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This article is for the object.
For the Sabotage, see Door Sabotage.

Doors are objects in Among Us that, when closed, prevent players from entering certain locations. The doors on each map have different properties, such as whether they open automatically or manually, and serve different purposes, like being used by Impostors to trap Crewmates.


The Skeld

On The Skeld, doors may be closed by Impostors via Door Sabotage. Players are unable to open doors manually, as closed doors instead open 10 seconds after being Sabotaged or when an emergency meeting ends. Doors may be closed in: Cafeteria, Electrical, Lower Engine, MedBay, Security, Storage, and Upper Engine.


On MIRA HQ, Door Sabotage is not present, and the only doors are in Decontamination and Balcony. The doors in Decontamination are typically closed, but may be opened by using the button nearby, as long as no player is being decontaminated.

In Balcony, there are two sets of transparent glass doors that lead to Cafeteria. The doors will open automatically when a player gets close to them. Any sprite on top of the doors can be seen, regardless of vision.


On Polus, most doors may be closed by Impostors via Door Sabotage. Players can open these doors manually by using them, then flipping four switches on a circuit breaker. Doors may be closed in: Communications, Electrical, Laboratory, O2, Office, Storage, and Weapons.

Polus also contains Decontamination, which functions similarly as on MIRA HQ. The doors here are typically closed, but may be opened by using the doors themselves, instead of a button near them.

The Airship

The Airship, like Polus, has manual doors that must be opened if they were closed through Door Sabotage. However, instead of switches, the doors are opened by swiping a card in a similar fashion to Swipe Card. Doors may be closed in: Brig, Main Hall, Medical, Records, Vault, and the hallway linking Cockpit, Communications, Armory and Engine Room.

The Airship also have doors in Lounge, which can be opened by players using the doors, similar to the Decontamination doors on Polus. There are four doors that links to the stalls.

The Airship also has special doors in Electrical which are either opened or closed randomly in a way that allows all the rooms in Electrical to be accessed regardless. These doors remain closed until the game ends and cannot be opened in any way.


  • If a player enters or exits Balcony through the left door on MIRA HQ, the color of the player can be seen by others in MedBay.
  • The doors connecting Brig to Vault and Medical to Electrical on The Airship use a different sprite when Sabotaged compared to other Sabotaged doors on the map.



Doors opening.
Doors closing.
Doors opening in Decontamination.
Doors closing in Decontamination.
Flipping a switch on a set of doors's circuit breaker.
Doors opening in Balcony.
Doors closing in Balcony.
Putting the card on the dowel.
The card is successfully swiped.
The card is unsuccessfully swiped.