Ejection is the final stage in an emergency meeting and occurs when a player in Among Us receives the most votes during an emergency meeting. The ejected player then becomes a ghost and, depending on the game's options, their role may be revealed.


Ejection occurs when the voting period in an emergency meeting is over; the player with the most votes will be ejected. With Confirm Ejects enabled, the game will display the ejected player and whether or not they were The/An Impostor, along with how many Impostors remain with the format,

"<player> was (not) The/An Impostor. 0/1/2/3 Impostor(s) remain(s)."

If Confirm Ejects are toggled off in the game's options, the game will state "<player> was ejected." with no information about their in-game role or how many Impostors remain. If either the majority of the players skip the vote or there is a tie in the voting, no one will be ejected, and the message appears as "No one was ejected. (Skipped/Tie)," along with how many Impostors remain if Confirm Ejects are enabled.

A tie can also occur between a player and the skip option. Once a player is ejected, they are considered dead. Similar to players who were killed, they are still allowed to roam the map as a ghost. Their pets will stay near the spawn point and will act as if their owner was killed there.

Additionally, when a player is ejected from The Skeld, their clothing may have visual changes. For instance, the lab coat would be more spread out than usual as the player is ejected in the vacuum of space and it is without a doubt that gravity would not affect their clothing anymore. Other areas remain consistent with its visual cosmetics.


The Skeld

On The Skeld, the ejected player is shot out of the ship's airlock and is shown flying through space. It is unknown where the ship's airlock is.


On MIRA HQ, the ejected player is shown falling from the sky into a mass of dark clouds.


On Polus, the ejected player is shown falling from a cliff into a pool of lava, which is likely the pool shown in Outside. If Confirm Ejects are on, Crewmates who are ejected will stick their hand out of the lava, as if they are calling for help, while Impostors who are ejected will give a thumbs up. If Confirm Ejects are off, the ejected player will splash into the lava, not showing any unique animation.


Description Audio
The sound played when a player falls into the lava on Polus.
The sound played when the dialogue appears.


  • The Impostor sticking their thumb out of the lava when they are ejected on Polus is a reference to Terminator 2: Judgement Day's lava scene when the robot, known as the Terminator, sinks in the lava.
  • If An Impostor being ejected leaves the game between the voting period ending and the ejection dialogue appearing, the dialogue will say that one less Impostor is still in the game than there actually is. This is probably a bug caused by the game counting the ejection and the disconnection as eliminating separate Impostors. This does not affect anything in the game other than the ejection dialogue.
    • Example: An Impostor on Polus called 'Purple' is voted enough times to be ejected, and the player leaves as soon as the character is dropped into the lava. The other Impostor is still alive, but the ejection dialogue says, 'Purple was An Impostor. 0 Impostors remain.'
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