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For those who recently started playing Among Us, this article may be very useful to learn how the game works and what to do.

Emergency meetings are events that occur once the emergency button is pressed or dead bodies are reported.


They are not the same as discussion time. During emergency meetings, players are teleported to either Cafeteria or Office, depending on the map, and are unable to move. The meeting then goes to discussion time, unless discussion time is set at 0 seconds in the settings. Emergency meetings cannot be called via the emergency button during Sabotages, excluding Door Sabotage. Whenever an emergency meeting is called, the player who called it will receive a megaphone icon on the right side of their name bar in the voting screen. The case is the same when a player reports a dead body.


The Skeld

On The Skeld, emergency meetings are held in Cafeteria, with all players stationed in a circle around the emergency button on the middle table. Interestingly, this is the only map to have emergency meetings held in the spawn location.


On MIRA HQ, emergency meetings are held in Cafeteria, similar to The Skeld. All players are stationed around the emergency button on the left table.


On Polus, emergency meetings are held in Office, with all players' positions circling the emergency button on the table in the top room.

The Airship

The screen that allows players to choose where to spawn after an emergency meeting for The Airship map only.

On The Airship, emergency meetings are presumably held in Meeting Room, though this is unconfirmed. After an emergency meeting, each player has 10 seconds to choose where to spawn, with their options limited to Engine Room, Records, and Main Hall.[1]


  • Different visuals are used for when a body is reported or the emergency button is used.
  • There is a glitch that occurs when a Crewmate is killed by An Impostor and someone calls an emergency meeting simultaneously. The dead Crewmate will show up as both dead and alive on the meeting screen. However, they are technically dead, as after the emergency meeting ends, the person who was initially killed may have their body appear in their spawn location or under the feet of The Impostor who killed them.
    • If this glitch occurs, the kill animation will play through on the deceased player's screen during the meeting.
  • If An Impostor goes in or out of a vent while an emergency meeting is called, it is possible to see the vent animation.
  • When an emergency meeting is called, all dead bodies on the map despawn and can no longer be reported.
  • The maximum number of emergency meetings that may be called in a game is 97. This can happen in a game with 10 players with one Impostor, and the maximum nine emergency button uses for each player. Each player can then use up all their emergency button uses and make a vote tie, resulting in 90 emergency meetings. The Impostor can then kill a Crewmate and let the body be reported. This keeps happening until two Crewmates are left, resulting in The Impostor winning, with seven bodies reported. This leads to the absolute maximum number of emergency meetings.
    • The formula for the maximum number of emergency meetings for a game with any settings is: BP+(P-1-2I). B refers to the number of times each player can use the emergency button, P refers to the number of players in the lobby, and I refers to the number of Impostors in the lobby.


Description Audio
The alarm that plays when someone presses the emergency button.



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