Electrical is a location in Among Us on The Skeld, Polus, and The Airship.


The Skeld

On The Skeld, Electrical is a room with wires on the floor and other electrical appliances, such as a distributor and a generator. It is located in the middle of the hallway between Storage and Lower Engine. The middle of the room features a panel to fix the Fix Lights Sabotage. In the back, from left to right, there are panels for the tasks located here. There is a vent located under the Download Data panel, which is connected to those of Security and MedBay.


On Polus, Electrical is a room connected to Security and O2, having an exposed area that contains electric generators and a transparent fence. The panel to fix the Fix Lights Sabotage is located in the outside area. There are panels for Download Data and Fix Wiring inside. A vent is located at the end of the corridor, near the Security entrance, and connects to a vent outside Electrical and O2. There is also a security camera outside the right exit of Electrical.

The Airship

On The Airship, Electrical is made up of many small rooms, connected with randomly-opened doors. The doors will always be opened in a pattern that allows the player to reach any exit from any other exit or at the very least allow all rooms to be accessible. There are three exits to Electrical. The left exit, which has a hallway leading to Security, the top exit, with a ladder leading to Main Hall, and the right exit, which leads to Medical.


The Skeld

Name Stages Task Type
Calibrate Distributor 1 of 1 Short
Divert Power 1 of 2 Short
Fix Wiring 1 of 3 Common
Download Data 1 of 2 Short


Name Stages Task Type
Fix Wiring 1 of 3 Common
Download Data 1 of 2 Long

The Airship

Name Stages Task Type
Calibrate Distributor 1 of 1 Short
Divert Power 1 of 2 Short
Reset Breakers 1–7 of 7 Long



The Skeld

On The Skeld, there is a vent in the top-left corner which leads to the vents in MedBay and Security.


On Polus, there is a vent on the left near Security that leads to the vents in O2 and outside Electrical.


The Airship

On The Airship, there is a ladder in the top-left room which leads to Main Hall.


Door Sabotage

The Skeld

On The Skeld, the door to Electrical can be Sabotaged and be closed for ten seconds before reopening.


On Polus, the right door, the door leading to the Fix Lights panel, and the door leading to O2 can be closed, and must be manually fixed by flicking 4 switches.

Fix Lights

Impostors can Sabotage Electrical on The Skeld and Polus, which causes Fix Lights. This reduces the vision of living Crewmates, and prevents the emergency button from being used.


  • Electrical used to be named "Electric."
  • MIRA HQ does not house this location, but the ability to resolve Fix Lights is still available in Office, and the first stage of Divert Power is in Reactor.
  • On The Skeld, Electrical houses many tasks that are located near the vent, making it a dangerous location for Crewmates. The Airship's Electrical is just as (if not even more so) dangerous due to its frequently changing layout.
  • Although the button on the Sabotage map used to cause Fix Lights is in Electrical, the Sabotage is fixed in Gap Room, Viewing Deck and Cargo Bay instead of Electrical.


Description Audio
The main ambience sound from Electrical on The Skeld.
The main ambience sound from Electrical on Polus.
The main ambience sound from electrical on The Airship.
The electrical shocks from Electrical on Polus.


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