Emergency Button


The Emergency Button in the Cafeteria of MIRA HQ.

The Emergency Button, which is located on the center table in the Cafeteria, or on the center table located in the Office in the Polus map, is an interactive object. It can be triggered by any player using the Use ability after a set cooldown, set by the host. The host of a game can also set the number of times that one player is able to press the button.

Sabotaging the reactor, the lights, the oxygen or the communications prevents the Emergency Button from being pushed until the sabotage is fixed.

Emergency Meeting

Emergency Meeting

The Emergency Button triggers an Emergency Meeting. When this event starts, every player is teleported into the Cafeteria/Office, without being able to move. The meeting makes every player capable of talking in the chat and voting for an impostor. This is the same as when a crewmate or an impostor reports a dead body, therefore you can use it to call meetings when different evidence is found, such as seeing the impostor use a vent.


  • There is a bug that a person who was killed by the Impostor while someone called for an emergency meeting will show up as both dead and alive, although they technically are dead since after the Emergency Meeting ends, the person who was killed during the whole ordeal would have their body appear in their spawn location.
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