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The emergency button is an object located in Cafeteria on The Skeld and MIRA HQ, Office on Polus, and Meeting Room on The Airship. When used, an emergency meeting is called.


The emergency button's function is for calling emergency meetings. Each player has a limited amount of times they can use the emergency button, depending on the game's options. The emergency button has a cooldown after an emergency meeting ends before it can be used again, which also depends on the game's options. It cannot be used during any Sabotage, with the exception of Door Sabotage. Attempting to do so will show the message "EMERGENCY MEETINGS CANNOT BE CALLED DURING CRISES". If any player sees "CREWMEMBER <player name> HAS 0 EMERGENCY MEETINGS LEFT", it means they cannot use it for the rest of the game. When the emergency button interface is opened, there is a clear cover that is lifted if the player is allowed to use the emergency button at that time, or closed around it if they are not.

The emergency button's location depends on the map, and is where all players gather during an emergency meeting (except The Airship). On The Skeld and MIRA HQ, the emergency button is located in Cafeteria. On Polus, it is instead located in Office. On The Airship, it is located in Meeting Room.


  • On The Airship, the emergency button interface shows the surrounding in blue, like on The Skeld, despite the table being brown.
  • When opened, the emergency button always displays "CREWMEMBER" even if the player is An Impostor.
  • The words on the table is displayed upside down, which is read "MEETING EMERGENCY" when on the other side of the table, from the top to the bottom.
  • A curious case occurs when a Crewmate is killed precisely at the same time a dead body is reported or an emergency meeting is called. When the emergency meeting ends, their body will appear near the emergency button, possibly leading to another meeting.
  • For a brief period of time after pressing the emergency button, the message "EMERGENCY MEETING REQUESTED WAITING FOR HOST" appears. If the host's internet connection is bad, the player that called the emergency meeting will be stuck on the message until the host disconnects or improves their internet connection.



The sound played when pushing the emergency button.
The alarm that plays when a player uses the emergency button.
The alarm that plays when a player uses the emergency button on The Airship.