters and 15 characters.
    • Although Hall of Portraits also has 15 letters, it contains 17 characters, making it the longest.



The main ambience sound of Decontamination on Polus.
The sound played when a door of Decontamination opens on MIRA HQ.
The sound played when a door of Decontamination closes on MIRA HQ.
The sound played when a door of Decontamination opens on Polus.
The sound played when a door of Decontamination closes on Polus.
The sound played when the button to open the doors of Decontamination on MIRA HQ and Polus is pressed.
The sound played as the vapor is filling the room.