Divert Power is a task in Among Us, completed as a short task in Electrical with a variable ending location on The Skeld and as a long task in Reactor with a variable ending location on MIRA HQ. It is confirmed to be a task on the upcoming map, The Airship.


Stage 1: Divert Power

The first stage of the task requires the player to flip a switch in Electrical or Reactor, depending on the map. They must move the highlighted switch all the way up. Moving the switch towards the bottom decreases the power, which is not what Crewmates should do to complete the task. The task bar will not go up in this stage.

Stage 2: Accept Diverted Power

In the second stage, the player needs to travel to the respective room to accept diverted power. The area that the power is diverted to is indicated by the label above the switch in Stage 1. The rooms that accept the power are:

Location Map
Cafeteria MIRA HQ
Cockpit The Airship
Communications MIRA HQ, The Skeld
Gap Room The Airship
Greenhouse MIRA HQ
Laboratory MIRA HQ
Launchpad MIRA HQ
Lower Engine The Skeld
Navigation The Skeld
O2 The Skeld
Office MIRA HQ, Polus*
Reactor The Skeld*
Security The Skeld
Shields The Skeld
Showers The Airship
Upper Engine The Skeld
Weapons The Skeld

*: Fake panels

Once in the room, the player must locate the panel to accept the diverted power, then turn the fuse by clicking or tapping it to complete the task.


  • The Reactor in The Skeld has a fake second stage Divert Power panel, it is not a real task and cannot be interacted with. No switch on the first stage's panel is labeled Reactor.
    • Crewmates can possibly discover Impostors via using this knowledge.
    • There is another fake Divert Power panel found on Polus, in northern Office, even though there is no Divert Power task on Polus.
  • Communications is the only location that contains a second stage Divert Power panel on both The Skeld and MIRA HQ.
  • The task only takes about two seconds to complete, so Impostors should not spend too much time while faking the task.
    • Crewmates can use this knowledge to figure out if someone is An Impostor or not.
  • If a player stops at an Accept Diverted Power panel at a location without first having diverted power from Electrical or Reactor, they are likely An Impostor.


Description Audio
The sound played when the switch to accept diverted power is flipped.


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