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Engineer is a role in Among Us. It is based on the Crewmate role with the added ability to travel through vents.



Main article: Vent

Engineer's vent icon

Engineer's vent icon during Comms Sabotaged

While usually an ability that is exclusive to Impostors, Engineers are also able to travel through vents. However, Engineers can only stay in a vent for a limited time and must wait for a period of time before they can use another vent. Engineers cannot travel through vents while Comms Sabotaged is active. Due to being a Crewmate-based role, they also cannot enter a vent if the vent is to be used for Clean Vent (however, this does not prevent the Engineer from using the vent system said vent is connected to.)


Options for the role can be set in the lobby options.

The number and chance of a Crewmate to have the Engineer role.
Vent Use Cooldown
How long until the Engineer can use another vent after traveling through one already.
Max Time In Vents
How long the Engineer can stay in a vent per use.


The sound played when the role is revealed.