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Divert Power is a short or long task in Among Us, featured on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and The Airship.


Stage 1: Divert Power[]

The first stage of the task requires the player to flip a switch in Electrical or Reactor, depending on the map. They must move the highlighted switch up. Moving the switch towards the bottom decreases the power, which is not what Crewmates should do to complete the task. The task bar will not go up when a Crewmate has completed this stage, even if task bar updates are set to 'Always'.

Stage 2: Accept Diverted Power[]

In the second stage, the player needs to travel to the respective location to accept the diverted power. The power is diverted to the area indicated by the label above the switch in Stage 1. The rooms that accept the power are:

Map Location
The Skeld
The Airship
  1. 1.0 1.1 The panel in this location is fake and cannot be used.

Once in the room, the player must locate the panel to accept the diverted power, then turn the fuse by clicking or tapping it to complete the task.

Nintendo Switch[]

On Nintendo Switch edition, players will have to move the L or R Joystick up, depending on the side of the switch (L for left, R for right) to complete Stage 1. On Stage 2, players will have to rotate the L Joystick.


  • Reactor on The Skeld has a fake second stage Divert Power panel. It is not a real task and cannot be interacted with. No switch on the first stage's panel is labeled Reactor.
  • Polus is the only map without Divert Power.
    • Despite this, there is a fake Divert Power panel in Office near the emergency button.
      • However, the panel for Replace Water Jug is near the fake Divert Power panel, so it is hard to tell whether the player is doing the Replace Water Jug task or faking the Divert Power task.
  • Communications is the only location that contains a second stage Divert Power panel on both The Skeld and MIRA HQ.
    • There are no locations that contain an Accept Diverted Power panel on both The Airship and The Skeld/MIRA HQ.
  • On the stage 1 panel on The Skeld, the name strip for O2 shows "O1".
    • Upper Engine is also labeled as "L. Engine", and Lower Engine "R. Engine", which presumably stands for "Left Engine" and "Right Engine", respectively.
  • The Divert Power panel on The Airship has a switch for Vault with a sticky note labeled "PLZ FIX" placed over the name strip. The switch cannot be used, and there is no Accept Diverted Power panel in Vault.
  • As of the current update, it is possible to have more than one Divert Power task. [needs testing]
  • Divert Power is not a common tasks, so this can be used to catch Impostors.



The sound played when the switch to accept diverted power is flipped.