Empty Garbage is a task in Among Us, located in Cafeteria, Medical, Meeting Room, O2, and Storage. It is a task featured on all three currently available maps, as well as the upcoming map, The Airship.[1]

The Skeld additionally features a counterpart of the task, named Empty Chute.


The Skeld

On The Skeld, Empty Garbage consists of two stages. The first stage is located in Cafeteria, where Crewmates must go up to the lever and must pull and hold the lever down until the garbage has been emptied.

The second stage is located in Storage and is located at a lever nearby a door outside the ship. Similarly, Crewmates must pull the lever and hold it until the chute is empty, and the door outside the ship will open, throwing all the garbage out. This stage is a visual task, which means a Crewmate can use it to prove their innocence and confirm that they are not An Impostor, unless visual tasks are disabled in the game's options.

The "Empty Chute" counterpart of the task starts in O2 and finishes in Storage. This task is identical in terms of how to complete it. Crewmates can have both of these tasks, requiring them to pull the lever in Storage twice.

MIRA HQ and Polus

On MIRA HQ and Polus, Empty Garbage consists of just one stage. Otherwise, it is identical to the first stage on The Skeld. The garbage chutes on these maps are located in Cafeteria and O2, respectively. On these maps, this task is not visual.

The Airship

On The Airship, Empty Garbage consists of two stages. The first stage is located in Medical. Unlike on other maps, Crewmates must shake a garbage can until the garbage falls out. The second stage is in Meeting Room, but its content is currently unknown.


  • Some of the items seen in the garbage chute from Storage on The Skeld that appear when completing the task are references to the Henry Stickmin series, including the Teleporter and the Tunisian Diamond.
  • There is a totem inside the garbage chute which may be a reference to the Totem of Undying from Minecraft.
  • Players can complete this task faster by pulling the lever as soon as the task's interface opens.
  • When the lever is pulled, the task UI vibrates and the items in the chute are lifted slightly. If the lever is pulled multiple times in rapid succession, the items will disappear above the visible UI. This can also lead to the task UI drifting away from the center of the screen. The items will eventually return to the bottom of the chute.


Description Audio
The sound played as the garbage is being emptied.
The sound played when the lever is pulled.
The sound played when the lever is let go.
The sound played when the garbage stops being emptied.



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