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Enter Id Code is a common task in Among Us, featured on MIRA HQ and The Airship.


In Enter Id Code, a player must swipe up the wallet's card to see their ID code. They must then enter the code onto the panel correctly to complete the task. If they enter the correct code, it will read "OK". If they enter an incorrect code, it will read "BAD", and they will have to try again.


  • Enter Id Code is the counterpart to Swipe Card, in which the card is registered by swiping it over the card reader, rather than entering a code manually.
  • The ID code the player inputs is randomly generated by the game and is different every time.
  • If the code displayed starts with a 0, the player does not have to type the 0. For example, if the code is "07253", all the player has to type is "7253".
  • In unusual cases, a four or even three-digit code will be displayed. In some instances, no code is shown at all. When this happens, the player can approve it without the code by tapping the green tick mark in the bottom-right corner.
  • The "Id" in the name of this task is not properly capitalized. However, in other languages, "ID" is capitalized correctly.
  • The image of Orange, Green, and Cyan is the same picture as the one seen in the Swipe Card task.
  • It is possible to make out the code on the card from within the wallet without having to take out the card.
  • In one scene in the reveal trailer for The Airship, the task list showed Enter Id Code as a task in Cockpit. However, this did not carry over to the final version, as Enter Id Code is completed in Meeting Room.



The sound played when the ID is entered.
The sound played when the ID is accepted.
The sound played when the ID is typed in incorrectly.