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Door Sabotage is a Sabotage in Among Us, occurring on The Skeld and Polus.


Door Sabotage will close specific doors at a chosen location on the map, marked by a circle with a door inscribed in it and a red cross in the middle.

Unlike most other Sabotages, Door Sabotage does not prevent the emergency button from being used. Emergency meetings do not resolve the Sabotage on Polus, but do on The Skeld.

The Skeld

On The Skeld, Door Sabotage will close all the doors in a chosen room for 10 seconds, locking players in or out. Sometimes players can catch a glimpse of others right next to the door on the other side. Sabotaging a door will only disable non-door Sabotages until the door is open again, meaning multiple or even all doors on the map can be closed. Using a different type of Sabotage will disable all door Sabotages until the Sabotage is fixed. Door Sabotages' cooldowns start when the Sabotages start, while non-Door Sabotages' cooldowns start when they are fixed.


On Polus, doors affected by Door Sabotage need to be reopened manually by flipping four of the disarranged switches on an eight switch circuit breaker. Moreover, Door Sabotage and other Sabotages are independent; doors can be shut down before and during Sabotages.



  • Door Sabotage is the only Sabotage to not directly disable use of the emergency button. Players can, however, be locked out of Cafeteria or Office by shut doors.
  • On The Skeld, there is a bug that allows Impostors to Sabotage multiple doors simultaneously if they select multiple buttons at the same time.
  • Players are unable to report dead bodies on the other side of closed doors, even when they are in view.
  • Door Sabotage disables critical Sabotages on The Skeld. This is presumably due to the fact that Crewmates and other Impostors would not be able to resolve them should specific doors be shut.


Description Audio
The sound played when a door opens.
The sound played when a door closes.
The sound played when the player flips the switches.


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