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Doorlog is an ability in Among Us, only available on MIRA HQ.


The Doorlog UI

The Doorlog is a security feature only on MIRA HQ. It logs players who pass through the three sensors on the map. It is accessed from the Communications room.


There are three sensors located at each end of the center catwalk:

  • The north sensor, flashing blue when activated.
  • The southwest sensor, flashing green when activated.
  • The southeast sensor, flashing orange when activated.

The sensor is activated when a player walks over the sensors. This can also trigger when the user stands completely still on the sensor, implying it is not motion-activated.

When a sensor is activated, there is a cooldown of 5 seconds before logging the user again. The cooldown only applies to one respective user; thus, the Doorlog can detect multiple users as long as that respective user's cooldown on the sensor is available.

The log holds a maximum of the 20 most recent events. Once full, the log will remove the oldest event to make room for the new one. Comms Sabotaged will also clear all entries, with the entries not being visible again once the Sabotage is resolved.


  • The Doorlog's entries were formerly not cleared during a Comms Sabotaged. This feature was only added in version 2020.10.22.
  • The text "/doorLogMIRA.EXE" is displayed on top of the Doorlog UI. This is a reference to the recurring in-game company MIRA.
  • The sensors can't sense ghosts in doorlog.


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